Easy Tips on How to Clean Marble Floor in Bathroom

how to clean marble floor in bathroom

Marble floors are available in different colors and viewing styles, despite its beauty, it is known for its vulnerability to stains and can only be cleaned with certain cleaning agents without causing any damage to the marble.

Bathroom floors are also prone to stains due to their exposure to mineral-rich water which vaporized and leaves a smudge deposit behind. To clean marble floor in bathroom, use only pH-neutral cleaners or soft detergents.

If you want some tips on how to clean marble floor in bathroom so you can give your floor a flawless shine, we’ve got you covered with enough details.

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How to Clean Marble Floor in Bathroom

Materials Needed

  • dust mop for surface dust
  • Warm water
  • Ph-natural detergent (keep the right product around)
  • Microfiber cloth or a soft mop
  • Clean water for rinsing
  • A soft towel or cloth for drying

When your shower floor gets grout stains, the possible best method to effectively clean it is to use warm water and a soft mop or brush.

When you encounter a spill on your marble floor don’t stay too long before you clean it since marble is an absorbent material, cleaning up the spill immediately is crucial to prevent permanent stains or discoloration.

Now let’s take a step by step guide on how to clean marble floor in bathroom

  • The first step is to use the soft dry mop for dusting to wipe/sweep off the dirt, dust, and other particle that is loose.

Use a Microfibers mop head. Shake off the dust from the mop into a dustbin frequently while sweeping. Do not use a broom with stiff bristles to sweep the marble floor.

  • Next use the clean warm water to wet the floor. Do not use rust water, this does not mean you are about to soak the floor so please do not pour the water directly onto the floor.

Instead, wet your wrung-out mop or spin mop, using this method you can apply the water to the floor. Or you can use a spray bottle, whichever one works for you.

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  • When you want to buy cleaning products for your marble floor, look for a gentle, non-abrasive liquid, a pH-neutral product. There are various products on the market that can be used on marbles.

Using the cleaning product you add it to the warm water or use a spray bottle to clean your marble floor. Always follow the directions on the label and apply a mild cleaner using a soft mop.

  • Use a clean water to rinse off the soapy area to prevent soap stains as this can damage the floor permanently. Using clean water, wipe off the soapy area with a soft clean towel.
  • Dry completely with a soft clean towel. Never allow the floor to air dry, as it is slow and it can cause home accident and we don’t want that right? Once you’ve finished mopping the floor do not leave the marble floor wet as this can cause stains or damage just like I’ve stated above.

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What kind of cleaning products do one use on marble floor?

You have to avoid any powder cleaner, grit base creams, tile cleaners, or all-purpose bathroom cleaning products.

Do not use any cleaning product that is meant for only granite; make sure it is safe for marble too. It’s best to go for a pH-neutral cleaner.

How often do I clean my bathroom marble floor?

Cleaning of your marble floor should be done at least every day unless it’s deep cleaning then it should be done at least 2 times a month. You should clean your marble floor as soon as you see or notice any stain or mess.

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Wrapping up

With steps covered on how to clean marble floor in bathroom, ensure to maintain your floor so it stays bright always. Marble floors are exquisite, and you want them shining every now and then.

So to clean your bathroom marble floor, only use PH-neutral cleaners, soft soaps/detergent, or other safe marble products. Clean spills and always do regular maintenance for the best result.

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