How to Install Outdoor Carpet on Concrete Porch (3 Easy Steps)

how to install outdoor carpet on concrete porch

Covering an outside concrete patio with an outdoor carpet has several advantages. Outdoor mats have a softness to them that can give you a feeling of comfortability.

The steps on how to install outdoor carpet on concrete porch includes preparing the floor, smoothening the concrete patio, selecting the appropriate carpet and securing the carpet with adhesive.

Installing an outdoor carpet on your concrete porch is not a complicated process. This is something you can do yourself. It’s cost-effective and takes time.

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How To Install Outdoor Carpet On Concrete Porch

The first step in the installation process is to prepare the floor.

Prep The Floor

Use a floor scraper or shovel to loosen any deposits or accumulation on the concrete floor. Get your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt and debris from the floor.

Get a bucket and make a mixture of water and detergent.  Dip your mop in the water solution, squeeze it, and use it to remove any remaining dust particles on the floor.

Do this repeatedly until the floor is clean. Allow the floor to dry completely before proceeding.

Take the measurement of the porch’s length and width. Multiply the dimension to get the size of the outdoor carpet.

Go to your local hardware store and purchase the carpet based on the dimension of your porch.

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Smoothen Out The Concrete Patio

The surface of your concrete porch must be flat. Though the ground can be slope, it shouldn’t have any dips or holes to prevent it from shedding water. This is an essential factor with outdoor carpets.

Here’s why. The weather has an impact on outdoor carpet. That is, if your concrete has any dips, water will pool, and once you’ve installed the carpet, it will require a longer time to dry.

As a result, the damp surface is unappealing. Not only is it unsightly, but soggy carpet can attract pests and slowly remove the adhesive that holds it to the concrete.

Mold and mildew might grow, obnoxious odors can discourage visitors, and you’ll be wishing you had prepped the surface.

Furthermore, any dent on the surface will impair the carpet’s contact with the concrete, causing a wrinkled or torn mess.

If you notice any areas that need attention, patch them up using floor patch and level to fix them.

Secure The Carpet With Adhesive.

When it comes to fastening an outdoor carpet to concrete, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is recommended that you use a high-quality outdoor carpet adhesive.

This will help you secure the carpet to the ground. The most durable are those designed for nautical use, as they will withstand the environment.

Secondly, use a lot of your selected glue as most people only like to apply adhesive to the carpet’s edge. This might work in the area with not much footwork, but it’s not a long-term fix.

As a result, you should spread the adhesive all over the surface, ensuring that your carpet remains in one position and it’s resistant to snow and rain.

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How To Keep Outdoor Carpet On Concrete In Place

If you don’t want to permanently fix your carpet to one spot, you can try these other options.

  • Place potted plants along the carpet’s edges. These will be attractive as well as practical.
  • Use large furniture weights to keep the carpeting in place. You can use your patio table and chairs, place them on the carpet’s edges to hold them down.
  • Use thicker matting whenever possible. Thick outdoor mats aren’t readily blown away.

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When looking into how to install an outdoor carpet on concrete porch, four key considerations must be made: creating a flat surface, managing moisture, selecting the appropriate carpet, and correctly securing it.

The best approach to securing carpet on concrete is by using adhesive. Although this in not a long term fix, it does wonders.


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