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Bona Vs Rejuvenate (Similarities and Differences)

bona vs rejuvenate

If you have a large household with pets and kids, then you know there are a million different ways your floor can get dirty, and the last thing you want is an ineffective cleaner.

It is no wonder why many homeowners are caught in indecisiveness when trying to choose between bona vs rejuvenate, two of the most effective cleaners on the market. Both cleaners are water-based and remove dirt and stains without damaging your floors.

So this article will be placing both cleaning giants side by side and grading them on the same scale, such as effectiveness, method of use and ingredients they contain. This is the basic feature most people look out for when choosing a cleaner, so bona vs rejuvenate? Which is the one for you?

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Bona Vs Rejuvenate: Similarities and Differences

Quick Overview

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, 128 Fl Oz
  • Ready-to-use economy size refill
  • Splashless technology ensures a smoother pour
  • Waterbased cleaning formula dries fast, is residue-free, and safer for people, pets and the planet
  • Safe for all unwaxed, unoiled, polyurethane finished wood floors
  • Meets the U.S. EPA product standards and is Safer Choice Certified for containing ingredients that are safer for people, pets, and the planet

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Rejuvenate Cabinet & Furniture Restorer Fills in Scratches Seals and Protects Cabinetry, Furniture, Wall Paneling
  • Restore kitchen cabinets and bring back shine and brilliance to all finished wood, Formica and laminate surfaces
  • Polymer-based formula is fills in scratches, restores shine, and protects cabinets, wall paneling, furniture and more
  • Provides ultra-violet (UV) ray protection to shield surfaces from the sun's damaging effects
  • Easy wipe-on application lasts for months and can be done in just one coat
  • Recommended for use with our Rejuvenate Wood Furniture & Floor Repair Markers and Rejuvenate Microfiber Applicator

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Bona hardwood floor cleaner is particularly designed for floors coated with a finish like polyurethane. Knowing the type of finish on your flooring is very crucial because this product won’t work for floors with an oil-based finish and waxed floors.

Bona is a water-based cleaner that is designed for natural hardwood floors; its gentle formula is effective enough to remove tough dirt and stains on your hardwood floor without causing any damage or issue on the floorboards.

They are used by most people to clean tile, laminate, porcelain, vinyl, and engineered wood. However, this isn’t recommended, and if you must, you can choose from the several varieties of some bona cleaners, depending on your type of floor.

On the other hand, rejuvenate floor cleaning products which started as a small company and only carried a few products manufactured by the entrepreneur Joseph McDonnell in the late 1990s, and has since grown to be a leader in the floor care industry and is available nationwide across the united states and Canada.

Its offers different cleaning products for different areas of the home like kitchens and bathrooms and different surfaces such as stone, glass, wood, leather, and flooring.

Available Varieties

Bona carries different options of cleaners, the most popular being the Bona’s classic hardwood floor cleaner which is most suited for wooden floors.

For other surfaces like tiles and stone, you can opt for the bona stone, tile, and laminate floor cleaner; the brand is essentially tougher on grease, but its formula can damage hardwood floors.

Another bona cleaner for hardwood floors is the bona express hardwood floor revitalizer, which gives your floor surface a revitalizing clean look and restores the shine of your hardwood floors while effectively getting rid of stains.

If it’s allergy season and you are susceptible to allergens, you can opt for the hypoallergenic, scent-free, and dye-free version of bona cleaners called simple & free.

It has a formula that is very similar to the original and is effective in riding your home of allergens, although some people complain about the cleaner being sticky and more likely to leave a residue, especially on high-gloss floors.

Bona also offers other cleaning products with positive reviews like the powerplus hardwood floor deep cleaner suited for tougher messes and the pro series cleaners, which is equally effective.

Aside from cleaning solution, bona also offer other products like floor polishes, furniture polishes, disposable dusting cloths, reusable microfiber cloths and even spray mops.

Bona spray mops are well-loved because of their even distribution of cleaning solutions and their eco-friendly reusable pads, although some users complain of experiencing leakage of the cleaning solution or breaking of the mop joints.

Rejuvenate is not left out when it comes to variety. They have floor cleaners suited for wood, vinyl, laminate, tile floors, and carpet. They also offer a general cleaner known as “all floors cleaner,” which is suitable for hard floors. Here’s a list of rejuvenate’s floor cleaner lineup:

Rejuvenate All Floors Cleaner

This is a residue-free cleaning product suited for hard floors. It has a pH-balanced formula, which doesn’t cause damage to the finish of your floors but is effective enough to remove any dirt and grime.

However, it’s a general cleaner, so it won’t work very well for specific floor types, but it’s a great cleaner that cuts across different floor materials.

Rejuvenate Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner

This is another hardwood floor cleaner that contains a proprietary blend of natural cleaning ingredients that cleans and shines your hardwood floors at the same time. It’s a streak-free formula, so it leaves your floor completely clean and restores its shine like it were brand new.

Rejuvenate Grout Deep Cleaner

Cleaning tile grout is super challenging, plus they get dirty easily, so they require frequent maintenance. That is why the rejuvenate grout deep cleaner is loved by many homeowners with tile flooring because it makes cleaning grout as easy as it can be.

This cleaner can be easily applied and gets rid of any stain on your grout. It has a non-acidic formula, so you don’t need to worry about damaging your tile or your skin.

Rejuvenate Stone, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner

For floorings with a delicate finish, you need a product specifically designed for such purposes as this rejuvenate cleaner.

It can be used on flooring with delicate finishes like laminate, which otherwise won’t hold up to more corrosive cleaners. The rejuvenate’s natural formula enables it to clean your laminate or stone flooring, damaging the manufacturer’s gloss or satin finish.

Rejuvenate Carpet Cleaner

This cleaner features a proprietary bio-enzymatic formula that lifts stains and spots on your carpet. This product is a must-have for pet owners and contains enzymes that will eliminate pet stains at the deepest level. It’s effective in eliminating odors caused by pets waste as well.

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Bona cleaner is very versatile depending on the exact product you are using. Bona general cleaner is suited for unoiled, unwaxed, and sealed or finished wood floors. At the same time, floors with oil-based or waxed finishes are best cleaned with products such as bona professional series natural oil floor cleaner.

For general cleaning, rejuvenate offers all floors restorer suitable for wood, vinyl, tile, and laminate floors. It fixes minor scratches and reseals your floor, and provides UV protection for a long time.

For floors with satin or gloss finishes, you can also use a rejuvenate cleaner to restore its shine. There are rejuvenate restorers which use water-based polyurethane that enhances their bonding to your existing wood floor finish.

This product offers ultimate protection from scuffs and scratches without causing a wax buildup.

Method of Use

Using bona cleaners is as simple as it can get; the process starts with the thorough cleaning of the floors using a vacuum to remove loose dirt and dust. Next, you can apply the bona cleaner on your floor; the product is usually sold in spray bottles, making it easy to apply.

Once the cleaner has been applied, you would need to mop the floor with a slightly dampened cloth, a microfiber mop, or the bona spray mop if you are cleaning with it. Frequently rinse off your cloth or microfiber pad a few times to remove dirt and stop you from spreading dirt from one area to another.

When using a bona cleaner, keep in mind that you do not need to dilute the product with water, and you do not need to wait for the cleaning solution to dissolve dirt.

This is especially useful when cleaning hardwood floors because exposing your wood floors to excess moisture can lead to cupping, warping, and long term damage. Also, avoid pouring the bona floor cleaner straight from the refill container; instead, fill up a spray bottle with the product before applying.

Also, note that although bona cleaners are formulated to dry quickly, you do not need to allow it to sit and soak in; instead, you should mop the floor within a few minutes of applying the cleaner.

And remember to mop in the direction of the floorboards to prevent streaking and enhance better pickup of dirt, especially those that are stuck between floorboards.

Using rejuvenate floor cleaner is also simple and easy like bona. You need to start with a clean floor that has been thoroughly swept or vacuumed to remove loose dirt and debris before mopping with a rejuvenate floor cleaner.

If you are using a rejuvenate floor restorer, ensure the floor is clean and dry before pouring the product on the floor and then buff it in with a microfiber towel, microfiber mop head, or rejuvenate applicator bonnet. Avoid applying this product with a string, cotton, or sponge mop, as those won’t evenly apply the product. 

After applying the restorer, it needs to dry for at least one hour or up to 24 hours if possible, before traffic is resumed over the floor or returning your furniture back to place. Mop the rejuvenate all floors restorer onto wood floors following the grain to create a seamless seal.

You would also need to ensure that your floor is stripped of its acrylic finish, if any, before using rejuvenate wood floors restorer.

Ingredients List

The content of a cleaning solution is very important as they indicate the strengths and shortcomings of the product. Bona floor cleaner contains the following breakdown of ingredients:

  • Water
  • Co-solvents such as ppg-2 methyl ether, butoxy propanol, and ethoxylated alcohol which is responsible for the product stain lifting abilities.
  • Chelators, including trisodium salt which, helps to prevent streaks.
  • Isothiazolinones: these include the other ingredients that bona cleaners contain; they help in preservation.
  • Colorant: Bona cleaners contain liquitint(r) blue hp, which helps to keep the cleaner distinguishable from water and other spills. They do not stain your floor or your rugs; the colorant is water-soluble and washes out easily.

On the flip side, rejuvenate floor restorers also contains safe and low-VOC ingredients. They do not include dyes and perfumes, here’s a list of the ingredients rejuvenate cleaning solution contains:

  • Water
  • Ethers such as diethylene glycol ethyl ether and dipropylene glycol methyl ether which are both natural solvents, they provide a complete seal on floor surfaces.
  • Triethylamine which is an alkalytic alcohol that helps to maintain a balanced pH in the product.

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The elaborate comparison of bona vs rejuvenate should have given you an idea of which product really suits your needs.

From their differing available varieties, floors they can be used on and method of use, you can see notable differences between bona and rejuvenate cleaners and depending on your cleaning need, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage. So make your choice depending on the product that does it for you.

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