How to Stain Bamboo Flooring (6 Easy Steps)

how to stain bamboo flooring

The bamboo’s resistance to insect penetration like mildew and mold has made bamboo flooring a favorite for homeowners.

Bamboo is technically a grass, not a wood species. As such, much of the bulk of the flooring is made of glue or other binding agents.

So, if you’re wondering how to stain bamboo flooring, you should know that having a neat floor before starting is very important, after which you sand the floor, and clean it again before finally staining.

Preserving the bamboo floor well can make it last longer, like any hardwood floor. It is no more difficult to clean and maintain than the hardwood surface.

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How to Stain Bamboo Flooring

It brings back its shine and beautiful appearance with an easy cleaning technique, but can it be stained? YES! However, the question is how to stain bamboo flooring. Follow these easy steps to stain your bamboo floor:

Step 1: Remove Every Item in the Room

Before staining your bamboo flooring, you must first take all items away from the floor you intend to stain. These Items may include woods, furniture, rugs, etc.

Take them out or store them in another place until the floor is completely stained and dried.

Step 2: Clean the Room

Before staining bamboo floors, you should clean the room after clearing as this is essential. Make sure you carefully sweep and remove all dust and debris from the room.

Step 3: Sand

Removing the original stain is important before placing a new one. Here an electric sander can be used but note that light and pressure are also needed.

You have to be easy while removing the original stain on the floor. While sanding, if the dust is white, you should know that’s the exact pressure needed for the process. But if the dust is darker, you may have to ease up on it.

Step 4: Clean for the Second Time

After sanding the floor, you should sweep the floor again to remove all the sawdust you brought out.

Patience is needed in this task because missing any sawdust would make your work harder and dirty leaving you with rough and uneven spots on the floor after staining.

Step 5: Stain

 This is where you have to start staining your floor. You may decide to use 2 coats of a permeating stain, and you can use different skills or styles to apply the color.

Use a rag, clean the stain on the floor, or use a paintbrush to administer the color. Go with whichever suits what you want.

Administer the stain in thin, even coats and ensure you don’t miss any spot. Allow the stain dry in-between applications.

Step 6: Seal

Using a polyurethane finish, seal your floor. After sealing, your bamboo floor will be watertight.

As you did with the stain, administer thin, even coats with the help of a paintbrush, and wait for 2 to 3 hours. Once you are through, your floor should shine and be scratch resistant.

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How Do I Know When To Stain My Bamboo Flooring?

Here are the signs to look out for to know the best time your bamboo flooring is due for staining.

1. When extreme surface-level scratches have spread wild over the surface area of your bamboo floors, it is time for staining.

2. If you notice signs of discoloration that have spread and are noticeable, it is time to redecorate your bamboo floor.

 3. If your bamboo flooring has extreme water damage in more than just an isolated area, it is due to staining. This may be the case in areas with high humidity or entry points of your home.

How to Protect your Bamboo Flooring After Staining

Once your new bamboo floor has been newly stained, you will want it to keep looking neat and beautiful for a long time. You can achieve this by following these steps: 

1. Never forget to wipe off any form of spillage from the surface of the bamboo, lest the bamboo soaks the spillage on it.

2. Never take wet or dirty shoes on the bamboo floor.

3. Sweep off anything that can immediately cause scratches on the bamboo flooring.

4. Add easy and soft pads under any item, furniture or object, as this will also reduce the risk of your bamboo floor getting scratched.

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Staining your floors is a simple task you and your family can do any day and anytime. Now that we have listed the steps to stain bamboo flooring, it is up to you to give your floor that new look.

We wrote this article about how to stain bamboo flooring to help give you guidance when faced with staining a bamboo floor. 

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