Seagrass Carpet – 10 Things you don’t know

seagrass carpet

While Seagrass carpet can be the first choice for many house owners, they are soft durable and antistatic.

Sea carpet has a lot of great virtues, such as being eco-friendly, water-resistant and being a lot more sustainable than other carpets. When it comes to natural fibers for carpets, seagrass has taken the lead.

What is Seagrass

Seagrass is a perennial grass which is grown mainly in the paddy fields of China and Brazil, these paddy fields are flooded with seawater during the growing cycle.

The fibers are hard and are used for weaving mats and baskets, as well as for flooring and furniture. Seagrass carpet is the best choice for flooring especially in areas with high traffic.

We are going to cover 10 things nobody told you about seagrass carpet, and how this can be beneficial to you when considering getting one.

Seagrass carpet as a natural carpet has a lot of benefits. Compared to synthetic carpets, having a natural carpet lying on your floor reduces your choice of color and pattern. That said, the natural look of these carpets are great for our homes.

Benefits of Natural Carpets

Easy to clean

Seagrass carpets have hard fibers making it difficult for dirt to cling on the carpet, this makes it a lot easier to sweep up the dirt. It’s also advertised that seagrass carpets are water-resistant.

While it’s advertised so, keep in mind that seagrass carpet is an organic material and if moistures or water spills are neglected on this carpet, it can result in mold growth or permanent damage.

Endeavor to clean water spills and moistures on seagrass carpet as soon as they are spotted to avoid discoloration, staining or permanent damage to the seagrass carpet.

A Very Attractive Material

The most common color for seagrass carpet is a neutral color which is suitable for most preferred décor.

The seagrass carpet is popularly used in hallways and narrow rooms. This gives the hallway or room a warm and calm look. Like many other natural fibers like sisal, seagrass is very soft under the feet.

A lot of people dislike a harsh carpeting material, this makes seagrass carpet a go-to alternative.

It is Cost-Effective

Hardwood floor is mostly popular in household, this is because it’s a natural flooring material loved by people, but it can be quite expensive.

While seagrass carpet is also a natural and organic flooring material, it is cost-effective and isn’t as expensive as a hardwood floor. Seagrass carpet is just as attractive as a hardwood floor and can be a great substitute for hardwood flooring.

It is Not Difficult to Install

Seagrass carpet is not at all difficult to install. Installation doesn’t require a carpet kicker or stretcher, don’t use them.

It is always recommended to install on a subfloor that’s already prepared for seagrass carpet as some flooring like concrete may not be suitable for seagrass carpet.

It is Environmental Friendly

Natural carpet contains no chemicals since they are made from plants, this makes them environmentally friendly. If you care so much about your environment then a natural carpet such as seagrass carpet is for you.

It is Non-Toxic

They are safe for use indoors, they don’t contain any chemical fume which could lead to irritation of the eyes or throat. They also create a healthy humidity level indoors which prevents the build-up of static.

It is Hypoallergenic

If you suffer from allergies in your home or have asthma, then seagrass carpet is the right choice for you as they are allergen-free. If your seagrass is frequently vacuumed or swept, you shouldn’t have any problem with allergies.

It is Bio-Degradable

While the protection of the eco-system is vital, seagrass carpets are bio-degradable and can be recycled once its lifecycle is completed. They don’t have any ecological implications.

It Provides Insulation

Unlike other carpets, seagrass carpet provides insulation in homes which helps in reducing heat loss and noise.

How To Fit Seagrass Carpet

As stated above, installing a seagrass carpet is quite easy, while the steps are mentioned below, here are some things you will need to fit the carpet on your floor.

A measuring tape, utility knife, steam sealer, carpet row cutter, carpet roller, multipurpose carpet adhesive, a 1/8 by 1/8 U-notched trowel, and a mop for cleaning.

Measure the room where the carpet will be placed and cut the carpet 3- 4 inches larger than the room measurement on all sides. You can do this using a carpet row cutter and ensure to change the blade often.

Lay the carpet out in the room where you want it installed. Let it be accustomed to the climate of the room for at least 24 hours as this is going to shrink the carpet, this is the reason for the extra 3-4 inches.

Ensure to clean all dust and debris from the subfloor before you begin with the installation of the carpet. Using a notched trowel, spread adhesive on the subfloor, this is needed by so it could be uniform.

Next is to lay the carpet over the adhesive. Do this using a carpet roller and there should be overlapping against each wall to allow shrinkage once the glue sets.

If you have multiple carpets, begin from the seam where the carpet joins and lay it down, work from this point towards the wall.

If necessary, join pieces of carpet. You can join pieces of carpet using a seam sealer to the back of the two pieces that needs to be joined. Ensure not to get a seam sealer on the face of the carpet.

If you have a piece that hasn’t been glued, overlap it by a half inches to an inch over an already glued area. While this will leave a little ridge, embed the two edges in the thick glue by using a carpet roller to press this ridge down.

Allow the glue to set and trim the carpet so it fits in perfectly in the room. If you have excess carpet at the edge of the way, fold it so it forms a crease and cut along the crease using a utility knife.

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We’ve covered some facts about seagrass carpet and how to fit one on your floor. With this said, you can make a final decision whether to go for one or not.

The major advantage and benefit of seagrass carpet over other carpets is its durability, affordability and its resistance to water. Don’t hesitate to use this seagrass carpet in your home and enjoy a smooth walk around your house.

Remember to share this post, your friend might need to get some insights and facts about seagrass carpets before going for one, save them the stress. Do you currently have a seagrass at home or considering buying one? Let us know in the comments.

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