Everything You Need To Know About Matte Wood Floor Finish

matte wood floor finish

Quite a lot of hardwood floors have a particular sheen to them. It’s one of the things that make them pleasing to the eye.

Matte wood floor finish is an excellent finish for hardwood floors, and it also provides the same benefit as glossy finishes. Even if it isn’t as polished as the original, it will provide an excellent appearance for your hardwood floors!

But that isn’t all this article is going to share with you; all you need to know about matte wood floor finish and how to apply it on your floor.

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What Is Matte Wood Floor Finish?

A matte finish is a trendy choice right now. However, it is considered a flat finish because of its 25% luster.

It acts as a shield for the floor, protecting it from high movement while providing the sensation of natural raw wood underfoot.

It’s the finest for masking wood flaws, and it’s suitable for houses with kids, dogs, and a lot of foot activity. Its low-gloss coating effectively hides regular wear and tear.

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How Do You Make Matte Finish On Wood?

Matte polyurethane is the most straightforward approach to obtain a matte finish on a plank of wood. The majority of these items are water-based. It has a different level of smoothness as an oil-based finish.

However, you can reduce the sheen of an oil-based finish by using hand rubbing with polish or wipe-on varnish. Here’s the step by step process of how to make matte finish on wood;

Apply A Non-Shine Polyurethane Finish.

Getting matte formulations isn’t an easy task. However, one to get it is to start by applying all the oil-based polyurethane coats your woodwork requires, then wait for it to dry.

After that, you apply a single coat of a water-based product on it that has a satin or matte shine.  Products like this are always in spray cans, making them easy to use as spraying is the ideal way to use it.

After you’ve rubbed off the oil finish, all you need is a single coat of the water-based solution.

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Rub In The Wipe-On Varnish Or Oil Using Your Hand

Polyurethane isn’t the most elegant wood finish, and it rubs off more quickly than lacquer or shellac. Using a hardening oil, such as tung oil, to change the sheen from high gloss to satin or matte is an excellent way to achieve it.

Apply the first polyurethane coat gloss (water- or oil-based), allow it to dry, then use sandpaper to scuff it off, either wet or dry.

Next, smear a second coat if necessary. Depending on the quality of finish you want, you can either rub out this coat or scuff it and apply the third layer.

Using 400-grit or finer wet/dry sandpaper, scuff the finish. Moisten the paper with a small volume of water to help it smoothly cut the finish more.

Using a soft cotton cloth, apply a tiny amount of tung oil, boiled linseed oil, or teak oil. Working with the wood’s grain, rub the oil into the finish, continue rubbing until there is only a tiny amount of oil left on the wood.

Allow it to dry overnight before rubbing with a clean towel or lambswool buffer again.

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Use Wax Or Furniture Polish To Clean The Finish.

To clean the polyurethane finish, you can use matte polish for wood, floor wax, or even a product specialized in automotive service.

Now, if you’re a lover of higher-quality finish, you can scuff with 400-grit or finer sandpaper if you want, but it’s not necessary.

The wax or polish will transform the plastic-like sheen to a more lustrous satin or matte finish.

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Allow The Top Coat Of Finish Set For At Least 24 Hours Before Rubbing It Out

Using a soft cotton rag, apply the polish to the surface. If you’re using wax, a wad of excellent steel wool is the ideal way to apply it.

To reduce bumps and defects in the finish, stroke with the grain with moderate pressure. To rub the wax or polish off, use a clean cloth or an electric buffer that has a lambswool buffing cloth.

Why Matte Wood Floor Finish?

Appealing To The Eye

Matte finish has a rustic, natural appearance. The grain’s detail can be seen thanks to the lack of sheen and realistic coloration.

Less light bouncing around means the boards appear rawer as if they were just freshly split from a tree, with a shine of 25%.

Maximum Longevity

Matte wood floors have a long shelf life, which is advantageous. With a matte finish, your wood can keep its appearance for a more extended period of time. It covers up any imperfections

Generally, matte and low-luster coatings hide scratches, filth, and other flaws far better than shiny floors.

This is an ideal choice, considering the fact that it does not show much dirt, dust, or footprint, making it perfect for homes with many kids and pets.

The daily filth or dust that accumulates will not be highlighted without a gleaming finish.

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Matte finish wood is the perfect choice for most homes, and it is child and pet-friendly. Although it doesn’t shine like other finishes, it does give your wood more durability.

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