How to Keep Bathroom Floor Dry After Shower (8 Easy Ways)

how to keep bathroom floor dry after shower

The bathroom is easily one of the essential rooms in any house to be kept clean and dry. A damp and dirty bathroom not only poses a health risk to you and members of your household, but it can also lead to domestic accidents, which can sometimes prove fatal.

A few ways like maintaining proper ventilation, using water-resistant tiles, a dehumidifier, bathroom mat, and showerhead positioning effective tips on how to keep bathroom floor dry after shower.

It is imperative to keep a clean and dry bathroom for a healthy lifestyle because restrooms with wet floors all the time can become too messy and increase the likelihood of a domestic accident.

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What are the Dangers of a Wet Bathroom?

Wet bathrooms give out a disgusting damp smell that creates a wrong impression on the visitors and could be termed poor hygiene.

A bathroom that is wet all the time breeds mold. It is pretty easy for a bathroom to become slick due to various reasons such as spilled water, trapped hair, plumbing issues, et cetera.

For these reasons and more, dependable bathroom floor drying solutions are needed. In this article, we will highlight several ways to keep the bathroom floor dry after a shower.

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How to Keep Bathroom Floor Dry After Shower

There are a couple of reasons why the bathroom should be kept dry. Reasons such as safety purposes, good hygiene, overall appeal, et cetera.

Keeping your bathroom floor dry after a shower is quite essential, and we’ll be listing ways you can achieve that.

1. Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation helps maintain a dry bathroom. Without good ventilation, the sink, bathtub, floor, and walls will retain their moisture, eventually leading to a damp smell emanating from the bathroom and issues with fungus and mold over time.

Taking advantage of open windows to usher in fresh air to allow air circulation in the bathroom cannot be overemphasized.

Allowing the free flow of light and air into the bathroom is a helpful way to dry out the moisture and get rid of the damp smell.

Opening up the windows or getting a good vent fan for your space are all effective ways of improving the bathroom’s ventilation.

This method is hands down the easiest way to keep the bathroom floor dry after a shower, except the bathroom has no windows. 

2. Water Resistant Tiles

Your bathroom tiles also have a prominent role in keeping the floor dry. The right type of water-resistant tiles can make the water dry faster.

An easy way to improve the effectiveness of this method is by selecting the right kind of tiles that have some grip.

These often help to prevent slips and moisture build-ups. It creates a much safer environment by reducing the chances of moisture build-up.

3. Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers take moisture away from the air and collect it in the form of water, so if you have a dehumidifier running. At the same time, you use the bathroom, and you’ll get a significant drop in condensation.

Homes without bathroom windows should consider getting a dehumidifier. These devices will remove most humidity or moisture from your bathroom, enabling fast drying and preventing mold.

It costs a whole lot less than some of the options listed above. Proper usage would ensure there aren’t any problems with moisture build-up in your bathroom.

However, it’s essential to understand that dehumidifiers aren’t long-lasting solutions.

Remember to empty the water in the dehumidifier regularly. The size of your bathroom should determine the choice of your dehumidifier.

4. Bathroom Mat

A bathroom mat helps keep the bathroom floor dry by providing a place for your wet feet. Everyone who steps out of the shower will likely have moisture underneath their feet.

This is also one of the several ways moisture builds up in the bathroom besides splashing. You’ll need a bathroom mat for your wet feet when trying to keep the bathroom floors dry.

Putting a bath mat just outside your shower will be a simple yet elegant and perfect solution. Remember to clean and air dry this mat regularly to maintain proper hygiene.

5. Extractor Fans

Fixing an exhaust fan in your bathroom to vent the moisture outside your home is quite effective in preventing moisture build-up in the bathroom.

You can put it on during your shower and also leave it on for a few minutes after you’re done to help circulate the air and eliminate the moisture. 

6. Shower Curtains or Enclosure

A shower curtain or enclosure will keep water from the shower from spilling on the bathroom floor, thereby keeping it dry.

This is one of the most effective ways of keeping the bathroom floor dry. Installing a shower curtain or an enclosure would restrict water spillage within its walls.

7. Mop sticks

You can mop the floors with a damp mop to prevent domestic accidents associated with wet bathroom floors. After having your shower, you quickly mop up spilled water on your bathroom floors.

This is probably one of the least expensive ways of keeping the bathroom floors dry after a shower, and it is pretty effective.

8. Showerhead Positioning

Endeavor to keep the showerhead pointed inwards to reduce the frequency of splashing.

When the shower is pointed inward and downward, the risk of water spillage on bathroom floors is significantly reduced. It is the simplest way to keep the bathroom floor dry after a shower.

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Thousands of people suffer domestic accidents in their bathrooms yearly due to wet bathroom floors. Dry bathroom floors require some effort to achieve.

There are countless benefits attached to dry bathroom floors, such as good hygiene, reduced accidents resulting from slipping on wet floors, gathering of molds due to the accumulation of moisture on the bathroom floors, etc.

Minor steps like drying your body in the shower before coming onto the bathroom floor are pretty effective. Some of the steps listed above are pretty simple and practical. These steps would make a whole world of difference if adhered to.

The article explains in detail how to keep bathroom floor dry after shower and the steps to take to achieve this to give you your desired result.

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