How to Make Grout Waterproof (3 Easy Methods)

how to make grout waterproof

One of the benefits of tile floors is their durability and long lifespan. However, if you do not properly care for your tile floor, it will quickly become dated. Why? Your tile grout.

While tiles are a durable and a waterproof flooring option, the grout that holds them together is porous and can rapidly get discolored or moldy. And this is why we’re interested in how to make grout waterproof.

You can make your grout waterproof by using a brush and a grout sealer. These top two grout sealers include StoneTech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer and Aqua Mix Grout Sealer Dual Protection it is necessary to seal it. Sealing is a method of waterproofing and protecting your grout from the weather, allowing it to last longer.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of waterproofing your grout.

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What is a Grout Sealer?

Before we get into how to make grout waterproof, it’s important we define the term grout sealer since it plays a major role in making your grout waterproof.

A grout sealer is a liquid used to prevent moisture from entering the grout areas beneath your tiles.

Moisture can fill up the gaps between tiles, preventing them from being bonded for extended periods, and using a grout sealer beforehand helps keep all liquids and moisture away for the longest period.

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How to Make Grout Waterproof

As mentioned above, a grout sealer is an important component of the tiling installation process because it prevents water from seeping into the grout and under the tiles.

Most grout is essentially formed of sand, and once dry, and in place between the tiles, it is ready to absorb water.

Grout sealant can be put on the grout to prevent it from absorbing water. It can be applied in three different ways. They are as follows

1. Using a brush to apply the product would be easier

When it comes to applying grout sealer, brushes are usually the first thing that comes to mind. Despite their ease of availability, many tilers find brushes difficult to use when applying grout sealer due to issues with the solution running off the tip.

2. Rolling on the Grout Sealer

Rolling is an easy way to apply grout sealer. Roll in a downward motion and be sure to stay close to the seam. Many tilers prefer rollers to brushes.

3. Spraying on the grout sealer

While spraying appears to be the quickest way to apply grout sealer (the spray, in theory, should not seep into the tiles, only the grout), you will need to clean the tiles later to ensure there is no residue on your tiles.

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The Top 2 Grout Sealers for Waterproofing Grout

Below are some grout sealers you should consider if you plan to water your grout for a long time.

1. StoneTech Heavy Duty Grout Sealer

This is a high-quality, heavy-duty sealer designed to provide maximum protection against oil and water-based stains. Using this on your grout helps make cleaning easier while also protecting your grout for as long as possible.

It has a water-based formula that is intended for use on cement-based grout. Aside from grout, you can easily apply this sealer to natural stones, porcelain, and ceramic surfaces.

The Stonetech grout sealer is a high-quality product that may be used both indoors and outdoors.

2. Aqua Mix Grout Seal Dual Protection

Another amazing product for your house is the Aqua Mix Grout Sealer Dual Protection. This grout sealer’s formula streamlines your maintenance routine while preventing mildew and germs in their tracks.

A single spray on your walls will help repel dirt, food, and oil, just to name a few of the unpleasant stuff we all detest finding on our flooring.

The Aqua Mix sealer is designed to be water-based and colorless, so it will not alter the appearance of your grout or generate ugly stains that you will regret. If you’re looking for a sealer that enables moisture vapor transmission, this Aqua Mix device is your best bet.

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In this post on how to make grout waterproof, you now know that the best way to keep your grout long-lasting and waterproof is by sealing it.

There are various methods that can be employed in sealing your grout lines which involve spraying, rolling or using a brush to apply grout sealer to your grout. When you get confused, don’t hesitate to call in the services of professionals.

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