How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again (5 Quick Methods)

how to make a shaggy rug fluffy again

People liked shag rugs back in the 1970s. Back then, a thick and soft shag carpeting in vivid colors was a fashion statement. Modern rugs eventually supplanted them, but shags are back, and people love them.

Now, as we know, the beauty in shaggy rugs lies in its shagginess. What do you do when your shaggy rug has been flattened and matted over time? This is exactly where this post on how to make a shaggy rug fluffy again comes in handy.

To make a shaggy rug fluffy again, carpet rakes and brushes are probably the magic items you need to return your flattened rug to its former glory.

Read on as we explore various methods on how to make a shaggy rug fluffy again.

How to Make a Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again

Various methods will be discussed here on how to make your shaggy rug fluffy again. But before you employ any of the methods enlisted here, start by vacuuming.

You may have observed that the suction pulls the carpet fibers up and gives them some lift. Of course, this isn’t enough to entirely revitalize the carpet, but it will get you started.

The more vigorously you vacuum, the more probable the fibers will stand up, paving the way for the following methods of fluffing carpet.

Method 1: Use Carpet Rakes

Carpet rakes are excellent for fluffing up fibers and removing matted appearances. Consider whether you need one for light or heavy use while shopping for one.

People who have pets who shed a lot will need a rake intended for this type of cleanup. Consider the type of rug or carpet surface, the area, and the sort of filth in the fibers.

These rakes do not resemble the ones used on lawns; rather, they resemble enormous pet brushes with long handles.

You’ll see that carpet rakes are available for a variety of purposes (some are designed specifically for pet hair) and fibers. It will be simple to use after you have found the proper one.

Make sure the rake head is clean, then extend the handle to the appropriate length and screw it into place.

Place the rake head against the carpet and pull back in short strokes with light pressure. Rake one area at a time as you move across the floor.

For thicker shag rugs, you may need to apply additional pressure. The dirt will accumulate in the rake, and you can wipe it off with your hands or a hard comb.

Method 2: Use Carpet Brushes

Hand-held carpet brushes are suitable for moderate cleaning and can help keep carpets and rugs looking better. To get rid of the filth, you must first vacuum it.

Then combine a small amount of dishwashing liquid and water, and dip the brush in it so that it is damp but not leaking.

With the brush, clean small areas, pushing the liquid into the soiled and dusty regions. You can vacuum up the excess water as long as your vacuum is capable of doing so (check first). However, if the rug or carpet has a lot of stains or dirt, the entire process might be time-consuming.

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Method 3: Shag Rug Filling

Shag rugs can be carried outside, strung up, and beaten with a rug beater. This is one of the most effective methods for loosening stuck-on dirt.

After that, you can vacuum it, although one of the corners may need to be weighted down to keep it from shifting.

Method 4: Use a Dryer

If the shag rug is small enough, you might be able to fluff it in the dryer. But first, give it a good shake and vacuum it. Then, dry it on the air setting in the dryer; never use heat on it.

Allow it to toss and turn for 15 minutes before taking a look. Use your best judgment to determine whether this is working and whether it has to be placed back in the dryer for a little longer.

Method 5: Make use of steam

Perhaps all you need to do to get your shaggy rugs fluffy is a little bit of steam.

The best way to accomplish this is to remove a damp towel from the washing machine. Lay it over the flattened part and gently iron it with a warm (not hot) iron.

Repeat until the carpet fibers reappear. The heat and dampness will help reset the fibers, resulting in a lovely fluffy carpet once more.

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If you want a deeper clean than the tips described above, or if you want to avoid DIY techniques, simply take your shag to a rug cleaning service near you!

Keep in mind that getting a shag carpet professionally cleaned might be costly due to the difficulty involved!

We hope this post provided adequate tips on how to make a shaggy rug fluffy again.

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