How to Get Rid of Grease on Kitchen Floor – 3 Simple Tips

how to get rid of grease on kitchen floor

At one point or the other, you must have had oil on your kitchen floor. Grease and oil can make quite a mess in your kitchen and can be quite difficult to clean up. This is one reason you need to know how to get rid of grease on kitchen floor.

The grease traps lots of dirt and debris on the floor, making it look dirty. Apart from the mess, greasy floors have been a caused lots of accidents in the kitchen.

This thus necessitates the question of how to get rid of grease on the kitchen floor. Cleaning off the grease on the kitchen floor can be a straightforward procedure, provided you know the right products to use on the floor.

Firstly, to clean grease off the kitchen floor, give the floor a good sweeping and apply a good degreasing solution, then mop plenty of clean water mixed with bleach.

This post will provide you with important steps to take to get rid of grease on the kitchen floor.

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How to Get Rid of Grease on Kitchen Floor

If you are struggling with greasy residue on your tiled kitchen floor, follow the steps below to get rid of them:

1. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

Sweep and vacuum to remove dirt and anything that might dissolve in the cleaning solution and cause a stain.

2. Make your Homemade Degreaser

Since you’re not dealing with a large space like a kitchen restaurant, you can easily make your homemade cleaning solution with the following:

  • 2 gallons of warm water
  • 1 tablespoon dish soap
  • 1/4 cup vinegar
  • 1/4 cup washing soda

Mix the ingredients in a big bowl or bucket.

3. Wet Mop the Affected Area with the Solution

Mop the affected area using a string or microfiber mop. Allow the solution to sit for some time, then use a clean mop and regular detergent to clean it off.

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How to Clean a Greasy Restaurant Kitchen Floor

The process involved in cleaning off the grease in a restaurant kitchen is a bit different and complicated from what is involved in cleaning grease in your kitchen.

This is because you can’t compare the level of activities in your kitchen to a restaurant. Your kitchen floor is probably not as greasy as restaurant floors, so you shouldn’t have to apply as much effort.

What You Need to Clean a Greasy Restaurant Kitchen Floor

  • Gloves
  • Degreaser
  • Wet Dry Vacuum
  • Wet Mop & Bucket with Wringer
  • Floor Squeegee
  • Deck Brush
  • Wet-Dry Vacuum
  • Wet Floor Sign

1. Use a Broom to Remove debris

Before you start your cleaning process, start by removing all large debris and dirt around the area. Cleaning the debris will ensure a smooth cleaning process.

2. Get the Degreaser

There are several different types of degreasers. Each type of degreaser is formulated to remove specific oil spills. An all-rounded degreaser that will get the job done is the bio-enzymatic cleaner and degreaser.

This product contains non-pathogenic bacteria that specifically target soils and odors and doesn’t pose any health risks. The bio-enzymatic cleaner and degreaser should be diluted with water according to the instruction on the label.

If you can’t get the bio-enzymatic cleaner and degreaser, choose any degreaser that is formulated to clean animal fats and grease,

To apply the degreaser, make sure to dilute it according to the instructions on the label properly. Use a wet mop to clean the affected areas. Use overlapping strokes to ensure you have not missed an area.

After wet-mopping the affected area, give the degreasers at least 10 minutes to dwell properly. Note that the longer you let a bio-enzymatic cleaner and degreaser dwell, the more effective it will be.

3. Scrub the Floor

After the degreaser has sat for some time, use a stiff bristle deck brush to scrub the floor. A stiff bristle deck cleaning brush is recommended because the floor is very porous thereby allowing grease to easily penetrate the surface resulting to stains. You might have to scrub more than once if the floor is heavily soiled.

4. Remove the Solution

If your floor has drained, squeegee the dirty solution into the drain. If your floor does not have drains, use a mop and bucket or wet/dry vacuum to pick up the solution.

Make sure you are using a clean mop and bucket to ensure you are not spreading grease around, negating your hard work. Make sure to remove as many solutions as possible.

5. Allow Floor to Air Dry

Allow the floor to air dry or use an air mover/floor blower to accelerate the drying process. Make sure that the floor dries completely before stepping on it.

6. Clean Properly with Mop

After the floor has dried completely, you still need to make sure the floor doesn’t have more solution in it. If you’re using the same mop, you used to apply the degreaser, make sure it is clean, or use a different mop.

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While the processes involved in cleaning your greasy kitchen floor are not as complicated as cleaning a greasy restaurant kitchen, bear in mind that you can easily substitute the methods for one another, depending on how greasy the floor is.

For restaurant kitchens, you may have to clean every day with a degreaser to ensure that the floor is completely neat. We hope this post helps with how to get rid of grease on the kitchen floor.

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