How to Clean Wet Cat Litter Off Floors in 5 Easy Steps

how to clean wet cat litter off floors

Taking care of your cat is a fun and simple task. One issue that many cat owners have is the unappealing task of cleaning out wet cat litter off the floor.

In this post, we will be giving you an outline of how to clean wet cat litter off floors. First, start with collecting as much litter as you can with a paper towel, then scrub the area and vacuum. You might also need to use a cat urine neutralizer to clean the affected area.

Read on as we walk you through this process.

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How to Clean Wet Cat Litter Off Floors

As already mentioned above, cleaning wet cat litter off the floor is not such as appealing task. Cat litter, when wet, has the tendency to form clumps on the floor, which might be a bit hard to remove.

Follow the steps below to clean wet cat litter off your floor.

1. You will need paper towels, a scrub brush, a vacuum cleaner, and a cat urine neutralizer.

2. With the paper towel, collect as much of the damp litter as possible. You might be able to catch some of the litter if it’s loose enough.

3. As mentioned above, it is a bit tricky to get wet cat litter off the floor. After removing as much wet cat litter as possible, allow the remaining litter stuck to the floor to dry. Once the litter has dried, it will be easier to manage.

3. Using a scrub brush to remove the dried litter from the floorboards.

4. Vacuum the area where the litter is. The vacuum should pick up the majority of the litter, if not all of it. If there is still litter, continue vacuuming until it is totally gone.

5. Use an odor neutralizer to clean the area. Your cat pee was most likely left on the floor by the damp litter. Leaving urine on your floor creates an unpleasant odor and may encourage the cat to urinate in the same location. You must use a neutralizer rather than a regular household cleaner since the neutralizer totally eliminates the aroma, whereas cleansers do not.

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Tips for Keeping Cat Litter Off the Floor

Owning a cat entails certain duties. You must keep them occupied, feed them, keep them healthy, and play with them regularly.

All cat owners will agree that no matter what you try, cat litter will never stay in the litter box! Regardless of where you put the litter box or how frequently you replace the litter, your cat will dig vigorously and spread the litter all over the floor. Worse, it gets on the paws and fur, so you’ll have litter all over the place in seconds.

However, the tips below should help in minimizing the amount of wet litter you will have on your floor.

1. Use the Right Litter Box

When you’re overwhelmed by the amount of litter on your floor, the first thing to look at is the litter box you’re using. Is it open on the sides?

Low edge boxes are popular, but they are the worst at keeping the litter inside. If your cat digs a lot, half of the litter will be outside the box after just one call to nature.

So, you may want to invest in a better litter box. A Litter Box with a Ramp will definitely reduce the amount of litter on the floor.

2. Use the Right Cat Litter

The kitty litter you use will also have a significant impact on the mess created.

Litters that are made of little pieces are more prone to get out of the box and stick to the cat’s paws and fur. There are, however, litter types that will reduce tracking and make your life easier.

3. Get a Litter Mat

Purchasing a litter mat is one of the best investments you can make when learning how to keep cat litter off the floor. This isn’t just any mat; it has a textured surface that’s specifically designed to capture the excess dust on your cat’s paws.

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4. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule.

Cleaning the house regularly is the only way to ensure there is no cat litter on the floor at all. Even with all of the tips mentioned above, litter and dust particles will accumulate once you have a cat, and it is your responsibility to pick them up.

You should sweep or vacuum your home’s floors every day to reduce the incidence of cat litter on the floor.


Once you have a cat, you should be ready to deal with the mess caused by the cat. This post has, however, provided tips to help with keeping cat litter off the floor.

We hope we have answered all your questions on how to clean wet cat litter off floors. We have provided the best sellers of cat litters on Amazon, you can check them out as well.

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