Pros and Cons of Painting Tile Floors and How to Paint One

pros and cons of painting tile floors

People want to explore updating and renovating their homes, so they often find themselves in between the option of painting their tile floor or not. This is because painting the floor is affordable and also manageable.

A tile floor well painted will add to the room’s beauty, but a poorly painted floor will only damage the look of the room.

Painting tile floor has pros and cons. So it’s very vital to put into consideration these pros and cons before painting.

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Painting Tile Floor Pros and Cons

The Pros of Painting Tiles Floor

Here are some of the benefits that come with painting your tiles:

  • You get to give your old tiles a new and different look.
  • You will be able to save both time and money when painting instead of retiling.
  • If you do a good job painting, the painted tiles will have lasting durability, just like a new one.
  • You get to switch the look of any room you choose to paint its tile floor
  • Painting your tile floor helps you get rid of germs and dirt that might have been stored in the tiles.

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Cons of Painting Tiles Floor

Some disadvantages attached to painting your floors are:

  • Not repainting in the right way can affect the durability of your work.
  • You have to plan and thoroughly to get the work done, and not everyone can do this.
  • Calling an expert will give you a good result, but you will have to spend more money than you bargained for.

If you feel the cons of painting don’t affect your decision to paint, you need to consider whether it will be self-done or done by an expert.

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When Should You Paint Your Floor?

You should paint your tile floor if:

  • Your previous flooring had cracks and visible flaws.
  • Your floor linoleum has become hard to remove.
  • You have flooring that can just be fixed anyhow, and you have to follow a specific procedure.

Take time to study your floor to be sure it doesn’t fit the cons of painting. Each flooring comes with different materials and styles, so take note of every hinge of the floor before you start painting.

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How to Paint your Tile Floor


As expected, wood floors often hold pores and cracks that make it impossible to keep paint, so make sure to examine the floor for any pore holes before painting.

Concrete floor might get moist and makes it difficult for paint to stick. So you should check the pore files for the wood floor, also check the moisture level of the concrete floor.

After checking your floor for any fault, you will need to sand it. This procedure will help make groves and ridges, which will aid the paint to glue to the floor.

Once you are done sanding, make the surroundings clean and get rid of any germs or contaminants.

There is no harm in getting help if you feel you can’t go through painting stress.

It is normal to get discouraged because of all the prep involved before painting. Still, it helps because you become aware of any flaws before you get started.

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While it is crucial to prepare your floor, it is also essential to consider how the paint turns out. The paint you intend to get must be glossy and sealed.

You may also need to get a topcoat for protectiveness. Now, if you feel you don’t want a glossy floor, then you shouldn’t bother painting.

Before painting, you should also consider how your living arrangements will be. This is mainly because floor painting may take time, so if you choose to stay at home while painting, take protective measures to curb odors and fumes.

Oil-based paint is considered the best for floor painting. Mainly because it can withstand tough and heavy wear and tear, but all this boils down to if you want it or not.

Also, remember to test your color choice. If you make a color mistake when painting a large floor, it won’t be easy to correct.

Even if you try covering it up, it still won’t achieve a beautiful result, which can be detrimental if you intend to sell the house. So make sure you use colors that blend with your floor.

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Floor painting tends to give your room a great outlook if done right. Most interior designers suggest painting your floor the same color as your wall.

It gives it a unique blend and makes your room stand out. You can also add different designs for fun but make sure it looks good and beautiful.

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It is always an excellent option to remodel your tiles. It is cheap and provides an exquisite look for your home.

 If you adhere to the pros and cons of painting tile floors, you will achieve an extraordinary result. First, ensure that the paint sticks to the tile surface, and there should be no dust particles present.

If you have floor tiles and feel you can’t go through the rigorous stress of removing and retiling, you can paint your tiles.

Patiently examine different colors and then pick anyone that will give you a stunning look. I assure you will be pleased with the outcome of painting your ceramic tiles.

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