How to Remove Rug Pads Marks From Hardwood Floors (5 Easy Steps)

how to remove rug pads marks from hardwood floors

Rug pad marks are residue from rugs left on our flooring. This happens because of the adhesive used in rug pads marks that can react with floorings, and it contains a lot of plastic, rubber, and chemical that can wear down and leave marks on the floor over time. 

Are you looking for how to remove rug pads marks from hardwood floors? First, you should spray the affected area with WD-40, remove the dissolved rug pads, vacuum and deep clean with spray mop.

With time, most of these rugs have different weave patterns on their backings, imprinting on our floorings.

Are you looking for how to get the rug pad mark off your floor without refinishing it? Or are you looking for ways to get that rug pad marks off without damaging your floorings?

This blog post tells you ways you can do it.

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How to Remove Rug Pads Marks From Hardwood Floors

To remove rug pad adhesive marks on the floor, you will need the following tools and cleaning equipment

  • Plastic scraper
  • Hardwood floor cleaner and stain removal
  • Hardwood floor cleaning mop, a spray mop is recommended.
  • WD-40-this is used to melt the adhesive to remove it easily from your floor, and you can also use a general cleaning adhesive from a local store.

Step 1 

Spray the affected area with WD-40; this acts by melting the adhesive marks on your floors, making it easy to scrape off and clean.

When you spray it on the affected area, leave for some minutes before you start scrapping.

Step 2

Use your plastic scraper to remove the dissolved rug pads from your floor, avoid using scrappers with steel blades to prevent leaving scratch and dent marks on your floorings.

Step 3

Sweep or vacuum the padding residues to get the floor ready for mopping.

Step 4

Spray the hardwood floor cleaner and stain removal on the floor. This is effective for cleaning for removing stains from hardwood floors.

Step 5

Use your spray mop to deep clean the area and allow it to dry

What Type of Rug Pad Is Safe for Hardwood Floors?

Rug pads are made up of different materials like rubbers and latex that can damage and stain your hardwood floors over time.

To get the most out of your rug pads, you should get a rug pad that is made up of 100% felt.

A felt rug pad has a combination of wool and fibers. It is very safe to use on your hardwood floors and won’t stain or leave any mark on your hardwood floor.

Here Are Reasons Why You Should Use a Felt Rug Pad


It gives you value for your money as it protects your hardwood floors from damage; it is a perfect choice if you are looking to maximize your furniture your floors

Floor Protection

Unlike some rug pads that can scratch, dent, and leave marks on your floor, a felt rug pad protects your floor from dents, a scratch from furniture’s legs, and abrasion from rough rug backings.

Rug Longevity

It prolongs the life of your rugs by serving as a buffer to prevent wear and tear from high foot traffic areas; it also serves as a buffer from dirt.

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Insulating Rug Pad

It has excellent insulation properties; it helps preserve heat and warmth in your house during the cold seasons and makes the cold floor feel warmer.


It is a high-quality rug, comes in different thicknesses, and is durable.

Soundproofing Floors

It absorbs sounds it acts as a thick barrier to lessen floor noise.


It comes in different sizes; this allows for easy choice of rug pad that suits your floor.

Safe Use

It is perfectly safe for use as it does not contain any toxic materials and does not release any fumes during unrolling. It does not give out any foul odors.

Let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions on removing rug pad marks on the hardwood.  

What Type of Rug Pad Should I Use on Hardwood?

You can use any rug pads on hardwood; however, some rug pads contain rubbers and chemicals that can stain or damage your hardwood floors over some time.

The only rug pat that is entirely safe to use on your hardwood is made up of 100%natural felt and wool material.

Are Rug Pads Worth It?

Rug pads are worth buying because they preserve and protect your floors from scratch and dents, thereby prolonging the life of your rugs.

What Can I Use Instead of a Rug Pad?

An alternative to using a rug pad would be silicone glue, hot glue, or caulking around the underside of the rug.

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As we have earlier discussed, rug pad marks are residue from rugs left on our flooring and we’ve extensively discussed the methods to remove rug pads from hardwood floors and other details pertaining to this topic.

This article was written to give you in-depth knowledge about how to remove rug pads marks from hardwood floors.

Regardless of the outcome of your decision, we’re pretty sure it would be the right one for you. Good luck!

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