How to Get Gas Smell Out of Garage Floor in 3 Simple Steps

how to get gas smell out of garage floor

The garage is a one-stop shop for all of your repair needs. It’s not simply a location to maintain your automobile; it’s also a workspace where you can accomplish various things. And this is why a garage becomes unclean all the time.

The most prevalent are gas spills. This can happen if you accidentally hit the gas tank while working on your car.

Allowing gas spills to sit for an extended period of time might result in an unpleasant odor that will stay in your garage. This is exactly why we are interested in how to get gas smell out of garage floor. Cat litter and baking soda are two products that you can use to get gas smell off your garage floor.

Read on as we walk you through this process.

How to Get Gas Smell Out of Garage Floor

To get rid of gas spills and smell in your garage, you don’t require expensive cleaning equipment. Here are some home cures that can help you get rid of it.

1. Use Cat Litter

If you have a cat, you’re in for a treat. Cat litter works well for cleaning up fresh gas spills on the garage floor.

This makes cleaning up much easier because there is no need to rub the gas away with full force. Leave the cat litter on the spilled area for an hour or two to make it more effective.

After that, sweep and mop the floor, and you’re done! What’s more, cat litter absorbs the odor of gas leaks as well. However, if there are any remaining scents after wiping the gas spill, you can use a detergent.

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2. Use Baking Soda (if You Don’t Have Cat Litters)

Well, if you don’t have cats in your home, you probably won’t have cat litter. In such a case, just move into your kitchen and take some baking soda, and start cleaning.

Baking soda is recognized as the most effective solution to remove gas leaks and odors. So, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular home cures for cleaning up not only gas spills but also other forms of floor stains.

Baking soda, like cat litter, can be used to clean up gas spills. Apply a generous amount of baking soda paste to the affected area, let it sit for an hour or two, and then sweep or mop it away. If necessary, add a small amount of detergent after cleaning to remove any remaining odors.

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3. Now Disinfect

Disinfectants are highly concentrated cleaning solutions that aid in the removal of difficult-to-remove odors. It functions as an additional layer of protection for your floor, keeping gas odors at bay. Disinfectants are simple to use.

All you need is a bucket of warm water and your preferred disinfectant.

Disinfectants come in a variety of scents. So, choose one that will not only keep your garage floor squeaky clean but will also keep it smelling fresh all day and night.

When applying the disinfectant, you might use a mop or a scrub. Although, we recommend you use a scrub for a more thorough clean.

Disinfectants are efficient in keeping the additional gasoline compounds that produce the odor at bay.

Also, while selecting a disinfectant, go with a brand that numerous people have tried and tested. Don’t just pick one at random because it’s called a “disinfectant” or because it’s new on the market.

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Gasoline smell can remain for a long period if not treated, even after the liquid has evaporated and the garage doors have been left open.

Thus, there is a need to deal with the spill immediately it happens. This is exactly where this post on how to get gas smell out of garage floor comes in handy. With just some household items, you can eliminate that awful gas smell in your garage.

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