Is Marble Backsplash a Bad Idea? (4 Simple Cleaning Steps)

is marble backsplash a bad idea

Thinking about whether to use a marble backsplash? Or maybe you’re worried using one might be a bad idea? Or maybe you’re just hearing about marble backsplash for the first time and you’re intrigued about them.

Not to worry by the end of this piece you’d possess all the knowledge needed to speak on marble backsplash like a pro.

So, is marble backsplash a bad idea? No, it’s not as marble backsplash is known to have numerous advantages like easy and low maintenance, being eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, easier to shine, and helps to increase the value of a property.

Before we hop right into whether or not Mable is a horrible or perfect option for your home’s Backsplash, let’s do some explaining.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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What Is a Backsplash?

A Backsplash is an area of hard, cleanable material covering part of a wall (usually above a kitchen sink or a cooker). The wall is protected and easy to clean if liquid falls onto it.

What is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic form of limestone (rock), usually with patterns of lines going through it, which can be polished to become smooth and shiny. That being said, Marble Splashback is a splashback area designed with marble.

Is Marble Backsplash a Bad Idea?

As Earlier stated, a Marble backsplash isn’t a bad idea as it has lots of advantages that we will be outlining as you read on.

A Marble backsplash has aesthetic appeal, it’s durable, and can facelift your kitchen or washroom but it being the best choice for you is solely dependent on the peculiarities of your situation.

It’s important to note that as much as marble splashback is most aesthetically pleasing and durable, and even affordable, this splashback option also has some downsides.

So let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of marble backsplash to help you decide if it’s a good or bad idea for you.

Advantages of Marble Backsplash

1. Low Maintenance When Sealed

If sealed, your marble Backsplash will require only little maintenance.

But how often do you have to seal marble backsplash? Consider sealing marble backsplash every 3-6 months.

Whenever you notice any discoloration on an area, you pour water. Then it’s time to consider resealing the marble kitchen.

2. Eco-Friendly

The marble used to design a marble backsplash is a natural stone. Using a marble backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom will mean you unconsciously contribute to environmental sustainability.

3. Marble Is Visually Appealing

Marble is that irresistible surface covering characterized by beautiful veins, unevenness ( because no two planks of marble will ever look the same in the pattern), sheeny when polished, or even matte and beautiful still.

Because marble has got this intricate veining alongside its sparkling white background, there is no denying what beauty marble brings to your home immediately after being installed.

4. Easier To Shine

While going through the entire process of deciding on what tile or covering to use for your Backsplash, you might want to consider whether or not a particular option will be easily cleanable or polished.

Do You remember that your kitchen or bathroom Backsplash was made to protect the wall above your sink and counter from damage?

Damage can happen due to splashing water or other elements, often inadvertently.

If backsplashes are made and installed to protect and beautify — which is often a bonus, they must be made with cleanable, polishable materials.

Marble surfaces are more receptive to polishing than any other type of natural stone, which automatically makes it the most appropriate option for your home Backsplash.

5. Increased Property Value

A touch of marble will beautify and enhance your home’s appearance and certainly increase its worth. And you know what’s good? It doesn’t have to be everywhere; just one marble plank will do the magic. 

Marble in your house adds to its value, giving it a taste/feel of luxury. This is a result of its earthy yet sparkling appearance. Marble is luxury! If you’re looking to add to your property’s value, add some marble.

Note: the higher and rarer and more expensive type of marble you use for your countertop, floor, or Backsplash (in this case), the higher the value of your property in the property market.

6. Variety

Marble is one of those home surface material options with many pattern/style varieties. In your search for a backsplash marble design, you might want to go for budget-friendly and visually pleasing.

Some marble design options are Carrara marble, Calacatta marble, and Emperador marble, each mined in different parts of the world.

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Disadvantages of Marble Backsplash

Like everything in life, Marble Backsplash has its downsides, insignificant compared to all the ‘good’ it will do you as a homeowner. Below are some of the disadvantages of Marble Backsplash:

1. Etching

Marble is a softer type of natural stone in comparison to other natural stones. Marble surfaces are susceptible to etching.

While it is true that marble surfaces are prone to etchings, the severity and depth of etching depend on the type of marble material.

Etching on polished, glossy-looking marble, Backsplash will be more vivid than its honed counterpart.

2. Staining

If you own a marble backsplash in your home, you may need to seal your marble backsplash surfaces three or more times every year, say every 3-to 4 months, depending on the type of marble.

Marbles are quite porous. If left unsealed, it is susceptible to permanent stains. Spoiler alert: honed marble backsplashes are more likely to pick up stains than polished marble backsplash. You sure know which to go for now! 

3. Requires Constant Resealing

This is an obvious, explicit downside of marble backsplashes. You seal after installation and keep resealing to protect your marble backsplash against staining and discoloration that might result from acidic food splatter and other splashes.

4. Hard to Install By Yourself

The marble backsplash is not the sought thing you install easily, on your own, without outside help.

For DIY freaks, it’s important that you note that marble backsplash installation requires a lot of energy, expertise, and special tools.

5. Marble is Expensive

Marble is a more expensive backsplash option. The sought marble designs used for Backsplash are expensive, relatively expensive compared to other types of natural stone.

Marble Backsplash Types

1. Calacatta Marble

Calacatta marble is mined in Italy. Calacatta is one of the most popular luxury marbles, with a little number of impurities.

Calacatta has a stark white background and irregular thick gray-colored veining. The gold veining version of the Calacatta Marble is called the Calacatta Gold: a chic-looking variant of this rare marble type.

2. Carrara Marble

Carrara marble is also made in Italy, and only it has a grayish background with a fine linear veining pattern. Carrara marble is more common and affordable. 

3. Emperador Marble

Emperador marble is made in Span. Emperador marble is usually available in dark and light brown colors. It’s a perfect fit for a backsplash.

Cleaning Your Marble Backsplash

Here’s how to clean your marble backsplash:

1. Smear some dish soap all across the surface of your marble backsplash.

2. Dip a new scouring pad in an already set warm water basin.

3. Scrub the entire backsplash surface with the scouring pad repeatedly. 

4. Rinse the surface with some more warm water, then leave it to dry or dry up using a dry cloth piece.

Note: If you’re dealing with a much more stubborn stain, you will still need to replace the dish soap with baking soda and follow the steps mentioned above.

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The simple idea of adorning your home with a backsplash is as important as the material from which the Backsplash is made up of.

Marble is such an unrivaled, timeless and eloquent backsplash material option. Marble backsplashes look incredibly beautiful in kitchens and even bathroom spaces.

If you have a marble backsplash in your home or looking to install one, do not forget that marble surfaces require frequent cleaning, tenderness, and care!

We wrote this article about is marble backsplash a bad idea to help give you guidance when faced with making a choice about it. 

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