Unexplained Stains on Carpets (5 possible causes)

unexplained stains on carpets

Carpets enhance the room’s charm. However, in order to keep its allure, it must be cleaned regularly. Carpet cleaning can be a difficult task, especially if the carpet is stained.

Sometimes you can’t figure out some of the stains on your carpet. What causes these unexplained stains on carpets, and how can you get rid of them? Sometimes stains from vomit or even your favorite carpet cleaner might be the cause of the unexplained stains on carpets.

Read on as we explore some of the causes of these stains and how to deal with them.

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Types of Carpet Stains

A stain is the discoloration of carpet fibers caused by the presence of a substance. The majority of stains are the result of a spill or dripping.

The substance can then leave a stain on the carpet as it soaks into it. Some stains occur due to the substance remaining in the carpet as a result of poor cleaning techniques.

Other stains, such as ink, paints, or dye can change the color of the carpet. Many beverages contain food coloring, which is essentially a dye that can leave permanent stains on the carpet.

Chlorine and bleach stains on carpet are irreversible. However, they do not alter the color of the carpet; rather, they completely remove the color from the carpet.

It may appear that preventing carpet stains is impossible. You can reduce some of those avoidable stains by following strict rules and using proper carpet cleaning techniques.

Professional carpet cleaning services can assist in removing stubborn stains, and some can even repair bleach spots on carpets.

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Causes of Unexplained Stains on Carpets

The following are some of the reasons why your carpet is ridden with some unexplained stains

1. Stains from Vomit

Because vomit is highly acidic, it can leave stains on the carpet. If the carpet is not cleaned immediately, it will eventually discolor.

2. Furniture Cleaner

If cleaner droplets accidentally reach the carpet while cleaning the furniture, the cleaner might cause some stains in your carpet.

3. Plants in the Home

Most plant owners deal with some sort of stains on their carpet. This happens when a houseplant is overwatered. The overwatered houseplant becomes ridden with yellow spots, which can easily drop on the carpet by accident.

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4. Chlorine

Pool water containing diluted chlorine can fade your carpet and cause yellow or green spots. As a result, avoid walking on the carpet immediately after exiting the pool.

5. Residue from Traditional Cleaners

Excessive cleaning soap residue can also be the cause of unexplained carpet stains. If the solutions are not thoroughly cleaned beforehand, they can cause the stains to reappear after a few weeks.

6. Wicking

If a liquid is spilled, it is possible that it has reached the innermost layers of the carpet, which is the carpet pad.

You may be able to clean the stains on the surface easily, but they will reappear after a few days. This is referred to as wicking.

How To Get Rid Of Unexplained Stains On Carpets

You need to act fast when it comes to unexplained stains on carpet. This is because the longer the stain sits, the more difficult it is to remove.

To remove the stain, you may need to try a few different methods.

1. Begin with Water and Dish Soap.

Using water and dish soap is the most secure technique. It is non-staining and suitable for wool blend carpets. This is the greatest strategy to utilize when you don’t know what created the stain.

2. Make a paste with Baking Soda and Vinegar

This procedure is great for getting rid of old grease stains. Apply a layer of dry baking soda to the discoloration. Then, combine a cup of white vinegar, water, and a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle.

When the vinegar and baking soda come into contact, they generate foam, which cleans the stain.

Allow it to sit for a few hours before cleaning it off. It will probably dry up and solidify, but you can break it up with your vacuum cleaner.

3. Try Cleaning your Entire Carpet

Spot cleaning can sometimes be overly effective, with the previously stained area appearing cleaner than the surrounding area. Fortunately, you can repair this yourself using a simple DIY carpet cleaner.

All you’ll need is a carpet cleaner, which you can buy, rent, or borrow. Hot water, OxiClean, all-purpose cleaner, and liquid detergent are used in the solution.

The entire process takes only a few hours, plus a few hours of drying time. You’ll be astounded at how much cleaner your entire carpet will look once you are done.

5. Get Professional Assistance

However, some stains require professional assistance. These professional cleaning services can assist you if you have a difficult stain or dirty carpets.

Most professional cleaning services also offer Deep cleaning, house cleaning, and general maid services.


Knowing how to remove old stains from carpet is a useful skill. If you can identify the stain, you will have a much better chance of removing it.

It can also save you money because you won’t have to tear out the carpet and replace it with new flooring.

We hope this post on dealing with unexplained stains on carpet was of big help to you!

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