Can You Use Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro On Carpet – Find Out

can you use bissell crosswave pet pro on carpet

Bissell crosswave pet pro is marketed by the company as a vacuum cleaner suitable for a variety of surfaces such as vinyl, laminate, sealed wood, and tile.

However, there is no indication if or not Bissell crosswave pet pro can be used on carpet. Can Bissell crosswavebe used carpets? The answer is yes.

The Bissell crosswave functions both as a mop and vacuum, but it slightly differs from most traditional vacuums.

Although it can be used on carpeting, you probably might need to back it up with a regular vacuum. The Bissell crosswave pet pro can vacuum dirt from the carpet but may not get it thoroughly clean as the device isn’t very effective at getting out ground-in dirt.

That being said, the Bissell crosswave pet pro is a great cleaning tool that vacuums and wash your floors simultaneously, making your everyday cleaning quick and easy.

Now that you know you can use Bissell crosswave on carpet, here are the steps involved.

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How to Use Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro on Carpet

Before you begin vacuuming, walk through the space and pick up objects on the floor that are too big to be vacuumed up, this may include small toy pieces, coins, paper clips.

Pick up such items by hand to avoid the possibility of their getting caught in the vacuum, which could impair the suction, and even cause damage to the vacuum.

Take your Time

Vacuum the carpet repeatedly, passing the vacuum cleaner back and forth slowly. It may be tempting to pass through your carpet in a quick swift, especially when there are so many other chores and duties requiring your time.

But doing such will not give the vacuum adequate time to effectively pick up dirt embedded in the carpet fibers.

Instead, move the vacuum slowly in one direction till you reach a wall, and then pull it in a reverse direction.

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Repeat Steps

Repeat the steps until you finish vacuuming the entire area. For effective cleaning, repeat the process in the opposite direction, so if you originally vacuumed in an east-west direction, turn and vacuum in a north-south motion.

This extra step is not particularly necessary every time you vacuum, but doing this every once in a while will ensure you get a nice, deep-cleaned carpet.

Empty the canister or vacuum bag when full as a full bag or canister impacts the suction power of your vacuum negatively, which causes the vacuum to run less effectively. Do not allow the vacuum bag to get more than three-quarters full.

Use the Attachments

Most vacuums come with different attachments, some of which is used to vacuum hard-to-reach places and upholstery.

A crevice attachment can be used to clean along the baseboard at the edge of your room to remove dust build-up and prevent possibly filtration soiling.

If your vacuum has an upholstery attachment, it can be used on delicate area rugs, such as wool which should never be vacuumed with a beater brush. Glide the upholstery attachment gently over the rug.

You can, however, use the beater bar for vacuuming if you have a cut pile synthetic rug. Just avoid running the beater bar over the edges of the rug, as it could cause the rug to fray. Instead, gently suction along the edges of the rug using one of the attachment pieces.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your carpet often depending on the level of traffic and activity in your home. But try to vacuum your carpet a minimum of once per week.

If your home experiences high traffic or you live with pets, you will need to more vacuum the floor more frequently, likely twice or even three times per week. This helps to eliminate allergens from the carpet fibers and keep your carpet looking and performing its best.

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Yes, you use Bissell crosswave pet pro on carpet, and the steps involved in doing so is highlighted and well explained in this article. The Bissell crosswave pet pro is a great cleaning tool that every homeowner should have,

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