How to Clean Patio Tile (3 Simple Methods)

how to clean patio tile

A patio is an outdoor space. Standard outdoor tiles are porcelain, granite, slate, ceramic, concrete, sandstone, limestone, soapstone, and quarry tiles.

Like we care for our inside tiles, we also need to care for our outsides tiles. This can be difficult because outdoor tiles tend to collect dust, dirt, and grease.

As regards how to clean patio tile, different cleaning products have been made to make cleaning easy and effective. Also, methods like using a pressure washer, bleach and soap water are very effective in cleaning patio tiles.

Cleaner outdoor spaces mean cleaner relaxing spaces. The following are ways how to keep your patio clean.

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Tools Needed for Cleaning of Patio Tiles

To clean your patio tiles effectively, you will need the following tools:

  • Bucket
  • Hard bristled brush
  • Access to water
  • Cleaning agents

How to Clean Patio Tile

Below are several ways you can clean a patio tile.

Pressure Washer Method

A pressure washer comes in handy for cleaning sidewalks removing dried lumps of cement, driveways, or patios that are very dirty with stubborn stains.

A pressure washer can be purchased or rented if you want to clean the patio yourself or hire the services of a professional.

Steps for Pressure Washing Concrete

  • Clear the patio
    • Remove furniture or objects that might get in the way of cleaning.
    • Sweep the area clean.
  • Get a brush or broom and sweep area thoroughly
    • Connect pressure to a water source.
  • Connect pressure washer to a constant source of water
    • Apply a concrete cleaner before power washing.
  • Some pressure washer might retire you to put detergent in it
    • Use medium pressure.
  • Start with low pressure and work your way to medium
    • Work your way from top to down.
  • Start cleaning your patio from the top downwards.
    • Keep the nozzle about 12 inches away from the surface; this provides the best cleaning action, and getting too close could damage the surface.
    • Use a steady sweeping motion as you move back and forth across the concrete.
    • Move your furniture back.

Keep in mind that concrete surfaces are different. Older concrete may respond differently to a powerful stream of water.

Test spray in a visible spot before you go ahead to clean the entire surface.

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Bleach Method

Cleaning a patio with bleach is easy, but it can be hazardous as it contains chemicals that can kill plants if it comes in contact with it; you need to make sure there is no run-off bleach.

Cleaning with bleach is not suitable for all types of patio because it fades over time; it is suitable only for natural paving stones, and you will need to put on a protective cloth to avoid the bleach from getting on your skin.

Cleaning with the beach gets into all dirty cracks and helps improve the appearance of patio slabs.

Steps on Cleaning With Beach

Mix the Bleach With Water

It would be best to mix the bleach with water in a ratio of (water) 5:1(bleach). It is best to mix the bleach in a spraying can as this allows for easy use compared to mixing it in a bucket.

Pour the Mixture on Your Patio

Spread the mixture evenly across the patio and be careful not to let it spill on the side to avoid damaging any plants or flowers by the side.

Start Brushing and Leave for 15 Minutes

Use a hard bristled brush to scrub accordingly, and leave it for 15 minutes for the bleach to penetrate.

Rinse off With Clean Water

Use clean water to rinse thoroughly, let it dry and move back furniture.

Note: when cleaning a patio with bleach, wear protective clothes and gloves to avoid the bleach getting on your skin.

How to Clean Patio Tile With Soap and Water

Steps to Clean Patio With Soaps and Water 

Clear area: Remove furniture, clear weeds, and sweep the area.

Mix soap and water: Mix your soap and water and shake up till it foams; remember to use mild cleaning products.

Pour mixture on your patio: Pour mixture on your patio and scrub, and you should consider scrubbing in stages if you are covering a large area.

Start brushing: Use a hard bristled brush to scrub till it looks clean; remember to wear protective gloves.

Rinse off with clean water: Use clean water to rinse thoroughly till you are satisfied.

Let it dry: Finally, let it dry and move back furniture.

How Often Should I Clean My Patio?

It is recommended to wash your patio at least three to four times a year instead of just at the beginning and end of each year.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Patio?

The most effective method to clean a patio is soap and water, and it doesn’t require the use of chemicals.

Should You Pressure Wash a Patio?

While this might be an effective way of cleaning the patio, constant use causes significant damage to paving slabs which can cause degradation and damage to the joints of the patio.

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To keep your patio in good condition, you need to care for it all year round; although it might not be possible to keep your patio free from sunshine and rain entirely, always check out for cracks in the joist, especially after rainfall.

Fix all cracks as soon as you possibly can, wipe furniture, sweep constantly and clean with the right products.

The article explains in detail the various ways to clean your patio tile to give you the best-looking patio tile you can ever get.

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