What is Cabin Grade Flooring? (Installation Tips)

what is cabin grade flooring

Hardwood is one of the highest flooring types in the market. It also comes in different grades and levels, and this grading system is what affects the market value of the various grades of hardwood flooring type. Then, cabin grade flooring is the lowest in grade amongst the hardwood flooring grades.

What is cabin grade flooring? Cabin grade flooring is the lowest in grade among other hardwood flooring types. It has so many imperfections which include; bubbles, knots, stripes, snapped edges, partial tongues, and open cracks.

Despite all these deficiencies, cabin-grade flooring is known to be appreciated by some homeowners. Its color variation gives the home a beautiful outlook.

Read on as we journey on this.

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What is Cabin Grade Flooring?

Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after flooring types. And it comes in various levels and qualities. These varying grades affect the price and value of the hardwood flooring type.

The grade of the hardwood floor is solely determined by the imperfections, variations of colors, and the number of knots in each plank would lend credence to the level the hardwood plank would be.

Cabin grade flooring is known to be the lowest of the whole hardwood flooring grades. This is because cabin-grade flooring is collected from the outer edges of the tree. This is why it is not uniform. It is also referred to as rustic grade hardwood due to its rustic qualities.

Features of Cabin Grade Flooring

Each of the hardwood flooring grades has varying qualities. On the side of cabin-grade flooring, it appreciates the natural deficiencies of every wood and gives it a rustic outlook.

You don’t need to be so careful when you install cabin-grade flooring. Pets can lie around on the floor and you can even wear shoes into your home as it changes almost nothing.

We gave a list of the different features of cabin-grade flooring.

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It is Perfectly Imperfect

Cabin-grade flooring is gotten from natural products; hence, differences like dents, stripes, and pinholes happen. Its uniqueness is marked out by the imperfections that outline each plank of the cabin-grade flooring.

These outlined imperfections might be seen in the middle or the perimeters of the plank. It might equally extend from the center, right to the edges of the plank.

These imperfections differ from wood to wood. These imperfections result in a natural and ragged look once you install the wood floor.

Its Natural Color Variation

The natural color of cabin-grade flooring gives it a unique outlook. This makes it stand out from the uniform look of some other higher-grade wood.

This color variation varies evidently from one wood to another. Their natural color variations make it easy to fit into various furniture textures and any color or space.

Its Thickness Variation

Asides from its color variations, the cabin grade floor also varies from other grades of hardwood floor due to its thickness. This is caused by little differences during the milling process.

This is also how many of the planks get their cabin grading. Also is the length, the length of the cabin grade flooring can differ from one to another. You would discover that almost all the cabin grade planks are shorter than that of the higher grade flooring.

It is Very Affordable

Cabin grade flooring is known as the cheapest of all the hardwood flooring grades. Due to its low cost, makes it quite easy to purchase and fit into the budget of the buyer. This makes it the best choice for enlarged spaces.

Tips for Installing Cabin Grade Flooring

Here are a few tips for installing cabin-grade flooring. The process is quite easy and smooth.

Mix Up Plank

Since the planks can vary from one to another both in size and color, it is good to open many of the cabin-grade floorings and mix them all up together.

This would aid spread the pieces of each box into varying areas of the floor so the room would have a cohesive outlook. Keep repeating the process of opening multiple boxes to pull from until the installation is done.

Thoughtfully Place Boards

If you happen to bump into a board that is not ideal for the middle of a living room or bedroom, it is best you carefully save them up. It might prove more useful for places like your closet or other hidden corners of your home than having it discarded.

Purchase 20 Percent Extra Flooring

Since it is cabin-grade flooring the possibility of seeing planks that are completely useless to you is high. So, it is best if you purchase about 20 to 30 percent extra of each box of cabin grade floor, just to be on the safe side. Ensure you put this into your equation when you are determining which level of hardwood flooring grade you are using.

Is Cabin Grade Flooring Worth it?

Cabin grade flooring is known as the lowest grade of hardwood flooring. It may have imperfections like knots, open cracks, stripes, partial tongues, splintered edges, and color variations. This doesn’t mean cabin-grade flooring is not worth it or is made wrongly. It just means that have a few deficiencies.

Cabin grade floor is the lowest grade but its color variations can make an aesthetic floor. To topple it all, it is cheap. It is the cheapest of the hardwood flooring grade. Cabin-grade flooring might be full of deficiencies but this makes it to be loved by some homeowners.

You won’t certainly be on the losing side if you decide to buy cabin-grade flooring, it is even more so if your budget is low. Cabin-grade flooring is budget-friendly.

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What is cabin-grade flooring? Cabin grade flooring is the lowest in quality in the hardwood flooring grading. It has so many imperfections but still, it gives the home an aesthetic outlook. It is also budget-friendly. It is the cheapest hardwood flooring grade.

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