Does Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas And Their Eggs? (Find Out)

Does steam cleaning kill fleas and their eggs

Here’s the very first question pet owners ask when their homes have been infested with fleas, does steam cleaning kill fleas and their eggs?

Well, yes it does and here’s how. Steam cleaning emits vapor and the temperature of of this vapor is so high that it can kill any bacteria or dust mite, leaving your home sparkling and germs free.

A fleas infestation is a situation that just about every pet owner experiences at some point. I have a cat in my home, if he isn’t having a good time on my bed, then he is on my couch.

Think about it, if pets are untreated, these little parasites can leave a pet scratching and this leads to an infestation of parasites and their eggs in our homes.

The answer is yes, steam cleaning kill fleas. To get rid of fleas, clean infested areas with a steam cleaner, the hot vapor from the steam is enough to kill fleas as well as their eggs. Also, treat infested pets in order not to reintroduce fleas.

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Does Steam Cleaning Kill Fleas?

Steam cleaning does kill fleas and it can be a helpful technique for controlling and getting rid of fleas due to its hot vapor, no flea can survive at such a high temperature. Steam cleaning your home doesn’t end at killing just fleas but their eggs included.

It is superior at removing all sorts of fleas eggs, the high temperature produced by the device is enough to kill fleas and their eggs or any stage of development. This made steam cleaning a very effective method of cleaning homes.

Fleas egg hatch within 3 days and their development stage takes just a few days. A flea can infest almost every part of your home, they grow to such extent that it would leave pet scratching all day. These parasites are experts in dropping off eggs in almost every part of your home.

There are quite a couple of ways to get rid of fleas permanently and the most common is the use of chemical pesticides. But people who are prone to allergies or health issues, tend to look out for a safer option, that is when the steam cleaner comes in play.

The vapor generated from the steam cleaner is quite capable of eliminating the fleas’ life cycle at every level. The tension of hiring a contractor or using harmful chemicals pesticides just vanishes in a sight and all thanks to the invention of a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning is simple yet a very advance approach in dealing with fleas. It can terminate all larvae, egg and adult fleas in an instant after coming in contact with steam. Fleas can’t survive high temperature and that’s exactly what is generated out of steam cleaners.

A Flea’s free homestead is not at all easy to maintain. A steam cleaner doesn’t completely stop the multiplication of fleas.

Pets are one of the main sources of fleas, they act as the host to them and therefore pets always results in lesser flea infestation, fleas are known for hiding in places that are normally hidden away from the human eyes.

Caution With Steam Cleaners

How does steam cleaning kill fleas? If you are using an insecticide to get rid of fleas, you should know that the effectiveness of chemicals will significantly reduce when you use a steam cleaner.

If the infestation is in a carpet, for example, it is highly recommended to start by cleaning with a steam cleaner, followed by a routine insecticide and then followed up with a steam sanitization routine. You might want to know more about how to steam clean a carpet, this should make the process much easier.

Benefits of Using Steam to Kill Fleas

Steam cleaning has a lot of advantages, from taking over the hectic traditional mop and bucket system, it’s a stress-free and eco-friendly way of cleaning our home.

Substituting a chemical or insecticide for a steam cleaner is the perfect move. Most people do ask if they can put disinfectant in a steam cleaner, well you can’t.

Steam cleaners require just water, it doesn’t only get rid of fleas but as well kills dust mite. Here are some benefits of using steam to kill fleas.

Benefit 1

Steam cleaning is a great substitute to dry vacuuming. It will kill adults and larvae, its high temperature is enough to kill the egg of these fleas too.

Benefit 2

After steam cleaning, there is no chemical pollutant left in the house. Steam cleaning is one hundred percent eco-friendly.

Benefit 3

Steam cleaning is thorough and leaves your carpet dry even though it uses heated water jets.

Benefit 4

Steam cleaners remove mold, mildew, allergens and even dust mites. This makes it even more effective and useful. Do make sure to find out where dust mite comes from.

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning to Kill Fleas

There are very few challenges for choosing steam cleaning as a method for killing fleas and their eggs. Researchers noticed that the very fluffy carpets can be a big challenge when infested with pests. Eggs lodged deep in the carpet can be so difficult to get rid of.

The warmth of the steam can help them hatch within a day or two, meaning that one will still have a new manifestation within a few days.

The best way around this is to steam clean your carpet very slowly and thoroughly, concentrate on areas are leave the steam cleaner focused on an area for at least 3 seconds, this should be enough to penetrate down and kill those eggs or fleas that are deep down in your carpet or couch.

Another major challenge with a steam cleaner is that it may not be the most effective for a household with pets infested with fleas.

You can successfully steam clean your carpet, sofa or mattress using a steam cleaner but you cannot do the same with animals, you have to rely on different methods.

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Does steam cleaning kill fleas

Why Seek Steam Cleaning in Killing Fleas

The best thing about steam cleaning is that it doesn’t involve the use of toxic chemicals. Since steam cleaning is non-toxic, it is safe for use around pets, children, and family. Steam cleaning completely removes all micro- organism and fleas without leaving behind harmful chemicals.

We’ve written a complete guide on the best steam mop for a perfect shiny floor. Check it out and make your choice based on the feature that suits your need. The steam from these steam mops helps kill germs, including fleas and their eggs.


Back to our question, does steam cleaning kill fleas and their eggs? Now we know the answer to the question. Yes, it does.

Steam cleaning being one of the most effective techniques for eliminating fleas and bacteria is confirmed to be the most effective. With its ability to steam clean hard to reach areas in our home, what more can you ask for?

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