How to Get Maggots Out of Carpet in 2 easy Methods

how to get maggots out of carpet

Maggots, although not harmful to people or pets, are super gross and repulsive. Maggots do not generally cause any harm; in fact, medical practitioners have used them to remove dead flesh from wounds for centuries.

This doesn’t mean anyone wants to be faced with those squirming rice-looking insects thriving on their carpet. Maggots could be the larvae of flies, carpet beetles or moths that feed off your carpet fibres.

We’re going to cover how to get maggots out of carpet no matter the type of maggot you are dealing with.

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How to Get Maggots Out Of Carpet

Determine the Cause of Infestation

This should be your first line of action because if the source of the maggots isn’t eliminated or fixed, the infestation is bound to return.

If possible, take your carpet out in the sun and carry out a thorough inspection to find out what attracted flies to lay eggs on your carpet.

Flies are usually attracted to spilled food or drink, rotting pet feces, and other decomposing items left on the carpet for too long. Locate the cause of infestation and remove it for good. Also, take precautions so as to prevent future reoccurrence.

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Get Rid Of The Maggots

Once the cause of the maggot infestation has been discovered, you need to get rid of them. There are multiple ways to do so, one of which is spraying boric acid on your rug.

Boric acid eliminates the maggots without causing damage to your carpet, but you might need to spot test a small amount of the boric acid on an inconspicuous area of the carpet.

Apply the boric acid generously over the carpet, ensuring that the liquid reaches deep into every area of the carpet. You can also use a broom or a brush to buff the product further into the carpet.

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Vacuum The Carpet Thoroughly

Boric acid is an abrasive cleaner and eliminates maggots quickly. Once the acid has been left to sit on the carpet for a while, vacuum your carpet to remove the dead maggots stuck inside the rug. You may find some maggots alive when you do simply spray some more acid on them and vacuum once again.

Vacuum the entire perimeter of your carpet and when you are done, take out the vacuum cleaner’s dust bag and properly dispose of it.

A proper way to dispose of the maggots is to seal the vacuum bag in an airtight plastic bag or container and place it in the freezer. This is the most humane way to kill maggots. Then immediately toss out the bag in the outside trash container.

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Steam Clean Your Carpet

If you woke up to maggots on the floor and wondering how to get rid of them, vacuuming does a good job, but it is highly recommended to steam clean your rug as it ensures that there isn’t a single maggot left behind.

This final step ensures that you achieve a spotless and stain-free result, and every trace of infestation is eliminated.

To make the steaming even more effective, particularly if you are dealing with a widespread infestation, you can use an insecticide product instead of water in the steam mop.

Opt for a safe and non-toxic product like pet shampoo containing insecticides, be on the lookout for the ingredient content of the product to ensure the shampoo does contain an insecticide and is free from toxic chemicals that could be harmful to your health.

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How to Prevent Maggot Infestation On Carpet

Opt For Self-Sealing Trash Cans Indoors

As already implied from the name, self-sealing trash seals automatically unaided; this prevents flies from getting into the trash. Whenever it’s time to take out the trash, pull out the bag take it in the outside trash can.

Install Fly Strips and Screens Throughout your Home

Fly strips are intensely sticky strips that trap flies. Place these strips around areas that the flies tend to congregate most, such as sinks and near your trash can.

If you don’t have screens installed on all of your windows and doors, you might want to consider doing so. A well-installed screen with no tears or holes in the screens goes a long way in keeping flies away from your home.

Clean Up Spills Immediately they Occur

Food spills, pets waste, or any greasy stain that is left unattended may cause maggot infestation, so ensure to clean the carpet thoroughly after every meal to pick up any bit of food that might have fallen unto it.

Attend to spills immediately they occur and ensure to dry the carpet completely after each cleaning section.

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Maggots are repulsive and off-putting; they are usually caused by spilled food or a pet accident that was left attended. But before you freak out and toss the carpet in the trash, this article discusses ways to get maggots out of carpet.

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