Why Does Water Stain Carpet (7 Ways to Remove Water Stains)

why does water stain carpet

Water stains on the carpet can damage the carpet, especially the bright-colored type of carpet. This can cause stains that are not only bad to look at, it also has dire health consequences.

Why does water stain carpet? Water stains are mostly caused by residues that are present once the liquid spills or leaks on the floor dries up without being wiped off.

Water stains arise mostly from not cleaning water spills on time. The water soaks into the carpet and absorbs dust and dirt into the carpet, thereby, discoloring the carpet.

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How to Remove Water Stains from Carpet

Water stains are anything but pleasant to the sight. It is mostly caused by water spills or when a pipe is damaged leading to moisture leaks. We gave a detailed format on how to get rid of water stains, below.

1. Using Soap and Water

After you are done tracing the source of the water stain, you can use water stains to get rid of the water stains from the carpet. Water and soap can be used to fix those spills on the carpet.

Using a clean towel, dab off the water to remove as much moisture as possible. If it is a fresh spill, using a clean white cloth, press on the water stain lightly, till you have gotten rid of the stain.

After you are done blotting the area, combine a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and water in a bowl. Then dip a clean cloth into the solution.

Use the mixture and wet cloth to clean your carpet. Be sure not to use any bleaching detergent, because any detergent with bleach can discolor the carpet.

Use the clean cloth with the foamy essence to gently scrub on the stain to get rid of the stain.

2. Using Vinegar

Vinegar is another cleaning solvent that can work effectively against water stains. Mix one-quarter teaspoon of vinegar for every four cups of water. Place a clean cloth into the cleaning solution on the water stain.

Using another clean cloth, dab lightly on the carpet. Allow the pH in the vinegar to kick in and work on the water stain. Give the carpet time to air dry. Once the carpet is dry, you would know if the solution worked effectively to remove the water stain.

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3. Using a Steam Iron

You can also give steam iron a shot, it works effectively on water stains. To begin with, place a clean towel over the stained area, this would protect the carpet from direct contact with the heating iron.

Set your steam iron low; let the temperature it gives off not be high. This would help conduct the hot steam towards the water stain.

Place the steam iron over the towel for a few minutes, then place gently on the carpet and remove it after a few long presses.

4. Using Chemical

There are several types of cleaning chemical solutions you can use to get rid of water stains. It is even more so for once created by leaks gone unnoticed for a while.

5. Using Ammonia and Hot Water

Ammonia is another cleaning agent that gets rid of water stains, especially if the stain has color. Combine one-part ammonia and one-part got water.

Apply the solution on the water stain, then place a clean over the stain. Rub the water-stained area carefully. Continue repeating the procedure until the stains are gone.

6. Using Carpet Cleaner

You can also try out carpet cleaners, aside from getting rid of pet stains, feces, and urine, they also work effectively on water stains.

7. Using a Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner also works quite effectively on severe water damages. They are actively needed when it comes to cleaning activities.

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Why does water stain carpet? This is a frequently asked question by carpet users. Water stains carpets if the spills are not cleaned off immediately or if a damaged pipe goes unnoticed for long. This would make the liquid seep into the carpet and cause damage.

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