How to Clean Bellawood Hardwood Floors (3 Easy Steps)

how to clean bellawood hardwood floors

Even though Bellawood hardwood and engineered wood floors come with a 50-year warranty, they still require some maintenance to keep them looking good.

Here is how to clean bellawood hardwood floors, firstly get and use the maintenance kit for bellawood floors, thereafter vacuum the floor before finally using a humidifier (if necessary).

This popular flooring is made by LL Flooring (Lumber Liquidators), which also sells Bellawood floor cleaners on their website. These materials are used by many homes that have these floors placed to tidy and maintain for them.

Bellawood, according to Interior Floors, has over 120 wood flooring choices, comprising 8-inch hardwood flooring in various grades. These floors include UV-cured aluminum oxide coatings in addition to the excellent warranty.

Oak, acacia, walnut, and cherry are among the woods available. If you’re looking for flooring for a beach house, lighter colors such as red oak, natural hickory, or bamboo can be a good choice.

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How to Clean Bellawood Hardwood Floors Easily

Some people believe you can clean hardwood floors with vinegar, but Good Housekeeping warns against it due to the acidity, which can degrade the surface over time.

To clear dust and debris, use a straight suction vacuum or one with the revolving brush switched off (it can harm the wood). It also suggests trimming your cat or dog’s nails and cleaning up spills right away.

If you would like to tidy up your floors, choose an exclusive solution for wood floors, such as Bellawood floor cleaner. Instead of dumping a large amount of liquid onto the floor, do 3-foot-square chunks at a time and dry each region quickly.

To get any debris stuck in the crevices, work against the grain for deep cleaning; otherwise, work with the grain for mild cleaning. Keep in mind that wood floors dislike getting wet. Here are the tools you will need:

  • Maintenance kit for Bellawood floors
  • Vacuum
  • Using a humidifier (if necessary)

Should I Clean My Bellawood Hardwood Floors with Vinegar?

Nothing beats vinegar and water for many folks seeking a quick and easy DIY cleaning solution.

Washing with vinegar and water is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and effective in cleaning various items in your home. If you want to clean hardwood floors, never use vinegar and water.

Is It Possible to Clean Wood Floors Using Laundry Detergent?

Laundry detergent’s cleaning enzymes are excellent in removing grime from floors. Fill a mop bucket halfway with hot water and one teaspoon of laundry detergent (a little goes a long way).

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe to Use on Hardwood Floors?

Vinegar can get your hardwoods dull if you use it for a long time. Warm water with dish soap (1/4 cup dishwashing liquid for a bucket of warm water) is an alternate natural cleaning solution.

Pour baking soda on the afflicted area and scrape with a sponge for spot cleaning.

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On a Hardwood Floor, What Should You Avoid Putting?

Do not use straight ammonia, alkaline products, and abrasive cleaners. They’ll scrape or dull the finish. Don’t use lemon juice or a vinegar-and-water combination to clean hardwood floors.

We do not encourage the application of vinegar or lemon juice in excessive quantities because they can ruin the seal on the floor.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Real Hardwood Floors Clean?

Bona is the best overall wood floor cleaner. Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a product that is used to clean hardwood floors. Murphy is the best wood floor cleaner for the money.

Wood Cleaner with Oil Soap For large jobs, the best wood floor cleaner is Clean It Gentle Wood Floor Cleaner by Pledge.

Is There Anything That Compares to Bellawood Floor Cleaner?

Here are the best alternative cleaners that you can make use instead of the Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner:

  • With the Bona hardwood cleaner spray, which I suggest.
  • Weiman High Traffic Floor Polish and Restorer. Bruce Laminate and Hardwood Cleaner.
  • Strength Zep Enforcer Cleaner for hardwood and laminate floors

Black Diamond hardwood and laminate floor cleaner

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Suppose you are also wondering if Pine-Sol is safe to use on Bellawood. The answer is yes, Pine-Sol Original Squirt ‘N Mop can also be used.

It’s safe to use on wood and nonporous, hard surfaces. You can use it straight from the bottle on the floor.

We’ve come to the end of how to clean bellawood hardwood floors, and we believe we’ve done a great job outlining how.

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