How to Lighten Parquet Flooring – 4 Simple Steps

how to lighten parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is the kind of wood flooring that is placed in a pattern designed to make the floor attractive.  Once your parquet floor is damaged or stained it may no longer look good to the eyes.

That is why a well-maintained parquet floor lasts for a very long time. Lightening the appearance of parquet flooring that looks a bit worn out is usually what we call a specialist for, due to their complex patterns.

Not sure how to lighten your parquet floor?  What you need to do to restore parquet floor to its former glory is by vacuuming the floor, mopping it with the right cleaning agent and coating the floor in a new finish.

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How to Lighten Parquet Flooring

Vacuum the Floor

Start by clearing all the furniture and heavy objects out of the area, if there are any items or decorations in the area, be sure to remove them to prevent any damage.

Rid the parquet floor from dust and dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner for this process but make sure it is the right attachment for the floor. Or you can use the regular sweeping broom but make sure to use the one that won’t give a scratch

Mop the floor

Clean the floor with a damp mop and warm water, a slightly damp mop. Make sure to never use too much liquid and water because it can cause damage to the hardwood. Best to use steam cleaner because it dries faster. Clean until the floor is completely clean.

While cleaning makes sure to check for the hidden places/ little patch that always remain out of sight, you can use those parts to determine the type of finish the flooring is.

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Use the right cleaning product

Use a product that is designed to hold the finish of your floor. While choosing, it’s best to go for the one that suits accordingly to the finish of your parquet floor. Always make sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to avoid any further damages.   

If the parquet floor is too dirty and extra dusty with dirt buildups, start by soaking it with a thin layer of liquid/water with the right detergent for hardwood then leave it for 3-4 min then wash and rinse.

Note: Never use multifunctional products or any dishwashing product. Always use the most appropriate cleaning product designed for cleaning parquet floors.

Apply the liquid abrasive and scrub the floor, scrub the floor using the abrasive pad included in the kit you bought or a medium scrub brush.

Take it one small section at a time, while doing this make sure to apply a fair amount of pressure to roughen the floor surface.

Use a damp mop to clean the parquet floor again, this time using little soapy liquid that is required for hardwood to neutralize the etcher and clean up the remaining residue. And as stated before, make sure the mop is slightly damp.

Coat the floor

Next, you touch up deep scratches, and then coat the floor in a new finish. After that let the finish dry, then you buff and recoat with polyurethane. Remember to use a water-based polyurethane revitalized gloss, this helps to lighten the parquet flooring.

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There are many ways on how to lighten parquet flooring; with some of the steps listed in this post, you can do that without stress. Always consult an expert first. Talking to people that are known for restoring parquet floors can help effectively well.

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