How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor (4 Simple Methods)

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

If you have an old house, apartment, or dorm, you may have slanted floor sections in your home. This is not really a cause for concern until a piece of furniture is placed on the floor and it may wobble and be unstable.

If you want to know how to level furniture on uneven floor, the good news is that it is very easy and, you can level the furniture in your home in several different ways.

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How to Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

Adjust the Furniture

Inspect the legs on the piece of furniture to see if it’s adjustable. Some furniture may have legs that can be adjusted by loosening or tightening a screw.

This is usually common in metal furniture pieces with slender legs. If you have such furniture, simply adjust its legs to level the furniture against the floor.

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Level With Shims

Shims are small wedges that can be used to level out furniture on an unleveled floor. Lift the furniture and place a thin block of shim underneath the back end of the side you want to raise.

If you have a wedge-shaped shim try sliding the thinner end in first. However, keep in mind that placing shims underneath your furniture is not a permanent solution although it requires no installation.

You will need to readjust them any time you move the furniture, so they are best used for furniture that you don’t move frequently.

Shims are usually made of wood, so they are safe to use on walls or flooring but opt for plastic variations if you intend to use it on carpet or damp areas.

You can also glue or tape the shim to the bottom of the furniture for added stability but only do this to furniture you do not mind leaving adhesive residue on.

Asides from a shim, you can use any available flat and sturdy object to level out your furniture. items like cardboard or newspaper can be slipped underneath furniture like you would with shims.

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Use Rugs

You can also use a throw rug for this, simply place the shim on the floor, then place the rug over the shim. This will keep the shim out of sight and you can place the piece of furniture on top of the rug, directly over the shim, this levels out the floor.

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Attach Furniture Levelers

To do this start by using a tape measure to determine the gap between the furniture’s short leg and the floor. 

Depending on the type of furniture leveler you are using, you may need to drill a hole into the feet of the furniture, if you are drilling, ensure to put on protective gears like a safety google and a dust mask to protect you from the dust.

You can purchase levelers from home improvement stores and they usually need to be screwed into place. If you have antique furniture that you wouldn’t want to damage, consider using a shim.

If not, flip your furniture over for easy access and drill pilot holes into the center of the leg. You can also make your own custom feet with a few components like brass inserts.

Screw the leveler in place and adjust it to the appropriate height to level the furniture.

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Furniture Coaster

You can also place rubber furniture coasters underneath the legs of your furniture item to balance unleveled areas


This article discusses how to level furniture on uneven floor in all the ways possible. It’s quite unsettling and upsetting when your furniture wobbles or isn’t sturdy due to an uneven floor but with the application of any of the above-mentioned methods, you can level your furniture on an unleveled floor.

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