What to Do With Old Laminate Flooring (10 Fun Things)

what to do with old laminate flooring

If you recently ripped out your laminate flooring, maybe due to irreparable damages, or you are giving your home a makeover, you may be curious to find out what to do with old laminate flooring, so they don’t go to waste.

If you are into making crafts and DIYs, there are a lot of projects and purposes you can use old laminate flooring material to make like making a unique piece of wall art, revamping old furniture, or decorating a wall.

If you do not know what to do with old laminate flooring, you can dispose of it properly or store the flooring pieces in the event you need to replace damaged pieces later, especially if the flooring is still in good shape.

You can also donate old or leftover laminate flooring to a local salvage store, which puts it into good use. You can even repurpose it for use around your house.

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Can You Repurpose Laminate Flooring?

Yes, you can repurpose laminate flooring, so if you’ve got a little bit of time on your hands, here’s what to do with old laminate flooring.

1. Create a Unique Piece of Wall Art

You can use leftover pieces of laminate flooring to create the base of wall art or as artistic materials applied on a different base.

You can use a piece of laminate flooring as a base, and paint images on it, spray paint through stencils, create calligraphic works of art, and imprint uplifting and beautiful motivational quotes.

You can change the finish or color of your leftover laminate flooring by sanding the surface and then applying your desired background color.

Using the decoupage technique, you can create beautiful art pieces, which entails sticking colored paper cutouts of different images onto a laminate flooring surface. You can embellish the art with additional materials, such as fabric, ink, and gold leaf.

This may sound like too much of a difficult procedure for people not skilled in art-making, but you don’t have to be skilled at drawing, painting, or anything artsy to get a great piece of art.

You simply need to be able to blend pictures cutouts from existing images or sketches made by you to form a kind of art that is appealing to you. Decoupage art is a great way to upcycle leftover laminate flooring as well as your ever-rising stash of old magazines in your home.

You can also use old laminate flooring to create entrance wall signs, wall hanging signs, collage pieces, and even a to-do list board.

A welcome sign is also a trendy art you can use old laminate flooring for, from signs for everyday use to holiday signs; you can create a fun piece with the floorboards.

2. Revamp Old Furniture Pieces

Old furniture pieces can be given an amazing lease of new life using leftover laminate flooring.

You can repair any old furniture like a work desk, dining table, gaming table, children’s play desk, or crafts table that is probably already shaky and faulty using laminate; you can make it sturdy or create a new bench and chair tops.

This isn’t a very difficult procedure, and you get to give the product your own design. To use old laminate to resurface any piece of furniture, ensure to give the panels a thorough cleaning before you re-use them.

Spread glue onto the existing surface using a utility knife. Cut the laminate into the sizes needed for the repairs using a saw attach the pieces, using a strong adhesive, such as wood glue.

Create a custom desktop or tabletop by attaching laminate flooring onto a plywood base using glue. You can repaint the top of laminate flooring using whichever color you prefer as a finishing step.

There are a dozen of other things to do with old laminate flooring, including lining up your shoe rack, book, pantry, book, and closet shelves.

You can also create some storage room in your kitchen or storeroom by making shelves from scratch using leftover laminate flooring rather than materials like plywood.

This furniture piece looks way better as you can customize it to your taste and space, plus laminate flooring material is more durable than plywood used in some furniture pieces, so the DIY project lasts long.

3. Decorate a Wall

Leftover laminate can also go on your wall to form an accent wall, which typically means a wall different in color or design from other walls within a space. ‘

This area can be used to draw attention towards or away from an area and uplift the room in general. You need to ensure the wall surface is smooth and clean with a primer or paint coating applied.

Pull out the trim or baseboards on the wall and uninstall any socket and electrical outlets before you begin the installation process of the accent walk.

When you are done, these items will be returned to their positions, so you need to remove them with caution. Also, level out the floor to keep the laminate flooring from tilting.

4. Create a Unique Headboard

You can up your beds headboard game using leftover or old laminate flooring. However, you’ll need a backing which usually consists of plywood cut according to the size of your bed.

Then use the laminate tiles to frame the entire headboard before fixing it onto the bed.

You don’t need complete laminate floorboards to create a beautiful headboard masterpiece; if you do not have a flooring plank that is still intact, you can use all the scrap pieces available and create interesting patterns on the plywood base of the headboard.

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5. Make Coasters for Personal Use or as Gifts

If you are not too keen on what to do with old laminate flooring that involves a couple of different steps, you can still put your leftover laminate floor by making coasters.

Coasters are probably one of the easiest things to create, and you simply need a cutting instrument, such as a circular saw. You can decide to frame them or leave them plain; this all depends on your preferences.

6. Customize and Redecorate a Mirror Piece

You can give your vague and regular-looking mirror an upgrade. Use leftover laminate floor pieces to redecorate your mirror. One way to do this is by creating a mirror frame by gluing pieces of laminate together.

You can also make picture frames following a similar pattern. To give you some sort of guideline to achieve a clean, crisp result, you can stick the laminate pieces onto an existing wood frame.

7. Add a Unique Touch to Serving Trays

You can use old laminate flooring to make conversational pieces of serving trays that don’t only count as a means of serving food at a party but also as a décor piece.

Attach laminate pieces onto the existing base or sides of a tray with glue or use the laminate flooring to make a tray base. Apply some paint and finish to taste and to create contrast.

8. Cover-up and Revamp Your Ceiling

You can use laminated planks to cover up old ceiling looks or for a quick fix over botched ceiling job that cannot be fixed completely right now.

Drawing lines will guide you as you cover your ceiling with laminate, easing up the installation process. Get the first row straight, or everything else will go wrong.

You would need to secure the flooring up the ceiling using screws or face nails for the first and last row. You can hide this area with decorative molding.

9. Create More Storage in an Attic Floor

If you have an attic space, you can put it into good use and add the area to the living space or as storage space for totes and decoration. All this can be done with old leftover laminate if you have some lying around.

You’ll need to install or prep an existing subfloor to install the laminate flooring smoothly. If you want to repurpose laminate flooring in your attic intended as use for living space, you’ll want to install an underlayment pad first. However, if you simply need the space for storage, you can skip the padding.

Laminate is invulnerable to moisture and temperature, so it can be used in areas like the attic with temperature swings.

10.  Redesign Your Garage Floor Space

The durability and imperviousness of laminate flooring enable it to withstand rot and damage that happens especially commonly in garage spaces due to moisture and temperature changes.

If you do not use your garage for parking your car, you can repurpose the space and turn it into additional living space such as a home office, exercise room, man-cave, or a movie theater.

Get the process started by installing your old laminate flooring over the garage slab. You’ll need an underlayment installed underneath the laminate flooring because walking over bare concrete can be loud.

It is considerably easy to install laminate flooring over a concrete slab as it is typically a click and snap product that requires no adhesives or nailing.

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If you are changing your old flooring that is probably still in an okay shape, you are sure to be plagued with the thought, “can you repurpose laminate flooring”? No one wants to throw away pieces of beautiful flooring that, although they may not bring in many returns when sold, can be put to other good use.

Listed above are what to do with old laminate flooring, and surprisingly you do not need to have the skill set of Picasso to create a beautiful piece of art to decorate your space. You make also make repairs or install the laminate on other hidden areas like the attic.

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