Facts About Bamboo Floors (10 Powerful Facts)

facts about bamboo floors

When you hear the word bamboo, what comes to your mind? Do you think of tall, green plants and a black and white panda somewhere in the corner?

Or do you like many other flooring-terms-savvy people, immediately think of a type of flooring material and its intricacies?

If you’re in the former category and just curious, then prepare to get your mind opened to a new experience as we outlined the facts about bamboo floors like their great tensile strength, water-resistant nature, high traffic abilities and lots more.

Hopefully, you’re among the latter, though, and we’re delighted to share 10 facts about bamboo flooring with you.

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Facts About Bamboo Floors

1. Great Tensile Strength

Even more than steel! Another word we can use in place of tensile strength is ductile. Bamboo can be stretched with breaking.

Asides from this incredible fact, did you know that bamboo is more challenging to get smashed than concrete? You can be sure of its resistance to hard hits.

2. Water Resistant Bamboo Floors

There are two fantastic aspects to bamboos in this Area. The first is that bamboo is even more water-resistant than hardwood, although it isn’t waterproof.

This hard flooring material will resist water damage excellently well.

The second aspect is manufacturing engineered water-resistant bamboo that is great for resisting water.

So, asides from the nature of bamboo to be hard, there’s an engineered form that is more resistant than the regular. An example is the aqua guard water-resistant bamboo.

3. Bamboo Is the Best Bet for High-Traffic Areas

This can be implied from the above fact. Bamboo is genuine hardwood. This complex nature of bamboo makes it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Pets pee and claws, and kids’ juice boxes and games have nothing on bamboo flooring. 

It is such a complex type of wood that it is rated number 1 on the Janka hardness tester, especially the strand woven version.

4. Unfinished Bamboo Floors

Getting an unfinished bamboo flooring is a great way to add elegance to your home. Asides from that, it’s a brilliant option for professionals, DIYers, and everyone in between due to its rich tone and easy-to-use nature.

These bamboo planks have been processed in the factory, but this doesn’t include the sealants, protective layers, and stains that other wood planks undergo.

5. Eco-Friendly and Environmentally Sustainable

Do you know that the Chinese Moso bamboo can grow almost a meter in a day? Generally, bamboo grows faster than most plants, making it one of the most eco-friendly plants for building.

A way to look out for the environment is to prevent deforestation, and that’s precisely what will happen if bamboo is planted. When it is cut for various purposes, it doesn’t take so much time to grow and mature

6. Bamboo Flooring is Affordable

For a type of flooring with this many benefits, one would think the price for a plank should be soaring through the roof, but it doesn’t only look good on your floor. It also looks good in your pocket.  

You can purchase it for as low as $4-$7 per square foot. You’ll appreciate how affordable it is when you compare it with other types of flooding, which can take Fe from $10-$15 per square foot.

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7. Bamboo Floors Are Suitable to Be Laid in Almost Any Area

Most locations, from a finished basement, over plywood sub-floors, and even concrete.

 8. Bamboo Floors Suit Most Climates

Yes, you read that right due to their hardness, water resistance, and strength.

The primary thing will be to maintain the indoor humidity levels, as advised by the National Wood Flooring Association, 35%-55%.

 9. Bamboo Floors Can Come In Tongue and Groove Too

Another fact about bamboo floors is they come in various forms, and that position is not reserved for hardwood flooring alone.

It can come in the “floating” versions that aren’t held down by any nail, screw, or glue but interlocked so that it fits perfectly without removal.

It can also be nailed or glued down version depending on preference.

10. Bamboo Floor Maintenance Is Easy

Maintaining bamboo floors doesn’t take much from you. There’s not much else to it besides the sweeping, vacuuming, and regulating dry mopping.

For the vacuuming aspect, you’ll use the regular hardwood floor attachment vacuum. Just these basic ways of maintenance are enough to take care of your bamboo flooring and allow you to enjoy the luxury for years.

Bonus Fact

Refinishing and Retaining Beauty

Just like hardwood floors, bamboo floors can be refinished to restore their Beauty. The catch for bamboo is that it can last longer before it needs to be finished.

After refinishing and clear coating, it also can’t be stained a different color and that’s all on our facts about bamboo floors.

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Bamboo is an excellent choice for flooring for any home due to all these facts. You’re getting elegance, brilliant variety, and durability.

We wrote this article about all the facts about bamboo floors to help give you guidance when faced with making a choice about getting a bamboo floor. 

We hope you found it helpful and informative. If you did, please share it across your entire social media pages.

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