How to Clean a Front Porch (4 Easy Steps)

How to Clean a Front Porch

A front porch always tells a story. It is an integral part of a house, as it is the first indication of a person’s character or true nature.

As someone who is interested in how to clean a front porch perfectly, and give the best first impression, regular maintenance, cleaning window exterior, clearing out cobwebs, washing the porch with a water hose and mopping the porch floor are a few ways to get your porch to be perfectly clean.

It creates a first impression, and as they say, appearance matters a lot. If the porch is dirty, then it means that the inhabitants of that house are either messy or careless and unserious.

This article will list and explain the various ways to clean a front porch.

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How to Clean a Front Porch

Below outlined are the ways to clean your front porch.

1. Regular Maintenance

Regularly sweeping your porch is a good way of improving the look of your porch. Dirt and debris can quickly accumulate when the porch is not swept periodically, making it ugly.

Make it a habit of sweeping your porch periodically. Sweeping your pooch regularly isn’t enough to keep your porch clean and sparkling, but it goes a long way in keeping it tidy, which improves its look.

2. Clean Window Exteriors, Clear out the Cobwebs, and Clean the Walls

Cleaning the windows, clearing out the cobwebs, and cleaning the walls are perfect ways to clean a front porch. To achieve this, use a cloth to wipe the window glasses carefully and a soft brush to scrub the edges of the frame to eliminate accumulated dust. 

Using a window cleaner, spray on the glass and wipe with a clean cloth. Always endeavor to clean the window exterior for a more improved and fresh look for your porch.

3. Wash the Porch with a Water Hose

Sweeping, cleaning the windows, clearing out the cobwebs, and cleaning the walls will get rid of a good percentage of dirt and debris on your front porch, but it’s not nearly enough.

However, a hose down of your front porch with clean water will get to every nooks and crevice of your porch, leaving it sparkling clean.

A hose down is one of the most effective ways to clean a front porch. A pressure washer is needed to hose down a front porch. If a pressure washer is unavailable, a garden hose will suffice.

When hosing down your front porch take note of electrical appliances such as electric sockets, bulbs, switchboards, et cetera.

While effective for other floor types, Hosing down the front porch is not suitable for wooden floors. Water causes a lot of damage to wood floors. 

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4. Mopping of Porch Floors

After sweeping the floor, cleaning the window panes, walls, clearing out the cobwebs, and hosing down the front porch with a pressure washer, mopping your porch with a cleaning solution and a mop stick.

An all-purpose cleaner with hot water together with your mop stick will get rid of stains on the porch.

Endeavor to keep your hands and eyes protected when using an all-purpose cleaner to clean your front porch.

How to Clean a Wooden Porch Floor

Mopping and hosing down for owners of wooden porch floors are not advisable it would make more sense to have them painted. Porch paints are primarily oil-based.

These paints are specially made to hold up very well on wood by making them resistant to water and withstand the weather.

You must repaint your porch to maintain the glow and beauty from time to time.

Hose off the Cleaner

After applying the all-purpose cleaning solution with the aid of a mop, spray it with water using a pressure washer until the residue from the cleaner is thoroughly rinsed.

Applying more pressure here will be particularly helpful to the rinsing process. It makes it a whole lot easier to start from one end of the porch and work your way to the other side. 

Hose down the porch floor for as long as it takes to eradicate the cleaning solution residue.

Hosing down the porch floor more than once might be advised to be entirely sure. The second hosing down after mopping is the final stage for cleaning a front porch.

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The porch is often the first place you see when you visit a home. A porch often tells the story of whoever lives there.

You can tell a lot about a person by the looks of their porch. The article explains in detail the various ways how to clean a front porch so your porch can tell a positive story about you.

We hope you found it helpful; if you did, kindly share it across your entire social media pages.

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