What to Put on Stairs Instead of Carpet (5 Easy Alternatives)

what to put on stairs instead of carpet

Carpet is a popular flooring type used as a layer of cover for staircases. The reason for this is that it is slip-resistant and soft to the touch. It is also the best for homes with kids.

Pertaining what to put on stairs instead of carpet; wood, stone, and tiled are prime example of replacements. Also are the leather threads and finally, cork thread and risers could be put on stairs instead of carpets.

In this post, we would explain what to put on stairs instead of a carpet.

Read on as we discuss more on this.

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What to Put on Stairs Instead of Carpet

Here is a list of what to put on your staircase instead of carpet.

1. Wood Floor for Staircase

Wood is by far the most natural material for staircases. Some of its outstanding qualities are that it is durable, aesthetic to the eyes, and it is quite easy to paint and refinish. Hardwood is the best choice when it comes to wood stairs. As for laminate, it tends to split and break when placed in an area with high traffic.

To deal with slipping in wood floors, you would have to place an anti-slip tape towards the edge of the staircase. You can also consider attaching a carpet runner. It would help you enjoy both the advantages of wood and carpet on your staircase.

Some of the shortcomings of wood floors are that they can be expensive, noisy, slippery, and they are not water-resistant. You always have to be on the lookout for liquid spills.

2. Stone Floor for Staircase

Another alternative to carpet is a stone floor. Though before you consider installing stone floors on the stairs you have to supervise if the structure of your house can shoulder the weight of the stone floor.

Stone floors are incredibly heavy. This type of floor is very durable but very expensive. It would be hard to purchase if your budget is low.

You can reduce its cost by using solid stone stairs for stairs that are not too long. In a longer staircase, you should include a stone veneer, the two stone types look alike.

3. Tiled Floor Staircase

The tiled floor is another type of flooring to use instead of the carpet. Tile is a popular finish for staircases. You can get your tiles in varying materials, sizes, and designs. You have the terrazzo tile, ceramic tile, stone tiles, and artistic tiles.

Stone tiles are known to be heavy so investigate if the structure of your house can shoulder the weight of the building. To prevent the problems of slipping, make use of textured tiles or anti-slip tape.

4. Leather Floor Threads for Staircase

Leather floors threads are soft and luxurious. It has the softness that is customary of the carpet but has a more sophisticated finish. They are comfortable to the touch and are produced in various colors, styles, and designs.

5. Cork Thread and Risers for Staircase

Cork thread is a very good alternative to carpet. It is made to prevent slips and it has the outlook of natural wood. This particular flooring type is easy to maintain and also very sturdy. Its disadvantage is that chips at the edges.

Cork thread is an ideal flooring type for your staircase.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Flooring Options for Your Stairs

Here is a list of what to consider when makings choices for your staircase.

1. Consider Your Budget

It is of the essence you put your budget into consideration. You have to be on the lookout for this before you chose your flooring type.

2. Level of Maintenance

You also have to consider what you are willing to spend and sacrifice while trying to maintain your staircase flooring. Staircase flooring type like hardwood is aesthetic to the eyes but is hard to maintain. You also have to be on the lookout for liquid spills because hardwood is not water-resistant.

3. Noise

For stairs placed near a living room and where there is constant foot traffic, you should consider installing flooring types that muffle noises. This would help prevent the tap-tap noises from foot contact with the staircase.

4. Slip Resistant

You should also consider your safety while purchasing flooring for your staircase. A staircase is a delicate place so you need to go for a slip-resistant flooring type. If you have kids at home anyone who has issues with moving around, you have to purchase slip-resistant flooring.

5. Level of Traffic

You should also consider the level of foot traffic. Would your family constantly use this staircase? Or just a staircase located down the basement where you rarely visit? You have to put that into consideration to know how durable the flooring type you are purchasing should be.

6. Look and Feel

This solely involves varying taste, choices, and need. People go more for what suits their taste currently. So, you should also put your look and feel into the equation before going for the staircase flooring type of your choice.

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Carpet is the most used flooring type for staircases. It is slip-resistant and is soft to the touch. It works even better for homes where there are kids as it helps reduce falls and trips. However, aside from the carpet, other alternatives can serve the same purpose on the staircase.

We gave a list of what to put on the staircase instead of the carpet, above.

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