How to Make Gym Floor Less Slippery – 7 Easy Approach

How To Make Gym Floor Less Slippery

Anywhere a gym floor is, such as schools, colleges, churches, public fitness centers and basketball arenas, taking proper care of the floor not only helps to maintain its looks but also prevent the risk of a slippery gym floor.

You can make your gym floor less slippery by mopping the floor regularly, using a floor cover and refinishing the floor. Additionally, avoid using numerous cleaners.

If you own a gym floor, it is your duty to know how to make gym floor less slippery as this can cause injury to those who make use of the floor.

How to Make Gym Floor Less Slippery

Regularly Use a Dry Dust Mop

regularly dust mopping your gym floor on a regular basis is a must for avoiding slippery gym floors. However, it is common to make the mistake of wet dust mopping first with a dust mop treatment.

Even with the highest quality products, Dust, dirt, and debris can get trapped in the coatings and this can make grime more difficult to remove later and this causes the buildup of residue where the dirt particles are get trapped inside and this can even leave scratches on the floor surface.

Always Use a Microfiber Dust Mop

although An ordinary wide frame dust mop will get your cleaning job done a microfiber dust mop is more effective in gathering and holding dust particles as it glides over the floor surface. 

Although traditional dust mops are great for removing loose dirt and debris, microfiber mops will remove even more dirt and debris.

Plus, with a microfiber mop, you can do a wet mopping using only water after an initial dry mop job to give your gym floor an extra-deep cleaning.

Use Stronger Cleaning Products

Due to the bad rapt that strong cleaning products are known to have due to their ability to cause damage to floors.

Mild cleaning products or using just vinegar and water will not do an adequate job of removing floor contaminants that might be harmful like salt and oil left that is usually behind from food and water spills, pavement oils that is tracked in with footwears and sweat that is left on the floor after sporting activities or exercise is done on the gym floor. 

After preparing the floor through thorough removal of loose dirt and debris, you will still need a strong cleaner that won’t damage your floor or dull the shine of the floor and also won’t leave a slippery residue.

There are different powerful products that are specifically designed to be used on a gym floor that you can choose from.

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Using an Automatic Scrubbers

For the first year or two after installing a gym floor, you should avoid using an auto-scrubber. In later years, an automatic scrubber will be helpful in removing the most stubborn floor stains easily and it also makes the process of cleaning your floor much faster.

Before using a floor scrubber and any cleaning solution you need to make sure they are fully compatible, also make sure the floor pad you are using matches your floor type and the task at hand.

Only go 175 rpm or less and only work in small sections not more than 1,000 square feet at a time. After using a floor scrubber Allow the floor to thoroughly dry for at least 15 minutes before putting it to further use.

Do Not Use Numerous Cleaners

Instead of using different numerous cleaners on your floor, try to get the right product and stick to it. Using numerous cleaners can cause unexpected interactions between cleaners which may create a slippery residue. 

Before doing wet mopping or using an automatic scrubber on your gym floor ensure that debris and dust particles have been effectively eliminated from the floor. Then choose a powerful and safe floor cleaner that is suitable for gym floors.

If you are making use of a mild cleaner that doesn’t achieve your desired results avoid trying to layer multiple cleaning products to try to make up for the inadequate results you are getting.

Use a Floor Cover

Dust is constantly floating through the air, and settle on your newly cleaned gym floor. In fact, just walking across a gym floor by multiple people several times a day can make your gym floor dirty and slippery again even if you just cleaned it.

Placing a professional gym floor covering on the floor when it is not in use for a day or longer will help to reduce wear and tear, maintenance frequency, and slipperiness.

Refinish your Gym Floor

Refinishing and sanding your gym floor should be done every three to ten years. This helps to improve the appearance of the floor and also reduce the need for regular maintenance, it will also help to prevent your floor from getting slippery.

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Many people cannot determine the real reasons a gym floor gets slippery and become dangerous to walk on.

It is not usually because of the type of cleaner used to clean the floor but because of the failure to prepare the floor properly for the cleaner by thoroughly removing all of the floor contaminants.

Using a microfiber dust mop, a strong cleaning product, a proper auto-scrubbing technique, and placing a gym floor cover on the floor will help to reduce the slipperiness of the floor.

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knowing how to make gym floor less slippery is very important as a gym floor owner in order to avoid the risk of injury to the users of the gym.

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