Marble Backsplash Pros and Cons

marble backsplash pros and cons

If you are thinking of decorating or redecorating your kitchen and bathroom, you should consider installing a marble backsplash. It is very appealing to the eyes and gives your home a sense of luxury and importance.

We will be giving you an overview of the pros and cons of marble backsplash. The pros of the marble backsplash are; that it is easy to maintain, it comes in varieties of colors, and it is also, very appealing to the eyes. While its cons is that it gets easily stained, it is costly, and it is also very hard to install.

Read on as we throw more light on the pros and cons of marble backsplash.

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What is Marble?

Marble is a natural stone known to be commonly gotten from Italy and Spain. It can be quarried from other countries as well, but the two countries are the main manufacturers.

Marble naturally has been placed alongside the word “luxury and art” due to its aesthetic outlook.

Marble as a natural stone comes in various colors, that include whites, creams, golds, and even greys. Marble is naturally known to be a light color, but there are marble stones that come with a dark color.

A marble backsplash is very aesthetic to the eyes. Marble stones come in two distinct forms; honed and polished. Honed marble is said to appear more like a matte finish. While the polished marble is glossy and sleek.

There are various ways you can integrate these beautiful stones into your home, and it can be in the form of a kitchen backsplash, mosaic tiles, or a mosaic countertop.

Marble Backsplash Pros and Cons

Marble Backsplash Pros

Like every flooring or wall type, the marble backsplash has both its advantage and disadvantage, but would dwell more on its pros here. Check out the marble backsplash pros, below.

1. It is Easy to Maintain

Once you install the marble backsplash on your kitchen wall, you wouldn’t need to bother about food mistakenly splashing on your wall, it can easily be cleaned off.

You do not need to go through dire straits while getting stains off the wall.

Even if a stain does occur, there are various ways you can get rid of the stain. Since you are using a marble backsplash, you should seal it every 3 to 6 months.

You should also consider resealing your rug if there is any glimpse of discoloration on the wall due to water spillage. Aside from this, a marble backsplash is quite easy to maintain.

2. It Comes in Varieties

One of the pros of a marble backsplash is that it comes in varieties of forms and makes. Homeowners can make their choices from a variety of marble tile backsplashes.

Also, the cost differs depending on your choice of marble. So, it is budget-friendly, and you can go for one that suits your pocket and budget. You can get marbles that are not too costly, yet, beautiful to behold.

3. It is Appealing

Installing a marble backsplash to your kitchen, naturally increases the overall outlook of your kitchen. This should be attributed to its shiny and glossy outlook.

To be more specific, the marble backsplash surface is said to be the most polished of any known backsplash tiles.  It can also be polished from time to time to give a glittering appearance, that is very appealing to the eyes.

4. It is Eco Friendly

While manufacturing the marble backsplash, you do not need to use any chemicals. The marble backsplash is chemical-free. So, you can naturally use it in your immediate environment. It is free of toxins.

5. It Has a Better Property Value

Due to the glossy and shiny appearance of the marble and the aesthetic outlook it gives to the home when installed, it is known to have a better property value. It would only increase the worth of your home.

Depending on how expensive and rare the marble tile you picked for the backsplash is, the higher the probability of it selling in the real estate management. That is in case you put it up for sale or renting.

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The Cons of Marble Backsplash

Every flooring type has its strengths and weaknesses, this also applies to the marble backsplash. We would discuss its weaknesses here. We gave a well-detailed explanation of the cons of the marble backsplash.

1. It Easily Gets Stained

Due to the porous nature of the marble, it has a high tendency to easily get stained if not properly cared for.

 A sharp marbled backsplash is known to accumulate more stains than a polished marble backsplash.

2. It Can Easily be Etched on

Since the marble stone is generally porous and soft, it is very easy to etch on the surface of the marble. It is important that you know that the type of marble you installed would affect the degree of etching.

The polished marble backsplash is known to have a deeper etching than the honed marble. You would need to reseal the marble backsplash every two years or so. This is done to maintain its appealing look and also protect it from stains.

3. It is Costly

Due to the appealing nature of the marble tile, coupled with the fact that it is a well-sought after tile, it is naturally way costlier than some natural stones of its kind.

Depending on the kind of marble backsplash you are using, if it is the unprotected or uncoated marble, you would spend a fortune while maintaining it. This is because, they are susceptible to stains and etchings.

You should brace yourself to spend quite a sum for cleaning and maintenance in the long run, that is if you are using an unprotected marble backsplash.

4. It is Hard to Install

Naturally, installing your marble backsplash would take your time, resources, and efforts, too. So, if you are a fan of easy floor installation, you should think twice.

You would require special appliances to cut through the marble to form a well-outlined mosaic design. And in most cases, you would need to rent it from professionals or even need their help in the long run.

If you are not well-versed on how to go about it, you might end up with a low-leveled work at best or end up ruining everything. So, if you are not confident enough, you should allow the professionals to do what they know how to do best.

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Like every other floor or wall type, the marble backsplash has its strength and weakness. In this post, we discussed extensively marble backsplash pros and cons. We also gave suggestions on how to augment its strength and weakness.

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