Can You Use a Steam Mop on Pergo Floors? (Find Out)

can you use a steam mop on pergo floors

Many manufacturers of laminate flooring seriously advise against using a steam mop to clean the flooring. It is believed that heat and moisture can harm the flooring material.

However, this hasn’t been tested, so you will need to contact your specific flooring distributor regarding the use of steam mop on your Laminate floors. But, can you use a steam mop on Pergo floors?

Back to the question; can you use a steam mop on Pergo floors? Our verdict is NO, Pergo floors are under the family of laminate floorings and the manufacturers strongly warns against using steam mops on them.

To be on the safe end, dish the steam mop and clean your Pergo floors with vinegar and warm water. Here are ways to clean Pergo floors.

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Can You Use a Steam Mop on Pergo Floors?

As earlier stated, No, you cannot use a steam mop on Pergo floors as many laminate flooring manufacturers frown at the use of steam mop, as the high heat and moisture level could damage the flooring.

Materials Needed to Clean Pergo Floor

  • Dry mop or soft broom
  • Vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment
  • Wet mop
  • Bucket
  • Vinegar or ammonia
  • Water
  • Soft cloth

How to Clean Pergo Floor

Light Cleaning

For regular day to day cleaning of your Pergo floors, you can use the dry method of sweeping, vacuuming, or dusting a few times a week; doing this regularly prevents the buildup of dirt on the floor.

Use a regular broom or a dust mop to clean your Pergo floors; when following the light cleaning, you can also use a mop pad to clean the surface.

Another way to dry clean your Pergo floors is by using a vacuum with a soft-bristled brush attachment that won’t scratch your floor. Push the vacuum gently across the floors and avoid applying too much pressure.

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Wet Cleaning

Aside from regularly removing dirt and dust from your Pergo floors, you would need to wet clean it occasionally as well. Clean your flooring using a simple mixture of vinegar and water when you are in need of a more elaborate cleaning method. This cleaning should only be carried out every two months or so.

Combine one cup of vinegar (or ⅓ cup ammonia) with one gallon of warm water in a large bucket and mix before dampening your mop with the solution. Once wet, wring out the mop to remove excess water.

You need the mop to be slightly damp as you do not want to introduce too much of the mix to the floors and leave behind puddles, as this could ruin your flooring. Gently mop the floors, giving any area with a buildup of dirt a firm wipe.

You can apply the vinegar mix on small areas at a time before mopping, so no puddle is created, and the vinegar mix isn’t left on the floor for too long. Do not allow the solution to dry before wiping; it can cause some damage to the floor.

After mopping the entire floor with the vinegar mix, check your Pergo floors for any formed water puddle on its surface; if you encounter any of these spots, dry the area with a cloth or dry mop.

Pergo Floor Cleaner for Tough Stains

If you aren’t looking forward to only cleaning your Pergo floor or having tough dirt buildups, both of the above cleaning processes might not get you your desired result.

You will need a commercial floor cleaner in these instances. However, you want to stay away from oil-based cleaners and any products that are not labelled safe for laminate flooring.

A product like rejuvenate high-performance all-floors cleaner will clean your floors effectively. It is non-toxic and safe for laminate floors; you can opt for the easy-to-use spray option or simply mop up the floor with a mop dampened with the solution.

There are different laminate-friendly floor cleaners you can find at your local store or on Amazon, but they should be used occasionally when dealing with tough stains.

Regular light cleaning is the best way to maintain Pergo floors and keep them in top condition.

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Can you use a steam mop on Pergo floors? No! Unfortunately, many laminate flooring manufacturers frown at the use of steam mop, as the high heat and moisture level could damage the flooring.

There are other ways to clean Pergo, and they vary depending on the intensity of the cleaning method and the type of stain you’re dealing with.

Pergo is a type of laminate flooring, so it should be handled as you would any other delicate laminate flooring.

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