Can You Use Swiffer Wetjet On Luxury Vinyl Flooring? (Find Out)

Can You Use Swiffer Wetjet On Luxury Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to cleaning products and equipment, Swiffer is a beloved household name. They produce different types of cleaning equipment from stick mops, spray mops, and vacuum cleaners.

Swiffer wetjet happens to be one of their products: a battery-powered spray mop with pads and a cleaning solution.

The Swiffer wetjet starter kit is marketed as a hardwood floor cleaner. Asking the question, “can you use Swiffer wetjet on luxury vinyl flooring? The answer is yes; you can use Swiffer wetjet on vinyl flooring. The starter kit is absolutely great for cleaning luxury vinyl floors.

The Swiffer wetjet features a premium-quality microfiber mop that is non-abrasive to give your delicate vinyl flooring a thorough cleaning without causing any damage. This cleaner also has a multi-surface cleaning solution that has no abrasive effects on your vinyl floor.

This cleaning solution is very effective at removing old stains. But, take proper precautions to avoid the use of excess cleaning solutions as it may cause your floor to become sticky. Also, keep in mind to avoid scrubbing your floor too hard; this can leave scratches on your vinyl flooring.

When using the Swiffer wetjet, you only need to go through your vinyl flooring once to get it sparkly clean; you do not need to repeat the mopping process. This is a convenient option for mopping large surface areas.

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Which Swiffer Is Best For Vinyl Plank Floors?

If you have a vinyl plank floor, you would want to use only the best products on the floor, so it lasts very long. Which Swiffer is best for vinyl plank floors depends on the type of cleaning and maintenance project you wish to carry out.

Are you looking for a tool to dust your vinyl floor with lightly? Or you want to spot-clean and thoroughly clean it? There are different Swiffer products that are best suited for certain cleaning procedures, this why we have listed some of the best Swiffer products for different cleaning purposes below:

For Light/Daily Dusting Of Vinyl Floors: Swiffer Sweeper Dry+Wet All Purpose Floor Mopping And Cleaning Starter Kit

The Swiffer sweeper cleaning starter kit is a regular stick mop that comes with included dry pads. These dry pads are designed to pull dust, dirt, and grime from vinyl flooring.

The dry pads are attached to the Swiffer stick mop, and it is more convenient than using a broom and a dustpan, as the stick mops length eliminates the need to bend to access underneath furniture.

The dry pads have more cleaning power than towels or a regular broom, so you are bound to get a cleaner surface.

However, the dry pads are non-reusable and need to be disposed of after each use. This can make some people concerned about its impact on the environment, but this is a negligible disadvantage if you consider the great job of dust elimination they had been used to do on a vinyl surface.

The Swiffer sweeper mop head also features a design that helps to catch and trap dry dirt, which can scratch your vinyl planks.

For Spot-Cleaning: Swiffer Wet Pads

One important maintenance rule for a vinyl floor is cleaning up spills as soon as they occur. When accidental spills are not quickly cleaned off, they can leave behind unsightly stains on your vinyl flooring.

Swiffer wet pads are the right tool of choice when you are looking for how to easily clean off food spills and oily messes on your vinyl floor. 

These pads are specifically designed to eliminate sticky muck, grease, and grime. There is also an inbuilt solution inside the wet pads that helps to disintegrate stubborn stains into finer particles, making it easy to wipe off the stains from the vinyl surface.

The Swiffer wet pads are also designed to trap in the grit after soaking it up; this makes it impossible to drop the dirt back on the floor as you wipe back and forth.

These pads can also be used to remove tougher stains as they have a scrubbing strip that you can use to scrub off tough stains. However, when using the scrubbing strip, you need to be very careful and do not scrub too hard to avoid leaving scratches on your vinyl floorboards.

To access hard-to-reach areas without having to bend, you can attach the wet pads to your Swiffer stick mop, just as you would with the dry pads.

For Thorough-Cleaning: Swiffer Wetjet Starter Kit

If you want to clean your vinyl flooring thoroughly, you need to carry out damp mopping- or wet mopping. To achieve efficient wet mopping, you need a spray mop. Swiffer boosts of a high-quality, non-abrasive spray mop called the Swiffer wetjet starter kit.

It has superior deep-cleaning capabilities that you’ll only need to wet mop your vinyl floor once a week to maintain its glow.

It comes alongside a solution that won’t cause hazing or film build-up on your vinyl surface. Eliminating the two main factors known to attract dust and debris which can ultimately lead to scratches and scuff marks on the floor.

Importance Of Using Swiffer On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

It Is Suitable For Delicate Surfaces Like Vinyl Flooring

We are different types of cleaners that can be used on vinyl plank flooring. So it may become difficult to find the right cleaner that suits your cleaning needs.

This sometimes causes some people to make use of any cloth at their arm’s reach to clean the floor. Not caring if it’s suitable or not can cause great damage to your floor.

This is why many homeowners with vinyl flooring are opting for Swiffer as they are a safe option for your floor cleaning and have different cleaning pads that are suited for different levels of cleaning. It is the complete cleaning solution for delicate surfaces like vinyl plank flooring.

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Convenient To Use

Swiffer is bound to make your daily cleaning a lot less tedious and more comfortable. Unlike a regular floor cleaning and maintenance process when you need to sweep the floor before mopping when using the Swiffer, you get all cleaning done in one swipe.

No need to sweep and mop the area multiple times before drying the surface with a cloth.  When you use a complete floor cleaner like the Swiffer wetjet starter kit, you get the job done much effortlessly because you will get everything in one cleaning system.

The Swiffer is very useful for your vinyl plank flooring. It makes maintaining your floor regularly an easy process without placing so much stress on your back.


This article eloquently answered the question, “can you use Swiffer wetjet on luxury vinyl flooring? Which is a common question among homeowners with vinyl flooring looking for easy ways to clean their floor without damaging it.

You can use Swiffer wetjet on luxury vinyl flooring; in fact, it is highly recommended as it can make your cleaning job a whole lot easier.

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