How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet – 8 Easy Methods

How to get blood out of carpet

Are you Looking for tips on how to get blood out of carpet? So you accidentally cut your finger or toe and just when you though the pain could be endured, you sight a spot of blood settling on your carpet. We know how painful this can be and we’ve got you covered.  

Carpets as we know, make our home look elegant and attractive, it makes the atmosphere warm, comfortable and welcoming. Unfortunately, there’s one thing about carpets which makes it different from other flooring styles out there. 

Unlike tile and hardwood floors, carpet flooring absorbs stains and dirt very quickly and makes cleaning quite difficult. These stains could take a second to clean up on a tile floor or hardwood floor. That said, this shouldn’t discourage us from having carpets in our home, they are going to get dirty for sure and it’s our job to clean it and make it look sparkling.

In this article, I will give a clear insight into how to get blood out of carpet. The methods shared is also applicable to removing fake blood out of carpet. So if you’re searching for how to get fake blood out of carpet, you’re still at the right place. One thing to note is the sooner you act on cleaning blood stains, the better and higher the chance of getting a sparkling clean carpet quickly.

However, It doesn’t matter how long the blood has been on the carpet, so if it’s dried blood, I’ll also share simple tips on how to remove dried blood from your carpet. In all, blood, wet or dry can be tough to clean but we have effective methods you can use to tackle them, so next time an accident occurs, go for one of the tested methods below and get your carpet spotless.

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How To Get Blood Out Of Carpet

I’m going to divide this into two segments for easy comprehension. The steps used in cleaning fresh blood from carpet is quite different from the steps used in cleaning dry blood from a carpet.

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Looking for steps on how to clean blood stains from carpet? Then choose one of the groups below. If you’re trying to clean fresh blood from your carpet, use the steps below, or scroll further down if you want to clean dried blood off your carpet.

How To Get Fresh Blood Out Of Carpet

Method 1: Dabbing

Getting out blood stains on carpet can be a lot easier while the blood is still fresh, it’s advisable to act as fast as possible to avoid further drying of the blood stain. Use a clean rag to dab the edges of the blood stain gently before getting to the center of the blood stain. Make sure to change each decolorized spots of the rag whenever you dab and don’t rub

Note that you must only dab the stain and not rub the spot, rubbing the spot only spreads the blood stain further into the fibers of the carpet.

Method 2: Using Cold Water

Get a spray bottle and fill it up with cold water, now spray the blood stain with the bottle of cold water. Allow the water to sit for about a minute or two. If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can alternatively use any container. Make sure you pour a very small quantity of water as too much water can damage your carpet. Once the area is damp, wipe it out using a dry towel.

Note that you must only use cold water. We lay more emphasis on using cold water because warm or hot water will set the blood stain permanently on your carpet.

Repeat the step above, spraying and wiping until the blood stain is completely wiped off. This will take a couple of repetitions. Whenever a spot on the towel gets discolored due to the stain, use a different spot. Continue to repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

You can also use a wet vac as this will help take the stain and moisture out.

Method 3: Use A Liquid Dish Soap

A liquid dish soap diluted in water can also help take off the stubborn blood stain. If using just cold water doesn’t work, then a diluted dish soap will do. After diluting the soap into the water, get a clean rag and soak it will the solution, apply the soaked area on the blood stain, this will help dissolve the blood stain.

Rinse the rag in clean cold water and rinse the area, use a dry rag to dry the surface.

Method 4: Use A Salt Paste

You can use this method if you don’t have liquid dish soap or stain remover. If the stain is still present after wetting and dabbing the blood stain with cold water, using salt can come in handy. Get a bowl of cold water and mix with enough salt to create a paste.

Apply a little amount of the paste on the blood stain and leave for some minutes. Use a clean rag to dab the stain away just as explained in step two above, dab the surface until the blood stain is completely gone. Remember to avoid rubbing.

Note: Dry The Carpet

After successfully cleaning the blood stain off your carpet, it’s time to dry your carpet. Leaving your carpet wet can attract more dirt or even result in the growth of molds. So here’s a simple tip on how to dry out your carpet. Get a fan and direct it to the wet area, leave for a while until the area is completely dry.

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And how long does carpet take to dry after cleaning? It depends, this can be between half an hour to an hour. To expedite the process, use a dry cloth to dab the surface of the wet area while the fan does the rest. Although dapping the surface might not be necessary since a fan is the quickest way to dry carpet after cleaning.

Note: Vacuum Or Brush The Carpet

Once your carpet is dried and blood free, its fibers may be stiff or crusty and you will need to restore its shape. To achieve this, use a vacuum cleaner to bring its fibers back to normal. You can also use a carpet brush to gently fluff the area.

How To Get Dried Blood Out Of A Carpet

Removing dried blood from carpet can be a little bit slower than removing fresh blood. You can hasten up the process by brushing up the dried blood using a steel brush. This will help loosen up the stain and make cleaning much easier.

Method 5: Use Shampoo And Ammonia

Ammonia is known to be a toxic chemical with a characteristic pungent so it is advised to get eye protection, gloves as well as keep the room ventilated. Ammonia is a very common cleaner and it is known for its .removal of stubborn stains.

Although ammonia can be effective, it is most effective when used alongside a detergent or shampoo.

Mix a reasonable amount of shampoo or liquid dish soap into a bowl of water and apply it on the carpet using a clean rag. Gently dab it on the surface of the dried stain until it is soaked. Allow it to sit for five minutes.

Now get a bowl of water and mix with a reasonable amount of ammonia, use a sponge and apply the solution on the surface of the stain and continuously blot the surface until it absorbs enough liquid. Leave for up to five minutes.

Get a clean rag, dip it into cold water and rinse the area. Finally, blot the area dry with a clean dry rag.

It is advised to use a fan dry the wet surface, this will avoid dirt, mold growth or blood from wicking the surface. Restoring its fibers using a vacuum cleaner or a carpet brush will be a great move too.

Method 6: Use An Enzyme Cleaner

An enzyme cleaner is a commercial tool that helps to break down complex chemicals found in organic matters. With blood being an organic matter, it is recommended to get an enzyme cleaner to apply it over the stain.

Simply apply the enzyme cleaner according to instructions from its label. It’s as simple as spraying it over the stained surface, leaving it to sit for a couple of minutes then blotting the surface dry.

Note that enzyme cleaners are very effective and shouldn’t be used on silk or wool carpets. The enzyme might break down the silk or fibers along with the blood.

Once the carpet is clean, don’t forget to dry the carpet and restore its fibers. We gave a quick tip on how to dry out a wet carpet above, do check it out.

More Ways To Remove Blood Stains From Carpets

The methods mentioned above will remove blood stains from your carpet but if by any slight chance you still have blood stains on your carpet, you can check out these additional ways to remove blood stains off your carpet.

Method 7: Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide being a common bleaching agent could bleach your carpet in the process of getting blood stain out of your carpet. It is recommended to test a small area before proceeding with the blood stain removal. if there’s any sign of discoloration, clean the carpet with vinegar and water.

For this method, you’ll need to moisten the stain with a clean rag and let it sit for about an hour. Once the time is up, blot the area clean with a clean rag. Repeat the process if the stain doesn’t go off completely. Once you’re done, dry the surface with a clean rag.

Method 8: Use Of Baking Soda

Baking soda can act as a disinfectant or separator of proteins in blood stains on your carpet. Its separative ability makes it ideal for cleaning blood stains off your carpet.

Mix water and baking soda together until a paste is formed, cover the blood stain with the mixture and leave for about an hour. You can also leave it overnight for a better result.

Get a clean rag and blot the stain off from the surface of the carpet. Avoid rubbing the stain to avoid spreading of the blood stain or pressing the blood further into the carpet.

Rinse the baking soda off the carpet with a clean rag and water. Repeat the process by blotting until the baking soda is completely gone from the carpet.

After the carpet has been cleaned, dry the carpet and vacuum it to restore its shape and bring its fibers back to normal.

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Tip: Professional Service

Despite anything you do, some blood stains are just too difficult to clean. If you encounter such impossible to clean blood stains, then contacting a professional carpet cleaner in your area should be your next move.

There are a lot of professional carpet cleaners in your area that will happily clean stains off your carpet and take care of it accordingly.


I’m sure this post has completely covered tips on how to get blood out of carpet, we left no stone unturned. Blood spills can be a drag but don’t let it ruin your day. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will completely get blood out of your carpet for sure. On the bright side, you are informed and equipped on removing blood out of your carpet just in case of future inevitable accident.

Over to you, have you gotten a blood stain on your carpet before? How did you tackle it? Did you use any method different from the one mentioned above? Why not share it with us.

You might be a lifesaver, share this post with your friends across various social platforms below. Who knows? There’s someone out there looking for tips to remove blood off carpet.

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