How to Get Rid of Fleas on Laminate Flooring – 3 Effective Methods

how to get rid of fleas on laminate flooring

There is a new craze over laminate floors because it is easy to install and quite affordable. However, it can be quite disheartening when your beautiful laminate flooring is infested with fleas.

Are you suffering from flea infestation and thinking of how to get rid of fleas on laminate flooring? If so, this is the perfect post for you. Fleas on laminate floors can be eliminated with either borax or baking soda and salt.

Read on as this post talks about practical ways to get rid of fleas on laminate floors.

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Can Fleas Survive on Laminate Floors?

It might sound quite absurd, right? Fleas on laminate floors. Most times, when you think of flea infestations, you assume that the fleas are living on your couch and bed. But that is not always the case; fleas can easily survive on laminate floors.

Fleas hide in the junction between the laminate floor and the wall. They don’t necessarily feed on laminate floors but wait for a host such as your pet to feed on.

From living on your laminate floors, they can easily move onto soft floor coverings like rugs and carpet and can even jump from your couch to the floor.

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How to Get Rid of Fleas on Laminate Flooring

As mentioned, getting rid of fleas can be quite challenging, and getting rid of them with pesticides can be ineffective. However, there are proven ways to get rid of fleas on your laminate floors naturally. Below are some of these ways:

1. Baking Powder and Salt Mixture

Before starting the process, you need to remove everything from the room; this includes furniture, curtains, etc. Make the mixture by combining baking soda and salt in a plastic container with a spout.

Squeeze the powder over the floor and use a broom to sweep it to the tile cracks. Leave it for at least 24 hours, then vacuum the floor thoroughly. Repeat this process at least 2-3 times a week to get rid of the pests completely.

2. Use of Borax

Borax can be purchased in most pharmaceutical stores. Start by mixing borax in a bucket of water. Then use a mop dipped into this mixture to mop your laminate floors.

Make sure to focus on the gaps between the laminate tiles. You will have to repeat this process at least 3 times weekly to eradicate these pests.

Make sure to keep the borax out of reach from pets and children.

3. Treat your Pets (If You Have One) With a Veterinarian-Approved Flea Killer.

Most often than not, your pets bring fleas inside your home. If such is the case, you will have to treat your pet before carrying out a flea elimination procedure.

There are many products on the market, such as Comfortis, that kill fleas within half an hour on pets. Once you are done treating your pet, you can proceed to get the lid of the fleas on your laminate floors using borax or the baking soda and salt mixture.

Why Is Getting Rid of Fleas Challenging?

Probably of all the household pests, fleas are probably the most difficult to get rid of. Insecticides and pesticides are not even effective in getting rid of these stubborn pests because the flea’s life cycle goes through several stages; it can last for weeks or months.

For instance, the pupa stage may last as long as a year before the flea adult emerges from its protective cocoon.

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Symptoms of Fleas on your Laminate Floors

The most challenging part about dealing with a flea infestation is that it can go unnoticed for quite some time. However, there are three telling symptoms of flea infestation on your laminate floor that is quite hard to miss.

1. If you have pets in your home (this is one of the ways flea gets into your home) and notice that they are constantly itching and scratching.

2. Flea Feces: how do you know that a particular substance is flea feces? The feces are a bit reddish and can be found in the gaps between your laminate tiles.

3. Tiny white eggs: are tiny white eggs scattered all over your carpet, rugs, and floors? Well, this might be proof that fleas are hiding on your laminate floor. Unfortunately, you can’t spot flea eggs with your eyes unless with a magnifying glass.

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There is no hard and fast rule in getting rid of fleas on your laminate floors. However, you can easily eradicate the troublesome pets from your home with the right amount of consistency.

We hope this post provides all you need to know on how to get rid of fleas on laminate flooring. Good luck!

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