How to Fix Hollow Spots in Hardwood Floors (4 Easy Steps)

how to fix hollow spots in hardwood floors

Hollow spots in hardwood wood floors can be bothersome and noisy, which might make you decide not to install wood floors ever again.

This post will reveal how to fix hollow spots in hardwood floors. Firstly, clean out the debris between the hollow floors, then use the floor repair kits. Also, you might need the help of professionals if the problem is advanced. Finally, replace necessary parts of the hardwood floor needing replacement.

Journey on with us as we throw more lights on how to go about the problem.

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How to Fix Hollow Spots in Hardwood Floors

Hollow spots are not rare to find on hardwood floors. The noise emanating from these hollow spots can be annoying and might also endanger one’s safety at some point. But not to worry, you can fix the hollow spots once the causes are traced.

Let’s examine how to fix hollow spots in hardwood floors:

1. Clean out the debris in between the hollow spot.

2. Make use of the floor repair kits: the kit uses drill bit, adhesive, and syringe-type tools for injecting adhesive under the hardwood floor and into the hollow spot; Once injected, the problem caused by the hollow spot gets eliminated.

3. In a case where the adhesive application is not the cause of the hollow spot, you might need the service of a professional. A professional would plan and map out how to shore up the affected area.

4. Some hollow spots might require you to remove some of the hardwood floors and replace them with new wood flooring. This might be expensive but might prove to be the only resort.

Causes of Hollow Spots in Hardwood Floors

Hollow spots on the hardwood floor one uncomfortable and tends to emanate unwanted disturbances. It is pertinent to know what brings about hollow spots in hardwood floors.

Walk with us as we throw more light on the causes of hollow spots in hardwood flooring.

1. A hole in the flooring itself might be the cause of hollow spots in hardwood floors.

2. Adhesive not properly applied, or the use of weak glues proves to be another cause of the hollow spots.

3. A poorly fastened or joisted subfloor makes the wood floor flex and bend under heavy traffic.

4. A board that was was not glued to the hardwood floor when installed.

5. Extension or compression of the wood flooring, which destroys the bond of the glue and flooring.

6. Also, the problem of the sub subfloor not being level. This causes the wood plank to bounce up and down when walked on.

7. A situation where the hardwood floor is not placed vertically to wood planks.

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How to Avoid Hollow Spots in Hardwood Floors

In most cases, it is intoned; prevention is better than cure. And in this case, the saying works perfectly well. All these problems and headaches induced by hollow spots in hardwood floors could be avoided if the proper step is taken. And this would help minimize accidents in homes.

1. Get the Subflooring Correct

The most evident reason for hollow spots in homes is ‘not getting the measurement of the subflooring correct’.

If the mortar substrate does not meet the national industry’s requirements, it won’t provide the proper balance for the hardwood floor to occupy.

2. Right Application of Adhesives

Improper application of adhesives or the use of a not too active glue on the flooring is one of the causes of hollow spots in hardwood floors.

A hollow spot is set to occur if a surface board is placed on an adhesive and is pulled up before it cures. This can be averted by placing heavy objects on these areas till they are fully cured.

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3. Make Use of the Proper Flooring Trowel

Using the proper flooring trowel when applying the needed adhesive is essential. Adhesive manufacturers highly recommend this.

Wrong adhesive application might cause the bonding not to be strong, and in some cases, might cause hollow spots throughout the installation.

4. Make Use of Premium Grade Wood Flooring Adhesives

It is advisable to use premium grade, pressure-sensitive wood flooring adhesives during installations. This would help the floor remain tacky for the lifetime of your hardwood flooring.

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Fixing hollow spots in hardwood floors isn’t impossible; with the right approach, your hardwood floor would return to normalcy.

That said, if you’re looking for steps on how to fix hollow spots in hardwood floors, we have got you covered.

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