How to Get Gum out of Floor Mats in 5 Easy Ways

how to get gum out of floor mats

Unlike other stains and spills, gum tends to attach to the mat’s fibers, making it even more difficult to remove. And of course, there nothing is more aggravating than discovering a gum stain on a recently cleaned carpet knowing how difficult it is to get it off.

There are numerous theories on how to get gum out of floor mats and other carpeted surfaces on the internet. However, one of the most recommended ways to get gum out of floor mats is by freezing the gum until it hardens into a rock, making it considerably easier to remove.

Continue reading for more informative methods on how to get gum out of floor mats.

How to Get Gum out of Floor Mats

Note that chewing gum should be removed from the carpet as quickly as possible, as recommended for all stains. If you let it sit on the carpet for days before attempting to remove it, it will be more difficult and may not even work.

Below are some methods that should be effective in removing gum from floor mats.

1. Remove with Ice

As mentioned earlier, ice can be used to remove gum from floor mats.

Start by placing a handful of ice in a zip lock bag.

Then place the bag directly over the gum stain. Keep it in place for as long as you can see the gum hardening. It will be easier to remove the gum once it has hardened.

Scrape the gum off the floor mat with a putty knife

Dip a sponge in cleaning fluid to remove the stain caused by the gum. Start by carefully rubbing the stain with the sponge. This will ensure that there are no gum stains left behind.

Then, take a clean, dry towel and place it over the gum stain. Pat it until all of the liquid has been absorbed and the floor mat is completely dry. There will be no more gum or gum stains, and your floor mat will look brand new.

2. Remove with Wd-40

Sometimes the ice method described above might be time-consuming since you have to wait for the gum to harden. If you have company arriving in an hour, you won’t have time for the ice method.

In such a scenario, a common home item can come to your rescue. We are referring to WD-40.

Using WD-40 to remove chewing gum from the floor mat is not only simple but also quick and easy. Here’s what you need to do to have your floor mat free of gums and stains and looking like new.

Spray a generous amount of WD-40 onto the gum.

Allow the spray to remain in the stain for a few minutes. There is no need to wait an hour or more because it works instantaneously.

Remove the discoloration using a fingernail brush. Scrub the stain in the same direction, either left or right, and continue scrubbing in the same direction in an easy, rapid motion. Don’t be too rough on the carpet, or you’ll ruin it.

As you scrub the carpet with the brush, keep applying additional WD-40.

This will remove the gum stain in less than 10 minutes, and your carpet will be clean and fresh, with no trace that there was a gum stain on it just moments before. It is the quickest and easiest way to remove gum stains from carpets without destroying the texture and feel of the carpet.

3. Remove with Hairdryer

Here’s another way to get chewing gum out of your carpet. All you need is a hairdryer, which is found in every home.

As soon as you notice a gum stain, point your hairdryer directly at it.

Keep an eye on the gum since too much heat can cause the carpet fibers to melt.

Take a plastic bag and scrape up the gum as it begins to melt. Because the gum has melted, it will easily adhere to the plastic bag and will be easy to remove.

Repeat until the gum stain is no longer visible.

4. Remove with Oil

Oils like olive oil, Eucalyptus oil, and peanut butter can be quite effective in removing gum from a floor mat. Before using any of this oil, we recommend that you test the oil in an inconspicuous part of your floor mat.

This is because some oils have the potential to stain or bleach fabrics.

To get started, use a cloth, apply oil to the gum. Do not apply the oil straight to the gum; it is much easier to regulate where you apply it if it is first applied with a cloth.

Gently press the oiled cloth in the gum, then gently scrape the gum away using a butter knife.

To avoid reapplying the gum to the carpet, wipe the gum off the knife blade after each scrape.

There may be some leftover oils from the cleaning process after the gum has been removed. Scrub the carpet using a cloth dipped in a solution of dish soap and a quart of water.

Method 5: Remove with Vinegar

White vinegar has so many applications around the house that it’s no surprise that it may be used to remove gum from carpets. Here’s how to use natural, all-purpose vinegar to remove chewing gum from carpet:

Warm 1/4 cup white vinegar in the microwave

Dab a clean white cloth or towel into the vinegar before dabbing it onto the gum.

Scrape away as much gum as you can using a putty knife, dull knife, or the side of a spoon.

Brush away any residual gum with an old toothbrush. (Because the gum leftovers will completely clog up the toothbrush, you’ll want to trash it after using it for this task

Best Solvent for Removing Gum

The best solvent for removing gum is WD-40. WD-40 is also good at removing gum from carpets and rugs. Chewing gum is hydrophobic, which means it will not dissolve in water. Dissolving it with another hydrophobic material, such as WD-40, will break it apart.

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As mentioned earlier, there are numerous theories on how to remove gum from floor mats and other carpeted surfaces on the internet.

Hopefully, this post on how to get gum out of floor mats will be quite useful to you.

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