Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe for Babies? (Find Out)

are Polypropylene Rugs Safe for babies?

The safety of our kids always remains a priority, the reason we go an extra length to ensure we get the best for them. This includes the rug they crawl and play on.

Are polypropylene rugs safe for babies? No, rugs that are manufactured from polypropylene are not safe for babies. The chemicals used during its manufacturing process are toxic and are not safe for your baby. It might cause irritation and even severely harm the baby.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe for Babies?

No, rugs made out of polypropylene rug are not safe for babies. The chemicals used to make them stain-resistant are hazardous. Since the chemicals are harmful, it is not a good rug type for your baby.

Also is the fact that polypropylene rugs are made from synthetic fibers that do off-gas volatile organic compounds within the indoor environment. The chemicals from this synthetic fiber are hazardous and can endanger health. It is even more hazardous for kids and expectant mothers.

With all this, it is very much obvious that polypropylene rugs are not safe for babies in the home. Hence, it is best not to install it on your floor if you have kids around or are expecting a child.

What Rugs are Safe for Babies?

Since polypropylene rugs are not safe for babies, we would give a list of other rugs that are suitable and safe for babies.


One of the rug materials that are safe for babies is wool. Wool is a natural material and is not made from any harmful chemicals. It is known to be resilient, flame resistant, sturdy, hypoallergenic, grand, and very soft to the touch.

Aside from the other qualities, it is also water and stain-resistant, the reason it lasts for a long time. It is considered one of the best rug types for babies, its only issue is that it is costly.


Another good choice for babies is cotton. It is a good choice because it allows air in, is very soft, comfortable to the touch, light, and not costly.

Though rugs made from cotton are tiny, they work best when laid over hardwood floors. They also regulate the air to make it warm and comfortable for babies.


Nylon is another rug material that is safe for babies. It is mildew, mold, dirt, and insect-resistant. More importantly, it is easy to maintain and clean. But its disadvantage is that it not soft and comfortable to the touch when compared to wool and cotton.


This rug material comes in varying colors and patterns. Is very soft and moth-resistant. But it is made from textile fibers and synthetic waxes.

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Jute is another good choice of rug for raising your babies. It is eco-friendly and traditional. It is also sturdy and doesn’t have any toxic components.

As a rug, Jute is also easy to clean and repels specks of dirt and toxins, this means your baby’s skin would be safe while crawling on the rug. But you should note that this rug has a rough surface and can be tough to the touch.


Polyester is popularly known for its softness and comfortable feel. This makes it easy for babies to crawl over the rug comfortably. Polyester rugs are warm, sturdy, and it is stain, dirt, and toxin-resistant. But its surface can be irritable for some kids, so you have to be on the lookout.

What to Look for in Rugs for Babies

Here is a list of what to look for when purchasing a rug for your babies.

1. Safety

When looking for rugs that would prove comfortable for your babies the first outlook should be how safe the rug is. Many rugs are treated with harsh chemicals during manufacturing, it is even more so with volatile organic compounds (VOC).

These harmful chemicals are used to make the rug sturdy and flame-resistant. But this might end up causing harm to your baby.

So, while purchasing rugs that would sit well with your kids, shop for safe rugs that don’t have harsh chemicals as their makeup.

2. Material

While going for rugs, do not purchase rugs made with flame retardant compounds, they can endanger your babies. Purchase rugs made from natural and non-poisonous fibers. They are your best bet to guarantee the safety of your kids. You can go for cotton or wool.

3. Size and Setting

You should also put the size and setting into serious consideration; it is very necessary. It is of the essence that your kids have enough space and room to play, crawl, and engage in any of their activities. The rug you are purchasing should fit perfectly with the size of the room.

4. How Easy it is to Clean and Maintain

The rug type should be easy to clean and maintain because kids naturally spill and destroy things on a whim. So, it should be a rug type that can easily be cleaned and maintained, to avoid unnecessary stress.

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Are polypropylene rugs safe for babies? The answer is no, they are not safe for babies. The rug is made from harsh chemicals that can cause irritation and harm to the kids. So, it is not safe for babies. Not to worry, we gave a list of other rugs that are safe for babies.

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