Will a Rug Help a Squeaky Floor? (Find Out)

will a rug help a squeaky floor

Will a rug help a squeaky floor? Of course and here,s what you need to know. The cause of a squeaky floor is primarily from two subfloors rubbing against each other when you place your weight on them. It might have been lifted subtly due to misplaced nailing.

Yes, a rug acts just like any insulating or sound dampening material, it can help reduce the noise made by squeaky wood.

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Steps to Fix a Squeaky Floor With a Rug

As mentioned above, there are ways to help improve a squeaky floor and ensure the noise recedes in its entirety.

Step 1

Put a joist-finding bit into a drill/driver. This particularly has a long, smooth shaft with threads on the end and it’s acceptable to drill the rug with it.

Step 2

Make your way through that particular spot till you make out the creaking party by placing your full weight on the creaking point. Make a tour round it, till you are sure of the squeaky area.

Step 3

Tap slowly and intentionally round the creaking point with your hammer. Listen to the sound the hammer makes when you hit the floor.

If you hear a solid thud, it presumably means that you’ve noticed the joist where the floor needs a nail.

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Step 4

Place a foot down on any side of the spot you’ve selected after tapping with the hammer. Drill down through the rug/carpet with the joist-finding bit. Move the bit to either of both sides and dry again.

If the bit starts getting solid and harder to turn, you’ve found the joist. Identify the exact area.

Step 5

Place a 2-inch finish nail on the point where you found the joist. Drive it straight through the rug with the hammer.

Place your weight on the squeaky area. If it still squeaks, point out which direction the joists are running and hammer another nail down some inches from the first.

Steps 6

If the creaking persists, measure to the next joist. Measure 16 inches across the floor, use the joist-finding bit to make sure you are over a joist and then drive nails into this joist until the creaking comes to an end.

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A squeaky floor can be annoying as every move you make would be noticed, but I’m confident that cross-examination of the steps above can help put it to a startling halt. These steps would ensure that the squeaking noise recedes infinitesimally.

Will a rug help a squeaky floor? You already know the answer to that, if you have a squeaky floor, you can go ahead and fix it without hesitation.

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