How to Keep Chair Mat from Sliding on Hardwood Floors

how to keep chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors

Having a chair mat continuously slide around on a hardwood floor is very much tiresome. It not only affects your concentration if you happen to be sitting on the chair, but it can also cause accidents To avoid this, you need to know how to keep chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors.

A single wrong foot setting on a slippery chair mat can send you crashing down, this can cause injury and damage to properties.

So how do you keep a chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors? One way to do this is by using double-sided tapes, rubber backers, or grippers. These are all inexpensive and effective methods that are easy to carry out.

How to Keep Chair Mat from Sliding on Hardwood Floors

1. Using a Rubber Shelf Liner

Instead of opting for rug pads to keep chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors, you can use rubber shelf liner rolls which is a cheaper alternative. You can opt for some beautiful shelf liner papers or the varieties made from non-skid rubbers.

The non-skid rubber linen is best suited for carpet as well as hardwood floors. Rubber shelf liner is a great alternative to rug pads when quality levels are taken into consideration but are better effective on small rugs built from lightweight materials.

Simply get the width and length measurement of your rug and cut out a couple of strips using the measurements.

Spread the cut strips on your floor, then place the rolled-up rug on one end before unrolling to reduce the formation of wrinkles. This method works on nearly all types of flooring but is particularly effective on hardwood floors.

2. Use the Right Tape

The type of tape you opt for affects how well it keeps your chair mat from slipping, especially when you have hardwood floors. This is why it is very important to carry out proper research before purchasing a tape.

To keep your chair mats from sliding on the carpet floor you will need a double-sided carpet tape, but you will need to be a little bit wary about this tape, especially when you have a hand-knotted chair mat, to prevent any floor damage.

This type of tape is best suited for cheaper hand-tufted rugs. Before using double-sided tapes on hardwood floors, ensure it is suited for the flooring type and does not leave behind any adhesive residue.

If you purchase high-quality tape, it is less likely to leave adhesives on your hardwood and can be removed easily.

3. Use Non-Skid Underlay

If you have been unable to achieve success in keeping your chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors using any of the above methods, then you can try using a non-skid underlay.

For a better grip, you can place some layer between the mat and your flooring, this will help to hold the mat in place and keep it from sliding when pressure is applied to it.

Using a non-skid underlay is also one of the most economical solutions of a sliding chair mat, this makes it your best bet especially if you are on a limited budget.

However, keep in mind that the non-skid underlay is usually sticky, although this is only on the side that’s meant to stick in a place, so put them in the right position that wouldn’t affect your flooring.

Also, ensure to cut out the right size of your non-skid underlay so that it doesn’t stick out of the mat once it is attached to it.

This not only helps to keep the underlay hidden, but it also helps to prevent you from accidentally tripping over the underlay when it sticks out from underneath your chair mat.

4. Choose the Right Mat Type

Although it is very imperative that you opt for a quality mat, getting the right mat for your chair is equally as important.

Getting the right mat is quite different from choosing a quality mat. They are both important considerations with different benefits.

For example, getting a throw mat to use as a workout mat will definitely pose some challenges regardless of how high quality the mat is. The same principle applies to when you need a mat for your chair.

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You can keep chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors with the help of non-skid underlay, tapes, and rubber shelf liner.

Using any of these methods is effective in keeping your mat in place, alongside choosing the right type of mat and opting for good quality.

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