How to Clean a Walk-In Shower Floor (6 Simple Methods)

how to clean a walk-in shower floor

Having a filthy shower in your own house may seem like you are exposing yourself to others as dirty. And when the shower has a standard floor tile, there’s even more to be concerned about!

Thus, this post is interested in how to clean a walk-in shower floor. To clean the floor of your walk-in shower, use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. These products are capable of cutting through tough grime and dirt.

Read on to learn how to clean a walk-in shower floor.

How to Clean a Walk-in Shower Floor

There are various methods that can be employed to keep your walk-in shower floor clean. You can choose any of the methods outlined below.

1. Treatment with Vinegar

It is no secret that vinegar can clear a lot of stubborn dirt if you follow the appropriate rules. To clean the shower tiles with vinegar, you’ll need a spray bottle, a grout brush, and plenty of water.

First, prepare a vinegar mixture by combining the same quantity of vinegar with the same amount of water. Then, fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and spray it over the shower tiles.

Make sure the vinegar mixture is getting into the grout. Allow the mixture to sit on the floor for 20 – 30 minutes.

Afterward, come back to continue scrubbing the tiles, especially the unclean spots using a grout brush. If you can’t find any grout brushes, you can work with a soft toothbrush or scrub brush instead. Once all of the unclean areas have been cleaned, rinse off the mixture with hot water.

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2. Treatment with Baking Soda

If you have a lot of grout stains on the floor of your walk-in shower, combined with a bad odor, you may want to try out cleaning with baking soda.

Start with making a paste by combining baking soda and a tiny amount of water. Then rub the soda paste all over the shower floor until it is completely coated.

For optimal results, use a vinegar-baking soda solution. That is, after rubbing the paste all over the floor, spray a vinegar solution on the baking soda.

This will cause some foaming.  When the foaming has subsided, use a scrub brush to remove the dirt from the tiles.

Once you are done scrubbing, wash the tiles several times with warm water to eliminate any leftover residue.

3. Treatment with Chlorine Bleach

This method should be used sparingly because chlorinated bleach can damage your shower floor if used excessively.

Before using chlorine bleach, other treatments like vinegar treatment should be employed.

Apply chlorinated bleach to the shower grout and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, properly wash the shower tiles with water to eliminate the chemical waste.

Note that in no circumstances should you combine vinegar and chlorinated bleach. If you used a vinegar solution, wash it away. Make certain that no vinegar remains since the poisonous chlorine gas released by the vinegar swiftly chemically interacts with the bleach.

4. Treatment with Peroxide of Hydrogen

This is ideal if you are dealing with specific stains on your walk-in shower floor. Soak a white cloth with hydrogen peroxide and place it over the spot. Allow the cloth to remain on the spot overnight before rinsing and drying with a towel.

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5. Treatment with Lemon Juice

This is also ideal if you are dealing with rust stain on your walk-in shower floor.

Pour enough juice to cover the stain right on top of it. Allow the acid to do its thing for a couple of hours.

When the timer goes off, rinse and clean the area with a sponge. Allow the water to run for a few minutes to help neutralize the acid in the juice.

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It is critical to have a clean shower to wash away the tension of the day. Showering on a dirty floor may be really uncomfortable, and you’re often left feeling dirtier than before.

We hope the methods outlined in this post on how to clean a walk-in shower floor will be helpful for a sparkling shower floor.

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