Pros and Cons of Pebble Shower Floor – is it worth it?

pebble shower floor pros and cons

Pebble stone flooring is made from natural materials, which gives your home an earthy look of nature. Homeowners tend to opt for pebble tiles as a shower flooring due to the popularity in spas and saunas, and having such a space in your home is definitely a form of self-care.

Pebble flooring is a creative interior décor, but before you go ahead with the installation, you should consider the pros and cons of pebble shower floor; this will enable you to determine if it’s the right flooring for you.

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Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons


Easy to Install

Installing pebble shower floors is super easy and can be undertaken as a DIY project without needing professional expertise. You simply need to arrange the stones in your desired pattern and apply a coat of sealant. 

You can stay inside or outside your shower during installation, but you might want to clear your schedule for the day as the process is time-consuming, and you need a lot of patience. 

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Very Affordable

Pebble stone shower floor is an affordable flooring option and is actually one of the cheapest shower flooring available in the market.

The cost of the pebbles, the stones, and other materials needed for the installation, costs only a few bucks. So you get to save more money with pebble flooring than with any other flooring type. 

Non-Slip Flooring

Pebble shower floor is resistant to slipping, which is a very important factor, especially in the bathroom; the stones provide a solid footing irrespective of whether you are barefooted or not.

It grips your feet firmly, thereby preventing you from falling, especially when the floor is wet. 

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Available in Unique Finishes

Pebbles tiles are available in different unique finishes that are very beautiful and add color and design to your bathroom.

It gives your space an aesthetically pleasing look and leaves your bathroom looking cool and unique. Pebble flooring can be paired with a wide range of interior décor and blends in perfectly well with the rest of your home.

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Comfortable to Walk Upon

The presence of stones makes many people believe that the pebble shower floor isn’t very comfortable on the feet, but that isn’t true.

Not only is pebble tiles comfortable to work upon, but it also gives your feet a massaging effect each time you walk on them. Round pebbles are more effective compared to square ones.


Requires High Maintenance

This is the major disadvantage of having pebble shower floor. Cleaning and maintaining the flooring requires specified methods which some may find tedious.

Pebble stones have cervices that hold onto water, dirt, and soap residue; this makes getting them clean quite complicated. They also tend to get dirty within a short period of time, so they require constant cleaning.

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Not Durable

Pebble shower floor isn’t as durable as other types of flooring. The pebbles might begin to crack or etch, and the grout may come off after a short period of usage.

This, unfortunately, cannot be prevented even if you hire a professional to carry out the installation. 

Uses a Large Amount of Grout

Holding the pebble stones together requires a large amount of grout. Each pebble needs a lot of grout compared to other floorings.

This not only poses a problem when using pebble stone that has mosaic square edges as it becomes harder to fit against each other, but grout is also porous material meaning it absorbs any water on the floor and remains wet for a long time. So if you use the bathroom frequently, the shower floor may always remain wet.

Absorbs Water

Bathroom floors need to be sloped down to the drain to enable easy passage of water that comes from the shower.

You may find it difficult to achieve a slope with pebble stone, and water remains trapped on the floor till it dries out; this exposes the grout to too much moisture, which in turn attracts mildew.

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It’s crucial you consider the pros and cons of pebble shower floor before installing the flooring in your shower.

Popular for their use in spas, pebble flooring is slowly becoming the rave of the moment, but you might want to weigh your options before going ahead with the purchase.

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