Can You Put Laminate Flooring over Carpet? (Find Out)

can you put laminate flooring over carpet

This article is pretty straightforward, and it deals with the pertinent question of putting laminate flooring over carpet.

So, can you put laminate flooring over carpet? The short answer is yes, you can put laminate flooring over carpet, but there are quite a few considerations to note which would be outlined as you read on.

In this article, we would explore the various types of flooring, flooring that is suitable to put over the carpet, laminate flooring, carpet, types of laminate flooring, how long laminate floors last, and much more.

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What Is a Carpet?

Like the bamboo flooring, the tile flooring, and the laminate flooring, carpets are also another form of flooring.

A carpet is a textile floor covering with a backing underneath. Other floor types, such as those listed earlier in this article, are hard-natured, but this soft, almost soft-like fabric.

It is suitable for the elderly and the kids. It provides warmth, and the colorful designs of the different carpets also contribute to its unique nature.

Any person with a bit of imagination can create an actual work of art with carpets in their various homes.

There are different carpets with different types of design, and we’re going to list some of the different types of carpets available.

Types of Carpets

There are different types of carpets: nylon, polyester, plush, Berber carpet, synthetic fiber acrylic carpets, et cetera. 

How Long Does a Carpet Last?

Carpets tend to last somewhere between 5 to 15 years. The various types of carpets make the duration uneven; for example, loop pile carpets and nylon carpets tend to last longer than synthetic, acrylic, and polyester fibers.

If properly maintained, a high-quality loop carpet can last up to 20 years.

What is Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring, in some cases, looks like wood or stone but is neither. Laminate floors can best be described as a synthetic flooring product that goes through a process known as lamination.

It is a synthetic imitation of wood. They are also beautiful and very durable. Laminate floors continue to grow worldwide thanks to their beauty, affordability, and perhaps the easy installation.

How Long Do Laminate Floors Last

Laminate flooring lasts anywhere from 15 to 25 years on average if adequately taken care of.

When choosing a flooring option for your home, it is essential to consider some essential factors such as durability, affordability, and aesthetics are also some of the things to consider.

Laminate flooring might be cheaper than other floor types, but it doesn’t look cheap, and what more? It gives you the elegant nature of wood for half its price.

A good look at your budget and the factors listed above would help make up your mind. An average of 15 to 25 years is also quite durable, making laminate flooring an outstanding deal.

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Types of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring can be divided based on various factors such as the amount of pressure used in its production, its thickness, texture, width, et cetera.

In this article, we will also delve into all the factors listed previously, namely;

Types of laminate floors based on the amount of pressure used in their products include the following; 

  • High-Pressure laminate involves manufacturing laminate floor pellets using over a thousand pounds of pressure.
    If you intend to install laminate floors in areas of considerably high foot traffic, you should consider this as this is best suited for that purpose. 
  • Direct Pressure Laminate also involves manufacturing laminate floor pellets using somewhere between 300 to 500 pounds of pressure.
    The direct pressure laminate and the high-pressure laminate are both solid and durable, but they are suitable for different purposes.
    The direct pressure laminate is better suited for lesser foot traffic areas, while the high-pressure laminate is best suited to areas with a high volume of foot traffic.

Types of flooring based on thickness are four in number. The thickness of laminate floor pellets is usually measured in millimeters (mm), starting with the least, which is 7mm, then the next in line, which is 8mm, and the next 10mm, and finally 12mm. 

We have laminate floor pellets distinguished by their texture. They include the following: smooth finish, matte finish, natural wood finish, hand-scrapped finish, soft scrapped finish, oiled wood finish, high gloss, oxide surface finish, and last but not least, stone finish. 

We also have laminate floorings differentiated by the width of their floorboards, including the 3-inch to 4-inch sizes, the 5-inch to 6-inch sizes, those larger than 6 inches, and the multi-width laminate floorboards.

Can You Put Laminate Flooring Over Carpet?

As promised earlier in this article, the answer to whether you can put laminate flooring over the carpet will be adequately answered.

The short answer is yes, it can be done, but there are quite a few considerations to note.

If you have thick laminate flooring such as those briefly described above, you might want to consider removing the entire carpet first before installation.

Secondly, it is also advised to use low pile carpets when you intend to cover with laminate flooring and if the carpet is a high pile, endeavor to use plywood as underlayment, the thinnest sheets.

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Can you put laminate flooring over carpet has been sufficiently answered. The article also covered areas ranging from laminate floors to types of carpets.

It also explained the types of carpets and the different types of laminate floorboards available in moderate detail.

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