How to get Candle Wax out of Carpet (2 Secret Tips)

how to get candle wax out of carpet

Candle wax has a high tendency to ruin your carpet. If you mistakenly get wax on your carpet, early detection is vital.

Candles create a unique ambiance in your home, but they can be a source of concern if they accidentally drip on your carpet. Candle wax on the carpet can be tricky to get rid of. 

Let’s look into how to get candle wax out of carpet. Getting out the wax doesn’t require expensive cleaning products. There are a couple of ways to remove wax effectively.

You can either use ice or a hot iron to eliminate the problem quickly or freeze the wax by apply ice to the affected area. The earlier you discover the wax, the easier it is to remove, and the longer it stays, the harder it is to get the soft wax out of your carpet. There are several ways to succeed in getting soft wax out of your carpet.

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How to get Candle Wax Out of Carpet

Now, you can get the soft wax out of your carpet by either freezing the wax or heating it. We’ll be discussing both ways in this article.

Freeze the Wax

1. Apply ice to the Affected Area

Apply an iced bag of peas directly to the candle. Don’t use iced cubes as these are capable of melting and wetting the wax. The aim here is to freeze the wax and not soak it.

When you freeze the wax, you solidify it, making it easier to take out. If the spilled wax wasn’t discovered early, it becomes unnecessary to freeze it.

2. Scrape with a Knife 

Use a dull blade to scrape off as much of the frozen as possible. Depending on the kind of wax, you should be able to get a majority of it off. 

3. Use a Cleaner

There are several carpet cleaners available for this step. Spray the carpet cleaner solution onto the affected area and rinse with clean water.

Dab the affected area with a clean cloth until dry and all traces of the wax, disappear. If the left a stain, try applying a tiny quantity of alcohol on a dry cloth and dab the affected area.

Hopefully, this helps to remove the stain while keeping the integrity of the carpet fibers intact.

4. Vacuum

Wax often causes the fibers in your carpet to become stiff. To remedy the stiff fibers in your carpet, vacuum the affected area using an attachment.

Heat the Wax

1. Cover the Wax

Cover the wax with a paper bag. Place a dry towel next to the paper bag on the carpet away from the stain. Then heat the bag using an iron.

Move the bag gradually as it begins to absorb the wax. Keep the towel in place to prevent the mess from spreading.

2. Iron the Affected Area

Set the iron to a warm setting to prevent it from melting the bag. Carefully iron the bag over the waxed area.

When one part of the bag becomes covered in wax, replace it with a new one till the entire wax is gone. Use the iron for a few seconds at a time to prevent damage to your carpet.

3. Remove the Stain

If left a stain, apply a small amount of alcohol and dab it with a cloth to remove the stain. Using a small amount of alcohol is another dependable way of how to get soft wax out of our carpets.

4. Clean the Affected Area

Use a carpet cleaner to clean the area once the wax is gone. Then dab the cleaner using a clean cloth. Ironing with steam on top of the clean cloth might also help to clear the wax residue. Finish off with a vacuum to restore the fibers.

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Ways how to remove soft wax from the carpet

There are several other ways how to remove soft wax from the carpet. They include;


You can always use a hairdryer if a pressing iron is unavailable. Set the dryer at the hottest setting and point it carefully at the wax.

Keep the hairdryer at a safe distance, so it doesn’t overheat. Dab the wax with paper towels at intervals with the heat until the wax is gone.

Use a hot pot

Using a hot pot is only necessary if the dryer is unavailable or the affected spot is too far from the electric outlet, making it impossible to use the iron.

Heat a pot on the stove and apply it to the affected area like the iron. This method can be time-consuming, so try to stay patient.

Use dry ice

Dry ice is much colder than regular ice so it will freeze the wax much quicker. It also won’t leave a residue. However, you must be careful while handling dry ice.

Wear leather gloves to protect your skin. Dry ice can cause substantial damage to cell tissue. 

Act fast

A stitch in time saves nine; acting fast when you notice the spilled wax can save you so much time and effort. The wax won’t settle into the fibers, making it easier to remove.

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In the course of this article, we did touch on a variety of ways on how to get candle wax out of carpet.

We often feel the need to light candles in our various homes but change our minds at the last minute, so we don’t want to ruin our carpets.

We hope this article has allayed those fears as there is more than one proven way to get soft wax (either candle or something else) out of our carpets.

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