How to Get Glitter Off Hardwood Floors (5 Easy Methods)

how to get glitter off hardwood floors

If you’re a craft lover, then there is no way you can avoid the use of glitters. It’s entertaining, and it can liven up holiday crafts, artwork, and even science fair projects.

The trouble with glitter is that a wag of a dog’s tail or a breeze from an oscillating fan can disperse it, making it appear as if a troupe of fairies exploded in your home.

To make matters worse, glitter is notoriously tough to remove. Thus, the question, how to get glitter off hardwood floors requires a prompt answer. A lint roller or even a silly putty can be used to remove glitter from hardwood floors.

Read on as we explore various methods on how to get glitter off hardwood floor.

How to Get Glitter Off Hardwood Floors

Don’t let the thought of cleaning deter you from adding a little shine to your everyday life. Learn a few tips to assist you in figuring out how to remove glitter from different surfaces.

Method 1: Use a Lint Roller

You’re probably aware that lint rollers are like magic wands for eliminating pet hair. They also work well on glitter, whether you’re trying to clean your couch, floor, or tabletop.

Simply glide the roller over the glitter-bombed regions, peeling off layers of adhesive paper if necessary. The roller should gather up a lot of your sparkling mess, making it easy to clean up with a vacuum cleaner or a damp towel later.

Method 2: Use a Duct Tape

What if you don’t have a lint roller in your wardrobe? Well, worry not. You can also remove glitter with duct tape or masking tape. Wrap the tape around your palm with the sticky side out, and dab up any stray glints in your home.

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Method 3: Use a Vacuum Cleaner

When attempting to figure out how to get glitter off the floor, hard surfaces, or even furniture, vacuuming should always be a part of the procedure.

Before you begin vacuuming, make sure the surface isn’t damp or covered in adhesive. For furniture or tabletops, you’ll need to use a handheld vacuum or a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Method 4: Use a Damp Cloth

After you’ve gathered up the majority of the glitter with your lint roller or vacuum, use a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining sparkles.

Lightly dampen the cloth and pat it on the sparkly surfaces until all of the glitters are removed. Don’t forget to clean your microfiber cloth when you’re done removing glitter. Otherwise, you can end up with some unintended gleam on your floor.

Method 5: Use a Silly Putty.

Silly putty is a sticky dough-like substance that can pick up anything from dust to newsprint. If you still notice glitter after cleaning the counter and floor with your standard cleaning products, try Silly Putty.

Make a thick circle out of it and press or roll it over the remaining glitter.

The silly putty will pick up most of the glitters. Just make sure to throw away the putty when you’re finished, or save it in your cleaning supply cabinet for the next glitter disaster!

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How to Avoid Glitter Spills

Even with the help of the above tips, glitter can be excruciatingly tough to clean. Save yourself the trouble by doing everything possible to avoid glitter spills in the first place.

To restrict the quantity of shimmer in your home, make it a rule that glitter can only be used in craft rooms or outside.

After dealing with glitter, have your kids quickly change their clothes and wash their hands.

Place kraft paper on the tabletops where you’ll get glittery to keep the shimmer contained and make cleanup easier.

Why is Glitter So Hard to Remove?

Simply put, when a small bit of glitter comes into touch with a flat surface, it pushes air out from beneath it. The air above it then pushes down on the glitter, making it difficult to grasp.

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Despite your best efforts, a few stray glitter pieces are frequently discovered a few days or even weeks after the craft item is completed. Try vacuuming or sweeping again in a day or two to pick up any stray fragments.

We hope this post on how to get glitter off hardwood floors was of big help to you. Good luck!

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