How To Get Chocolate Milk Out Of Carpet – 2 Easy Methods

How To Get Chocolate Milk Out Of Carpet

Chocolate milk is a cherished drink amongst children. Stains like these on your carpet is inevitable if you have kids in your home, if you’re looking for how to get chocolate milk out of carpet then we’ve got you covered.

When chocolate milk spills on your carpet, it causes a sticky stain that further develops displeasing odor if left longer and unattended to. The stain also spreads easily, since your carpet fibers are absorbent. Chocolate milk stain can be difficult to eliminate, especially if it has been left for long.

Fortunately, chocolate milk stain is a water-based stain, so, it is easier to remove than oil-based stains. Another good news is that you can use regular home items to get rid of chocolate milk stain without having to go through the stress of purchasing a special cleaning product.

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Removing Chocolate Milk From Carpet

You will need a towel, spray bottle, liquid dishwashing detergent, ammonia, water, vacuum, white vinegar, and a cup.

Remove Excess Liquid

Get a towel and use it to wipe off excess liquid from the carpet. Make sure there is no liquid left on the carpet before you commence the removal of chocolate milk stain.

Mix Liquid Dishwashing Soap With Water

Mix liquid dishwashing soap with water to get a solution that is capable of getting rid of chocolate milk stain. Mix a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap with two cups of lukewarm water in a container.

Spray The Solution On The Carpet

Pour the solution in a spray bottle after it has been mixed. When the solution is in a spray bottle, it is easier to get the solution on the stained spot particularly. Alternatively, you can get a towel and dip it into the solution. And then, dab the towel on the stained spot, moving from an unstained spot to the stained spot to avoid the spread of the stain and formation of smudges.

Apply The Solution Again

After spraying the solution, allow it to stay for a minimum of five minutes. This time allotted is to give the solution a chance to work its way through the stain. After waiting for five minutes, spray the stain again or dab it with the solution to get rid of any stain residue remaining

Go Over Again

Repeat dabbing or spraying of the stained spot if the stain is not yet out completely.   

Use White Vinegar Or Ammonia Solution

If the stain remains on the carpet, you can either mix white vinegar with lukewarm water or mix a tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of lukewarm water. Use a sponge with the white vinegar solution or the ammonia solution to get rid of the chocolate milk stain. Thereafter, use an old towel to pat the stained spot. Finally, sponge the stained spot with baking soda and then clean it off with a vacuum cleaner. You can now leave the carpet to dry.

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Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can also follow the steps below to get chocolate milk out of carpet

Absorb The Liquid

Lay paper towels on the stained area to absorb the liquid spill on the carpet. After the chocolate milk has been absorbed by the paper towel, sprinkle the stained area with salt

Vacuum It

Allow the salt to stay on the stained area for a minimum of twenty minutes. After twenty minutes, vacuum the sprinkled salt out of the carpet.

Apply Dishwashing Liquid

Mix one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with two cups of lukewarm water. Get a clean cloth and dip it into the solution of dishwashing liquid and water. Wring as much solution as possible out of the cloth and then dab it on the chocolate milk stain.

Clean The Spot

After applying the solution on the stain, wipe the spot with a dry towel.

Tackle Persistent Stains

Any area of the carpet that still has stains should be dabbed with ammonia solution to get rid of the stain completely. After dabbing the area with ammonia solution, apply white vinegar solution to level up the ammonia solution applied before on the carpet. Finally, dry out the area with a clean towel.

Removing Odor From Carpet Stained By Chocolate Milk

Unlike having turmeric stain or gak stain on carpet, chocolate milk spills on your carpet can start oozing out unpleasant odor if it has been left for long. To get rid of odor caused by chocolate milk spill, you can use vinegar, peroxide, or coffee grounds. In the cleaning steps above, we have talked about vinegar. Below is how to use peroxide and coffee grounds to get rid of the odor caused by chocolate milk spillage on carpet.

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How To Use Peroxide To Get Rid Of Odor From Carpet

Sprinkle baking soda on top of the area the odor is oozing out from. Mix half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. After allowing the baking soda to stay on the area for a while, gently pour the mixture into the area too. Then, carefully use a cloth to apply the mixture on the fibers of the carpet, keeping focus on the oozing area only. After 20 minutes, vacuum the carpet and let it dry. Find out how to dry a carpet after cleaning.

If the smell remains, sprinkle the area evenly with baking soda and allow it to stay overnight; the baking soda will absorb the smell. The next day, you can then vacuum the carpet. By then, the unpleasant smell will be gone.

How To Use Coffee Grounds To Get Rid Of Odor From Carpet

Put coffee grounds in a coffee filter. Hold the top of the filter with a band of rubber to prevent the coffee grounds from spilling. Get more coffee filters containing coffee grounds, depending on the area of the smelly spot. Then, place the filters on the smelly spot and leave them there overnight. The coffee grounds will absorb the smell and make the air fresh overnight. The following day, you can dump the coffee grounds in the trash or put them in a compost pile if you so desire.

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With the steps given above, you should be well informed on how to get chocolate milk out of carpet. Chocolate milk spill on carpet is best removed immediately to prevent difficulty in cleaning or oozing of unpleasant odor. Nevertheless, the steps explained above can still restore your carpet to its original and beautiful state. Has chocolate milk ever spilled on your carpet? Tell us how you tackled it in the comments section.

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