Cost of Glass Flooring (5 Key Advantages)

cost of glass flooring

The Cost of Glass Flooring is higher when compared to other types of flooring. Even though the prices vary because there are different types of glass flooring.

The average cost of glass flooring per square foot at the time of writing this piece ranges from 200 USD to 300 USD.

Knowing the Cost of Glass Flooring will help you determine if this flooring style is within your budget. No doubt, Glass Flooring is beautiful, but it is very expensive.

Read on as we throw more light on this.

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Cost of Glass Flooring

The cost of Glass flooring is on the high side because of the amount of expertise and labor required to install it professionally. The type of finish of your choice may also affect the glass floor system installation cost.

For example, you will be charged extra if you want colored patterns fixed into the glass layers.

Glass flooring may be relatively expensive, but it remains the most desired product. The beautiful effect of glass panels on a floor is an impressive feature of any home or public space.

Kindly note that the variations in the cost of Glass Flooring are due to a huge variety of available materials and extensive variations in the shape, scale, and size of glass floor panels.

Advantages of Installing a Glass Floor

Why should one opt for a glass floor even though it is expensive? If you’re indecisive about purchasing a Glass Flooring, here are some advantages of installing it.

1. It Allows Light to Pass Through It

Glass Flooring is a transparent flooring that allows light to pass through. There are colored glasses that are not completely transparent. However, a plain glass Flooring permits light to pass through it.

2. It Keeps the Sub-Floor Dry

Another reason glass flooring is a good option is that it keeps moisture away from your subfloor. When your subway is dry, mold will be far away from your house.

3. It Is Durable

Glass floorings can last for a very long time. The materials used in making Glass floorings are scratch-resistant, tough, and durable.

4. It Is Easy to Clean

Unlike most flooring, glass flooring is easy to clean. You can easily make your floor shine by washing it with clean water and good cleaning products.

5. It Keeps the Temperatures Regulated

Glass Flooring stays cooler than most styles of flooring. It keeps the temperatures in your home comfortable for better airflow.

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Disadvantages of Glass Flooring

Here are some of the disadvantages of installing glass flooring.

1. It Is Expensive

The high Cost of Glass Flooring is a major disadvantage. However, there is a tendency to a decrease in cost because of the recent high demand for glass floors inthe market, which has led to an increase in manufacturers.

2. It Is Slippery

Glass floorings are generally slippery and not child friendly. But Technologists use techniques like sandblasting machines to tackle this issue. This makes the surface rough and less slippery.

3. It Is Vulnerable to Marks

Marks and scratches are easily visible on glass floorings. If metallic objects or other hard materials scratch glass floors, the marks will be visible, making the appearance lose its attractiveness.

4. It Is Fragile

If glass flooring is not handled gently, it can break into pieces. Heavy furniture can even cause glass floors to crack.

How Do You Install Glass Flooring?

Follow these steps to install a glass flooring system:

Step 1: Prepare the Structural Opening

Look at the certified project drawings and choose the positioning of the floor joists. Also, prepare the perimeter by cleaning, moisture-proofing, and sealing.

Step 2: Install Joists and Anchor Blocks

The next step is installing the anchor blocks to the structure, including the primary and secondary floor joists. Make sure the fasteners are firm to avoid structural issues in the future.

Step3: Use a Sealant

Use a sealant where the floor joists and the silicone gasket intersect to establish an airtight structure that is also watertight.

Step 4: Install the Glazing

Before installing the glazing, ensure the perimeter spaces are properly positioned around the periphery of the glass floor system.

This will make sure there’s uniformity in glazing pressure to avoid breakage. Also, make sure the mounting fasteners are firm so there won’t be gaps between the gasket and glazing.

Finally, install the structural layer, then the walking surface layer, before finishing with the top surface glazing.

You can install some types of walking surface with either side facing upwards or downwards.

Meanwhile, slip-resistant walking surface layers only have one upper side. Therefore you should be careful, so you don’t install these wrongly.

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As we have earlier stated, there are different types of glass flooring, and the costs ranges from about $200 – $300 per square foot.

This article was written about the cost of glass flooring to help give you guidance when faced with making a choice regarding using a glass floor.

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