How to Make Tile Floor Shine Without Wax (6 Secret Tips)

how to make tile floor shine without wax

Tile flooring has a natural shine and attractive appearance; they add a pop of beauty to any space they are installed.

But tile floors can lose their shine due to wear and dirt. Foot traffic and dirt tracked in with shoes can make the floor dirty and dull.

One way people restore the appearance of the tile floors is by waxing; although effective, wax leaves behind an unattractive residue on the floor which builds up and dulls the floor even further.

Fortunately, there are ways on how to make tile floor shine without wax using simple and natural products.

A simple clean with vinegar or soapy water is enough to restore the shine of your tile floor. For a more effective result, you can scrub the floor with baking soda or lemon juice.

Read more to find out different ways you can make tile floor shine without wax.

How to Make Tile Floor Shine Without Wax

Here are some natural ways to restore the shine of your tile flooring:

Distilled White Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid, which gives it its cleaning properties. Acetic acid easily dissolves soap scum, grease, dirt, grime, and mineral deposit, leaving your tile floor clean and also restoring its shine in the process.

Simply combine one cup of vinegar solution with 1 gallon of hot water. Use the solution to mop the dull tile floor and after covering the entire floor, rinse the tiles thoroughly with clean, warm water.

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With Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a great effective tile cleaner; it can be used to remove stubborn dirt, grout, and stains that dull the shine of your tile floors. It is a natural alternative to wax when restoring the shine of tile floors.

To brighten your tile floor with baking soda, make a paste by combining two to three cups of baking soda, warm water, and ½ cup of liquid dishwashing soap.

Spread the paste on the tiles and allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before using a sponge or old toothbrush to scrub the tile floor and remove any stain.

For better results, you can use a cloth dampened in lemon juice to wipe down the tiles after removing the baking soda paste.

Afterward, use warm water to rinse the floor and dry it completely, ensuring excess moisture does not remain on the floor.

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Using Lemon

Lemons can also be used to restore the shine of your tile floor. Pour lemon juice into a spray bottle and apply it on your tile floor.

Go in with a damp sponge or cloth, and wipe the tile thoroughly until you eliminate any dullness and restore the glossy finish of the floor. Instead of water, you can dampen the sponge or cloth with lemon juice before wiping the floor tiles.

Please note that lemon juice should not be left on the tiles for too long as it contains acidic components which might corrode the tile material. So, ensure to wipe up your tiles thoroughly after applying lemon juice.

Clean With Soapy Water

Cleaning with soapy water is an extremely easy routine that not only gets your tile floor clean but restores its shine. Combine 1 to 2 tablespoons of dish soap with 4 liters of water, and use the solution to clean the floor.

Scrub the grout and remove tough stains using a soft sponge or brush. Allow the floor surface to dry fully afterward.

Combine Ammonia and Water

You can purchase diluted ammonium solution, which is a great household cleaner; it not only removes greasy stains but can be used to achieve a streak-free shine on surfaces like a tile floor. You can get them anywhere, from the local store to online retail stores like amazon.

If you can’t get your hands on diluted ammonium solution, you can make some by combining ½ cup of ammonium solution with 4 liters of water.

Clean the dull tile floor with the solution using a sponge or mop; let the solution sit on the floor for at least 10 minutes before using an old toothbrush to scrub the tough stains and grout.

When the floor’s shine has been restored, rinse the floor with warm water and allow it to dry.

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Apply A High Gloss Tile Sealer

Another way to make tile floor shine without wax is by using a high gloss tile sealer. This type of sealer is formulated from a blend of water-based acrylic polymers.

Apply a high gloss tile sealer after cleaning your tile floor using any of the natural remedies mentioned above; this will give your tiles a glossy finish without having to apply wax.

These sealers not only give your tiles a high-gloss finish but also makes the surface resistant to stain and enhance moisture vapor transmission.

However, before applying any sealer on your floor, ensure the product is compatible with your type of floor tile. Most high-gloss sealers are best suited for stone tiles, so you need to choose a good option for ceramic tiles.

Remember that although high gloss tile sealers are very effective in restoring the shine of your floor, they fade over time.

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You can make tile floor shine without wax by just giving the floor a thorough clean with soapy water, vinegar, or lemon juice.

Each of these methods is natural and super effective. You can also use high gloss tile sealers; although not natural, they are very effective in restoring the shine of your tile floor.

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