Can You Steam Clean A Microfiber Couch? 7 Basic Steps

Can you steam clean a microfiber couch

Can you steam clean a microfiber couch? This is one of the numerous questions people ask, and the answer is Yes!. I’ll show you how. There are a lot of advantages attached to steam cleaning a microfiber couch, a major one being the ability to get rid of dust mite from your home.

Just in case you don’t know, your couch is one of the places where dust mite makes their home. For more info on where dust mite comes from and how to get rid of them check out our previous post on Where Does Dust Mite Come From?

Now back to the question, can you steam clean a microfiber couch? Yes, you can steam clean a microfiber couch.

What is Microfiber

Microfiber is a piece of well-known upholstery fabric, used for clothings, sofas, chairs, and ottomans. Note that this is different from cotton, find out the difference between microfiber and cotton.

Microfiber is a synthetic material. It is made up of nylon, polyester, and rayon. It is known for being easier to maintain and clean because it is durable.

While it is said to be easy to clean, the cleaning specifically needs to be done as soon as possible after a spill or stain gets on it, or else it will gradually become difficult to clean.

Does Microfiber Couch get Dirty?

People often say microfiber couches are able to repel stains, soil, and dirt. Truly, when your microfiber couch is dirty, the appearance of stains will not be as obvious as other furniture in your home will look. In spite of that, you still need to steam clean your microfiber couch.

Microfiber attracts skin oil and pet hair, so you have to steam clean it to make it look as brilliant as new. Never assume that your microfiber couch won’t get dirty; it will.

Couches are the centerpieces in the study and living rooms. They are often big, and we are drawn to them for comfort when we are tired. We regularly eat, work and sit on them.

Cleaning a Microfiber Couch

It is of utmost importance that you review your couch’s manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning before attempting any kind of cleaning. Having said this, steam cleaning is the most ideal way to clean your microfiber couch.

When the couch has stains, looks dull, grimy and unattractive; the steam cleaner will easily clean every part of the couch without leaving water stains. If you steam clean a microfiber couch very often, it will last longer.

Steam cleaning uses only water, no harmful chemicals and it’s very effective. Find out more about how effective steam cleaning is. On the other hand, there are some steam cleaning machines that use a cleaning solution, made solely for usage in a steam cleaner.

Peradventure there is an odor coming from your couch, you can consider this option. At the same time, if any of the people living with you have fragrance allergies, do not consider using a cleaning solution.

As much as people ask if they can put disinfectant in their steam cleaners, we came up with the perfect answer. Can you put disinfectant in your steam mop?

Can You Steam Clean A Microfiber Couch? 7 Basic Steps

We’ve put together 7 steps on how you can steam clean a microfiber couch, check them out below.

Step 1

Vacuum the couch to remove dirt and debris from its surface. Remove the couch cushions and clean all sides thoroughly.

Step 2

Move a lint roller over the microfiber to get rid of pet hair. The hair should lift off the couch easily because it is dry. Once you moisten the couch with the steam cleaner, the hair becomes difficult to remove.

Step 3

Fill the tank of the steam cleaner with water. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, pour the recommended cleaner into the correct spot.

Step 4

Once the steam cleaner has warmed up, move the cleaner over a part of the couch that is normally hidden. This is known as spot testing.

It looks for a reaction between the microfiber and the solution/chemical. While you are testing colorfastness, check for deterioration and fading of the material.

Step 5

If the couch passed the spot test, slide the cleaner over the front, sides, and back of the cushions of the couch. To make sure that all parts of the cushion are clean, overlap each stroke. The cleaner will release from the steam cleaner each and every time you bring the brush back.

It is best that you move the cleaner slowly and intentionally because steam really needs to heat up the area for proper disinfection and cleaning. This will also ensure deep cleaning and killing of bed bugs and dust mites if they are present on the couch.

Step 6

Press the button and pull the cleaner backward over the spots that are the dirtiest. This will release more solutions on those areas e.g. armrests.

Do not over-saturate the couch, else you will cause water stains. Move the tool over the area several times to complete dry passes that absorb/suck up the moisture.

Step 7

Make the microfiber’s nap smooth by using a lint-free towel. Brush the towel over the cushions so as to get rid of the marks made by the steam cleaner.


Microfiber couches need to be cleaned regularly, especially immediately after they get stained. Following this rule and the steps above, be sure to enjoy a long-lasting fabric on your couch.

Steam cleaning isn’t just limited to your couch, You can steam clean your tile floor, your window, carpet, and even your bed.

You might be wondering if steam cleaning damage tile floors, well, they don’t if the necessary procedure is taken.

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