How to Fix Warped Bamboo Floors (4 Easy Steps)

how to fix warped bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are being used by most homeowners due to how reliable it has been and their reputation too. But at some point, the bamboo floor might start showing signs of warping. This can be very frustrating.

We will be explaining how to fix warped bamboo floors as we proceed, to begin fixing, use a spray bottle to wet the concave side of the bamboo floor, and make sure that the floor is flat and dry to avoid moisture from sipping in. Then, add heavy objects to the floor to help dissolve the warp.

Read on as we throw more light on how to fix warped bamboo floors.

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Reasons Why Bamboo Floor Warps

The bamboo floor is known to be a durable and resilient flooring type, but over time, it might succumb to the pressures of wear, tear, and warping. And this is mostly caused due to our carelessness.

We gave a detailed reason why bamboo floor warps, below.

1. Liquid Spillage

Your bamboo floor has a high tendency of warping if liquid spills on the floor and is not cleaned off immediately. This affects every wood surface, and the bamboo floor is not an exception. If the spilled area is not cleaned as fast as possible it would make the floor warp.

You would have to begin by ensuring that all the liquid is absorbed with a clean rag. If the basement is flooded with water, it is best you call on a professional to help work on the mess.

You can get rid of the problem without breaking a sweat and help prevent future problems.

2. Failure to Cure Adhesive Before Use

Your bamboo floor can also warp if you forget to cure your adhesive before application. This might seem unlikely, but some contractors forget to cure the adhesive before use. The floor can also warp if an incorrect amount of adhesive was used.

The two above-mentioned problems can make humidity permeate the space between the subfloor and bamboo floor, and this would cause warping.

These can also happen if the user doesn’t adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on adhesive use or makes use of the wrong adhesive.

To avoid the issue of a warping floor, it is best you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions on adhesive use. Also, make sure that the adhesive is cured properly before you make use of it.

3. Insufficient Acclimatization Process

Acclimatization of bamboo floors is very important. It would take about 3 to 7 days for the wood floor to acclimatize to the environmental conditions. This is especially so for changes in temperature and humidity.

Sadly, in most cases, this process is often forgotten or even ignored. You have to know that if your bamboo floor isn’t properly acclimatized or not acclimatized at all, your floor would warp.

This is because the floor would warp due to not being accustomed to the environmental conditions.

4. Improper Preparation of the Floor’s Substrate

It is very necessary that you heed the instructions of the manufacturer. When preparing the floor substrate it is best you heed the recommendations made by the manufacturer.

 It is even more important if you are working on a concrete subfloor.

This is because, the bamboo floor might start warping if the humidity trapped between the floor and subfloor kicks in. Following the manufacturer’s instructions would help avoid this problem.

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5. Excess Humidity Level

One of the major causes of warping in the bamboo floor is the changes in humidity level. In some cases, even if the floor is properly acclimatized, humidity in the room can rise to an unbearable rate, making the bamboo floor expand and then start warping.

If the humidity level drops drastically, it can also make the bamboo floor contract and then lead to warping.

The two above-mentioned causes can lead to unplanned contraction and expansion of the bamboo floor. And this can make the floor to start warping

6. Inability to Account for the Expansion of Bamboo Planks During Installation

While installing the bamboo floor, you should give gaps between the floor planks. This is done to give room for the expansion of planks. You should also leave gaps on walls and vertical spaces also, this is also done to give room for expansion.

The space you would be given should be particularly stipulated by the manufacturer of the bamboo floor. If there is no rule, you should go with the general rule that states that the gap should not exceed ¼.

Warping can distort your bamboo floor making it awful to look at.

How to Fix Warped Bamboo Floors

If you do not have the knowledge of how to fix warped bamboo floors, you might take it to be very difficult due to how gruesome the sight is. But on the contrary, it is quite easy and simple.

We gave a detailed explanation of how to fix warped bamboo floors.

1. Using a spray bottle or sponge, wet the sides of the bamboo floor. It is advisable you make use of hot water; it sips into the wood quite easily.

2. Place the piece of wood on the floor, and place it on its side to allow warm, dry air to dry it. You have to make sure that the floor is dry and flat to prevent moisture from permeating the wood, causing mold or mildew.

3. You would need to add weight to the convex side of the wood board, this would help suppress the warp. You can make use of concrete blocks, filled-up water canisters, or other heavy objects that can apply pressure on the warped floor.

With time, the side would expand as the moisture applied recedes. With the aid of the heavyweight, the floor would become flat, and the warp would be gone as if it never was there.

4. If you desire to hasten up the process of fixing your bamboo floor, you can apply a heat source to dry out the convex side in a quicker fashion.

While taking this step you need to be careful, because it means hastening the process and if not done properly it can turn out sour. If not done properly you might end up expanding the warp in a new direction.

However, there is no problem without a solution. If the warp expands in a new direction, you would have to start the process afresh. Just that it would take the time you were trying to save.

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A warped bamboo floor can be very unpleasant to the sight. It becomes even more frustrating if you do not have an inkling about how to solve the pressing issue.

But not to worry, we gave a well-defined explanation on how to fix a warped floor, above.

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